Saturday 4 May 2013

Stranded In Oz Knitting Blog - Personal

Hello and wow -- talk about dormant. Managing social media and running a manufacturing and design business makes keeping up in the blogosphere nearly impossible.

After the cover garment, RELAX, in the previous post -- Dec 2012??? work seemed to overtake blogging. And with Facebook and Twitter overtaking my traditional blog, well, here's the result. Nuffin'.

This is not to say I haven't been trying to sneak in some personal knitting -- hah! She says.

My latest obsession is reviving an old pair of socks -- the heels perished and I wanted to save them. Yes, they are 10 years old and should be tossed in the trash, but with parts still perfectly wearable, I thought, well, make a frankensock!

So, Recycled Madness ensued on the long trip back from America to Oz.

Ye olde cotton/wool sock from some hard-wearing amazing old Regia Coton. Seriously, this yarn won't quit!

Here's a nice shot of the shamefully holey heel.. I've unraveled past the heel and reknitted the recycled yarn, along with some Patons Stretch in a coordinating colour (fruit slice) and so... a frankensock. Original sock knitted from top down, but by reusing the top of the sock and reknitting the foot, I decided to work the new bits from the toe, then graft the leg to the foot. Total monstersock.

I read somewhere that you can't use the term frankenknitting as it's been Trademarked! Seriously? I know my knitting group friends and I used that term for ages before I ever saw  it in print. So, forget that nonsense. Can't trademark UGG boot either in my book. So, I'll frankenknit as much as I like, thanks very much!

Progress photos must be organised -- the grafting worked a treat and the new sock A is finished.

Wondering how 10 year old cotton/wool sock yarn knits up after incredible amounts of wear and washing? So well that I didn't even rewash and treat the unpicked yarn for the foot. Seriously, this yarn will not die. I used a 2.00mm to reknit with and it's come up a-ok. Unreal!

Thursday 13 December 2012

I'm a Cover Girl!

Relax Cardigan by Melissa Deutsch Scott, Stranded In Oz

Well -- I'm still sitting here in a bit of shock. Those amazing women at Yarn Magazine have given me a Christmas surprise! They've put my latest design on the cover of the December Issue! Those cheeky women!

Thank you Michelle and Kylie and all the rest there who have been so supportive of my work. Lovely Christmas present for my 2012.

The design uses generic 8ply/dk (on the heavier side). I wish I had more time to write about this design, but today is post day for the Knitter's Club subscription, so I'll have to leave it to another day! Or at least, tonight!

And check it out -- -there's also a fun sock design courtesy of SWTC from their cool book Socks A La Carte Three: Colourwork. Oh! Cute! Oh yes, more Tofutsies@ socks!

Check out my webshop for Tofutsies@ shopping!

Monday 5 November 2012

Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair Nov 8-11

Hello from Adelaide - we're getting ready for the Annual Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair at the Adelaide Showgrounds!

Stranded In Oz Merino 3!

There are some pretty yarns, HiyaHiya knitting needles and beautiful Namaste, Inc. bags and accessories for you to add to your knitting collection!

Hope to see you there!
Melissa, SIOz

Saturday 15 September 2012

Away Kitty

This is my 'away kitty' Smokey, the neighbour's cat in MD. She's a wee old girl and I love her dearly. She likes to cradle in my arms and sleep, drooling on my elbow. Love the short-haired tabbies!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

SIOz is at the Fair in Melbourne!

Yup -- the booth is set up and we're settled in for this Thursday through Sunday at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre!

Come by to see the latest yarns!

Glinda, the Good Wool

Merino 8 Natural

So Sari Handpun and Handyed

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Swap Buddy! Big Bang Theory Fun

My swap buddy (the theme is The Big Bang Theory) sent me an amazing package and it arrived today in the post from Japan!!!!

"Ameria" yarn from Japan! Heaps of Super Mario stickers, Japanese lollies, and ...

 An Amigarumi Enterprise!!!!!

 Super Mario Alarm Clock -- eat your heart out Sheldon!

Another shot of the amazing package!

Oh, I've already devoured the apple-flavoured chewy lollies!!!! :D I love my swappackage!!! It's too cool. And yes, the clock is already set and working :D.

Friday 29 June 2012

An SWTC KAL and More SIOz 4ply Hand-Paints!

SWTC via Ravelry is hosting an Antique Lace KAL! And Stranded In Oz is happy to be participating! We've stocked some pretty balls of Purlscent and the pattern -- so get your orders in and enjoy the beautifully soft and drapey Purlescent Antique Lace knitting!

We're also happy to say that the Glinda, the Good Wool and Happy Little Mitey Sock are in stock for your knitting. They're both great for socks, gloves, hats, and all sorts of knitting projects that call for 4ply/fingering weight yarn.