Wednesday, 25 July 2012

SIOz is at the Fair in Melbourne!

Yup -- the booth is set up and we're settled in for this Thursday through Sunday at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre!

Come by to see the latest yarns!

Glinda, the Good Wool

Merino 8 Natural

So Sari Handpun and Handyed

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Swap Buddy! Big Bang Theory Fun

My swap buddy (the theme is The Big Bang Theory) sent me an amazing package and it arrived today in the post from Japan!!!!

"Ameria" yarn from Japan! Heaps of Super Mario stickers, Japanese lollies, and ...

 An Amigarumi Enterprise!!!!!

 Super Mario Alarm Clock -- eat your heart out Sheldon!

Another shot of the amazing package!

Oh, I've already devoured the apple-flavoured chewy lollies!!!! :D I love my swappackage!!! It's too cool. And yes, the clock is already set and working :D.