Thursday, 29 May 2008

Hemp is GOOD

This handspun wool is amazing -- soft, with a really nice hand -- see notes at the right regarding some of its properties.

The hemp/wool and sari/wool special is on for this weekend. Buy 2 hanks of hemp and/or sari wool and get a pair of bamboo knitting needles FREE (while supply lasts).
More hand-painted wools for sale -- the multi-coloured hemp wool (pictured as the hank on the right of the photo) was dyed to coordinate with black sari silk.

There's some lovely new alpaca/merino laceweight to try as well.

Come on down and try the new Chuppah Whorl Spindles -- they're fast as and easy to use.

Preview: JUNE TOFUTSIES is very trippy -- silver, black, fuscia, purple, and it's all good -- gotta love this one.

And, as always, the excellent company of the people at Port Adelaide Fishermans Markets. See you there, mel

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Hemp Wool and more

New This Week:

Hemp and Wool -- ($8.00 per 50gm - hand-painted) (5ply equivalent) beautiful, natural, soft and warm. Hemp has excellent insulating properties and just the thing for people looking for an ethical alternative to Australian Wool. Spun for Stranded In Oz in Nepal by the same spinners who make SIOz's sari and banana silks. NOTE: this yarn is unplied, like Icelandic wool, and for some knitters can be annoying -- if you're a puller, try using 2 strands as one to avoid frustration. After a few rows, it all comes good and you're on your way. I've played around with this yarn and plied some with 2 balls -- very kewl indeed. All sorts of possibilities with this unique yarn. Even better, it is not treated with chemicals -- and blooms and softens after washing.

This week -- available in natural, purple, and a few wild hand-painted hanks.

Sari Wool -- ($8.00 per 50 gms) (5ply equivalent) Natural wool spun with 30% sari silk -- spun like our hemp wool - unplied. This yarn is stronger and softer to the hand than the hemp wool and has to be knitted to be believed. Beautiful stuff.

These products are ethically-traded, purchased directly from the producers.

New Sari silks in a riot of new colours. In addition to the reds and blues, there's a pile of GREENS!

This week's special -- buy 2 hanks of hemp wool and get a free* pair of bamboo knitting needles (*while stocks last).

CHUPPAH WHORLS: $25.00 for SIOz's new handcrafted drop spindles - includes enough hand-dyed roving to get you spinning. Come and try one out this Sunday. They're seriously good fun! Designed by Stranded In Oz, whorls made from polyclay by claymaster Rick from Selonj -- MADE right here in Port Adelaide.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

From the Dye Pots this week...

From the dyepots this week:

More miniloopy mohair -- don't miss it, as this version of a boucle mohair (99% mohair with 1% nylon binder) isn't available anywhere else in Australia. 1000 yards of dk weight (equivalent) mohair with tiny loops -- no snagging on the needles! Enough for a large shawl or vest. The photos don't give you a sense of its incredible softness. Handpainted here in Adelaide.

A few skeins remaining of the mohair/wool single ply aran weight. Great for hats and scarves and gloves.

Alpaca Laceweight is back -- this one (at left) is Peruvian and excellent quality. At left, blues, light purple, silver, charcoal, and deepish merlot... Think of yourself this winter in a lighter than air, but warmer than warm alpaca snug or shawl or cardigan.

Don't forget the banana silk, soy (a new colour this week -- greens/blues) and the usual treasures. If you haven't tried banana silk, give it a go. It's got the feel of silk, but is made from a sustainable crop and hand-spun by a group of people in Nepal who make a living spinning beautiful fibres.

This week's special: buy 2 hanks of banana and/or sari silk and get a pair of bamboo scarf needles for FREE!

See you at the market.
Mel, still stranded

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Soooo Sari...

Greetings from the Land of Oz:

A few words about recycled sari silk. Not all sari silks are the same. There are gorgeous, chunky ribbons silks, there are the looser-spun silks in the most OUTRAGEOUS range of wonderful colours (available from several vendors around Adelaide and beyond) and there's SIOz's sari silk, a different animal yet again.

Why I stock a particular sari silk -- the one I stock is more finely, thinly spun, and less prone to fuzzing to disintegration than some other types. I've stocked the one I find very knitter-friendly. Because it is thinner and tighter than the average sari silk, and made from 100% recycled silk, it is priced accordingly at $10.00 per 100 grams. I confess, I actually buy sari silk from neighbor vendors if it's the colours I like and MUST HAVE.

So, try some sari silk from Stranded In Oz. You won't be... SORRY. (apologies)

Advice on using sari silk: be SURE to purchase the latest issue of Yarn Magazine (see previous blog entry for other info re) for it's fantastic article on using recycled silk. Great, readable, practical advice.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

new 8ply stock and roving

Thank you to everyone who has visited SIOz's new home at the Port Adelaide Fisherman's Wharf Markets -- the fresh, chocolate and cinnamon donuts were taste tested on Sunday -- and they're some fine ones at that.

Replenished 8ply knitting yarns and some serendipity, treasure skeins will hang out this weekend on the SIOz tables, so come on by, grab a coffee, have a chat, fondle some hand-painted yarn...

This week's special: 1 pair of bamboo sock needles with each sock yarn purchase - per pair per customer. These are the real deal - short and smooth, great to knit with in cold weather.

The dk boucle mohair has arrived -- if you fondled and have a colour request, please email me at strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and I will paint it for you this week.