Monday, 28 June 2010

in between lots...

G'day from Dyer's Central in Queenstown, Port Adelaide. Today is a Sherwood Forest day. For SIOz fanatics, this is a good day.

There are a few colour groups that I repeat, and the Robin Hood colours are some of the more popular combinations. Sherwood Forest -- I can't even remember who or why it was named that, but it stuck. Depending on the season, and my eye on the day, the colourway varies a bit, but it's always SF.

I am always interested in hearing opinions on hand-painted yarns -- should the colourways vary? Should they be consistent? Since I'm an independent dyer, I take every opportunity to paint the best yarn I can, so for me, that means changing and improving on what I do.

My friend V says it's like hearing someone play music live -- you get the interpretation that night. So, I guess I do jazz yarn... doobie doobie dooooooooooooo.

This week, besides SF, I'll be mixing the faved McLaren Vale (traditional style) as well as some decidedly wilder blends.

Back to the dye mixing... see shopblog for this week's yarn updates, which include restocks of some Namaste bags and accessories.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Time for Winter Florals and webaches

Hello -- just popping onto the net in between dyelots.

And a big thanks to the customers who were kind enough to contact me this am regarding problems accessing parts of my online shop. The IT guru Richard and I have been sorting things out today and it seems to be back to normal. We really appreciate your queries. Even with the webache this am, the orders went out on time. Whew!

Getting ready for Bendigo means that it's that time of year when I plan my travel to the US of A. Besides catching up with the fibre fanatics stateside, this year I get to play with the newest members of the family, my sister Beth's new Scottish Terrier pups, Fred... and Ginger. I can't wait! Puppies!!!! I've pestered her for pictures.

I'll be at the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market this Thursday. The coffee brewmaster there, Richard, makes an excellent cappuccino. And I look forward to munching on the organic olive and rosemary bread sold there too. Mmmmmmm. Love the market!

On the needles this week? A Merino 4 beanie in Will Scarlet. Yes, it takes a bit longer with the 4ply, but I'm loving the result.

cu at the markets

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beanie Redux

Right, so husband Richard wanted a red beanie for his birthday. And he got a lovely knitted beanie in Kollage Fantastic Vixen Red. But... the beanie isn't long enough round the ears. It needs to be more 'ribby' -- *heavy sigh*. To avoid hearing him whinge, I am now working on beanie 2, this time all ribbed, in a hand-painted version.

The first beanie is quite wearable thank you very much.

Along with the knitting in progress for show season, I've been updating the shop stocks and sampling new yarns for the next year. The heavy wool teases me with its warmth while I must focus on knitting in bamboo, soy and cotton for the warm weather to come. But no matter, as it's all GOOD.

Here are the new colours from the SIOz club subs/June:

one-hank happiness wool/lyocel in Monet blue - beanie project

spindler's winter blues handspun beanie

Poochini is crying that she is wasting away --- hungry hungry hungry doggie. Must feed pup.
CU at the Port Markets or Brighton Organic and Healthy Living 2nd and 4th Thurs.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


It be very cold in the house this week. Excellent pup-hugging weather. :-) And for wearing beanies!

The dyeing for shows has begun in earnest. Now, if the rain would clear the yarn could really dry. Nevertheless, the process continues.

I'll be updating the shop info today.

In the meantime, check out my new sock design in the latest issue of YARN mag:

Isn't he a cute pooch. Editor Michelle Moriarty advises the pooch was a walk-on! Since I'm a dog-lover, this made me happy. He must have smelled Lyta on the socks!

SIOz has the yarn and mags for sale if you'd like to make a pair of Seriously Warm Socks. Will have that loaded later today.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Winter Knitting

Just finished a nicely-fitting beanie in Scarlet Kollage Fantastic. It is an really well-named yarn, as it feels fabulous and no whinging that it itches from the hubby!

Love this colour:Mmmmmmm. So soft, so squishy. Maaaaahvelous. As soon as Richard sits still with the beanie on, I will grab a snap. I'm totally hooked on this yarn. No time for a jumper, alas. *sniffle*

Deadlines still fly around me so it's back to the saltmine. Birthday beanie has been accomplished, so all is well.