Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Have a Laugh at My Expense Knitters and Spinners! Mel's photos way old, old, and newer

 Mum, Sis, and Me
  Dig the Rebel Stance!
Posing at 5 (LOL)

17 and helping my friend Judy's family make wine.
Looks like my tongue is purple. Hmmmm. How did
THAT happen?
 Angela and Me at the Ramones, 1979 -- Love the Fiorucci Shades!

 All that clubbing tires a woman out - 1982
Nice Shot Donna -- think it coulda been a bit
 more ladylike is all I'm sayin, m'kay?

 London in the '80's  - Give me the damn camera

 Please, please, please, stop playing Cats

 Portugal, Xmas, 1983 Staying with a Port Wine-Producing Family
No, officer, we're not drunk, we've only been drinkin' PUNCH!

And 2, much more recent and special piccies -- by far! 

So ok, have a laugh -- I don't know which one is my fave? The attitude stance at 5 or the Aussie Citizenship photos. Anyway, doing a new year's clean out has its benefits. 

Bye, for now, M

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Soy Hand-Paints at the Port Markets

Wild Mix One Soy DK by Stranded In Oz

The new lots of Soy DK, Soy Lace (16/2), and Soy Bulky Ribbon will be at the Port Markets tomorrow. They will be loaded onto the webshop Monday.

It is sheer joy for me to paint these yarns, which I only work with when it's really really sunny weather. If you are looking for something really special to knit with for that special project, check 'em out. All of these yarns are genuine Soysilk@. If you've not enjoyed knitting with other types of soy yarns -- forget the bargain stores stuff and try the real deal from Stranded In Oz.

In the midst of the painting, order-packing, and prepping for the first club packs, I've been working on new designs and projects for the 2012 season. Oh, and planning new show displays. It's a very busy time here at Oz Central. Thank you for your continued support and knitting and spinning camaraderie.

Back to work I go, Mel

Monday, 9 January 2012

January Knitting at Stranded In Oz

The pileup that is my life in January has buried me with a vengance. The winding machine arrived. Great news, but that means a pileup!

Taking advantage of a few cloudy days to knit some design work and wind yarn in order to get the wool ready for sunny sunny Adelaide summer.

Eagerly awaiting the postie, who has most of the new stocks of commercial as well as undyed yarns for the 2012 knitting year! Amongst the piles of boxes is more fibre as well.

The hardest part for me is deciding the order in which the yarns will go up for sale, both in general and specifically for the Stranded In Oz knitter's club.

In between planning, knitting, spinning (just a teensy bit), I've been catching up on music. Verdict? The sound system here needs a serious upgrade! Working with a small radio just isn't cutting it.

holiday spinning - Queen Anne's Garden Merino/Lyocel

Back the the pile, M

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Handspun Alpaca - Beach Box Inspiration

Mmmmm -- handspun alpaca (100% Australian-grown, processed, and dyed!) Spun up over the holidays by JotheCrafty. Gorgeous stuff. Jo advises she thinks it looks like fairy floss. 

Alpaca is one of those fibres that I least enjoy painting -- it doesn't always give me the effect I want from my painting process. This batch came closest to how I envisioned it to look at the end, so that's really cool. Since this was the fibre for 2012 Dec, it seemed fitting to choose a colour from my list of Beach Box colourways. 

If you like this type of colour, check out the organic cotton lace in Beach Box on the webshop:

Happy New Year from Stranded In Oz. There are some really fun and inspiring yarns heading this way. I'm working on the plans for each line so that when it hits my door, I'll be ready to get going right away on the new lots.

Some of you who read the Ravelry postings on the SIOz group heard my news: the winding machine broke! Yup, the new one has been shipped, so fingers crossed this much-needed piece of equipment arrives safe and sound. Much swearing could be heard on our side of town when the previous one went CRACK!

Mel, in stinkin' hot Adelaide