Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Gemmie Spindles for the Market and Bon Voyage

Hello from packing central. On my way to the Sock Summit, with a detour to the DC area to collect Mum and see the gorgeous nephews. The house looks like something exploded, but it's all good.

A special thanks to:
Audrey, Leslie, Eric, Raphael and everyone who came by to say g'day and to wish me luck in my US adventures. I'll be traveling with BitsyKnits for the Autumn fests -- so look out for a very large mobile home (VERY UNGREEN!) :-( --- with two spinners outside having a glass of wine under the easyup. *laugh*

Thank you to Caryl and her girls -- can't wait to see what's been spun and knitted whilst I'm away from Adelaide.

The new website is under construction -- I think I may see sweat forming on Richard's brow.

New Gemstone spindles: They are ready -- I stopped playing with wool and made a fair number -- some real beauts, including the blueberry quartz one (not for beginners!) and a couple of lovely pink Rhodonite spindles. I recommend trying them out before buying. They're all Tasmanian Oak, finished with poly coating, with sturdy hooks. If you'd like to mail order one, the photos will be up on the page as soon as possible. I am trying to get enough together for the SS, but it will depend on what I can get through weight-wise in the baggage!

Thanks again to all my customers -- the market is fully stocked with the latest colours and wools.

Here's who I'll be missing:
This is Lyta, who as you can see, is getting ready to disembowel her new squirrel. I love the Grommitty look on her face! I miss her terribly when I travel, but she'll be fine getting spoiled by partner R.

CU at the Sock Summit -- SIOz Booth 516b

Monday, 27 July 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came by the Port to buy yarn and spinning fibre. 

Due to their popularity, the gemstone spindles are completely SOLD OUT. But not to fear, as I will make some more this week. I love to spin skinny yarn -- must be the lace knitter in me -- and find myself reaching for a gemmie when I sneak a few spinning minutes in. I didn't expect to sell out so quickly; thank you so much to everyone who bought one. Check this blog for an update when the new batch are ready to go. And thanks for the positive feedback regarding the new hooks. I am still making the custom copper wire ones, but for the lighter spindles, the new eye hooks are working really well and take a lot of stickitinyourspindlebagandgo abuse. 

Webpage: MasterITD00D (Richard) is toiling away on the new page -- please excuse the continued disruptions. 

Thanks to Eric Corbin who is guarding the fort during my adventures in fibre fests in Yankland. The market shop is stocked and yarn and fibre are ready to go.  There are some new oddballs in the bargain bin (that's the red washtub). 

SIL Melanie's sockknitting progress! NARCE!


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Port Market this Sunday

For the Adelaide Fibre Addicts:

Fab new 8ply pure merino in new colours, including: The Loaded Dog, a new lot of McLaren Vale, and misc. florals. You won't want to miss this selection. $20.00AU for 100gm/200m

Lots of new 4ply superwash merino -- for scarves, gloves, and of course, SOCKS. This is a lower-micron count of merino that was custom spun for SIOz. Don't miss this one! I promise pictures updated on the blog as soon as the dyeing is done for the Sock Summit. Yeah -- the shipment has gone to the US -- it is resting comfortably in the show warehouse. But I just couldn't resist dyeing just... one... more dyelot!!!  *laugh* Can't blame a woman for trying!

SIL's new toe up sock in SIOz premium 4ply superwash merino

80/20 Premium Sock Wool in Winter Florals

Premium SIOz 4ply merino wool in dark mermaid colours

There are a few luxury hanks of boucle left from the BSWS -- you have to touch this yarn to believe it! When it's gone, there will be no more of this yarn as the mill has closed. :-(

Ltd supply of the extremely popular Uruguayan lace merino will be at the Port. This is so soft and lovely to knit with. There are still a few hanks in winter florals, in the blue and green range.

Above, new colours of hand-painted Australian merino top -- a superfine 19.5micron version and the regular, everyday type ($20.00 and $15.00 per 100gm). Both are easy to spin and a pleasure to knit and crochet.

Webpage: this is being seriously upgraded to make it easier for customers to order and pay online. Thank you to everyone who has continued to buy, despite the manual mail order process. The webpage may be out of commission from time to time whilst my IT guru programmes all the bits and pieces. Guru = partner Richard. 

Above you will find mataharimau (Ravelry) wearing her gorgeous Caricia knitted in Stranded In Oz Nepalese Singles (McLaren Vale).  She's a fab knitter. I wanted to steal that shawl!!! Thank you for sharing it with me. 

CU at the Port! Melissa

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

THANK YOU everyone who came by at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show to buy SIOz yarns and fibres. Your talent and enthusiasm make it all worthwhile. Can't wait to see what you make!

Special thanks to V., who made it possible for me to stay in one piece. She was the person spinning on her Kiwi wheel at my booth. 

It's prep time for the Sock Summit so excuse if the blog goes a little more slowly in the next few weeks. 

My last in-the-flesh visit to the Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets is this Sunday and I'll be bringing plenty of yarn and fibre to fondle. If you are in Adelaide, do come by for a bon voyage day! There will be special preview hanks of my Sock Summit yarns and fibres.

Eric Corbin, a local fibre artist, is minding my yarns and fibres while I work overseas. He will be, in addition to selling my work, selling his own creations. Thank you to Eric for being there!

CU at the Port and pts beyond, M.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We're Packing for Bendigo Sheep and Wool

Nepal Singles shown in Sherwood Forest

Hello and thank you to everyone sending messages. CU all at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. SIOz will be in Osborne #33 . I'll be featuring show only specials, like the fabulous tiny boucles that sold last year. They're in limited supply, so get in early for those. Back? The outrageous hanks of teensy weensy loop boucle mohair. 1 hank is enough for an enormous shawl!

Bendigo Show features: sock wool and a large assortment of 8ply wool, including my popular winter floral range. 

Bendigo Show Bags: they're free with a $40 purchase and supplies are limited PER DAY. This is so my Melbourne customers coming up for the day have a chance to score a goodie bag.  I've been told that $40 is too low a price (my friends, they look out for me), but hey -- I don't think so. It's just my way of saying thank you to the early birds.

While I'm at shows, look out for Eric Corbin, an Adelaide textile arts student at Marden, who will be selling my yarn and supplies at the Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets. Eric will be selling his knitted and felted creations as well. They're quite different from my own work and it's a chance for you to see more from another Adelaidian.

For all my customers, should you have requests for yarn, fibres, patterns, etc... I will remain online, regardless of where I am. Orders will go out as normal. If you ring my number, Richard, my order and IT guru (he's working on the webpage), can answer your queries and take your orders.

Kollage needles: the order is going in next week, so do let me know if you have a needle size requirement.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Stitch Markers made for 

strandedinoz by quiltr2 for BBT Swap 2009!

A big thank you to my Raverly swap buddy quiltr2, who made the above set of stitch markers FOR ME! We're in the Big Bang Theory Swap and I just LOVE these. Aren't they clever? Sheldon fans, unite!

CU at the Shows and Market!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Ariel -- in Tofutsies - a sock pattern from SWTC, designed by Melissa Deutsch Scott
Ariel is now available for purchase from SWTC and their retailers. This is a sock I designed a while ago -- timing played a part in its long gestation period, as it ran into the release of the fab SWTC book, SOCKS A LA CARTE.  But it's ready to go now.  I will have it available for the next few shows if you want to make your own pair of mermaid socks. 
Ariel -- toe up design with lace pattern and fun eyelet fish motif on the heel.  Couldn't forget the fishies swimming at Ariel's heels, right? 
The dyelots keep coming for the next few weeks. I've had sneaky peeks available at the Port Market. 
Happy Knitting and CU at the Port - M

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Whew -- some wild and crazy weather

It's a blowin' and a rainin' here in Adelaide, but that didn't stop some enthusiastic knitters from stopping by the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market today.

Hilary came by to show me her new garter stitch scarf, complete with end shaping and a keyhole for tucking the end through. VERY SMART and a lovely thing to wear. 

Caroline came by with her sons, including Oscar, who was wearing the most adorable stegasaurus jumper she'd knitted for him, complete with french knots for surface interest. A very special steggy for a very special boy. So cute.

My fave mum/daughter/daughter team came by, without 1 daughter, but hey, it's great to see them any time. We discussed the burning issue -- what to knit for partner jumperwise.  Make the decision wisely. You gotta look at it a long time. Customer reckons her choice of brown is a good one -- if you can't stand it, just send partner into yard and pretend being a tree!

I'll be taking a break from the Brighton Market as my show season heats up.  And I'll be at the Port Markets every Sunday this month sans third weekend -- reserved for Bendigo Sheep and Wool.  I'm negotiating market duty for that weekend, so check back here for details for my Adelaide customers.

CU this Sunday at the Port, m