Thursday, 13 December 2012

I'm a Cover Girl!

Relax Cardigan by Melissa Deutsch Scott, Stranded In Oz

Well -- I'm still sitting here in a bit of shock. Those amazing women at Yarn Magazine have given me a Christmas surprise! They've put my latest design on the cover of the December Issue! Those cheeky women!

Thank you Michelle and Kylie and all the rest there who have been so supportive of my work. Lovely Christmas present for my 2012.

The design uses generic 8ply/dk (on the heavier side). I wish I had more time to write about this design, but today is post day for the Knitter's Club subscription, so I'll have to leave it to another day! Or at least, tonight!

And check it out -- -there's also a fun sock design courtesy of SWTC from their cool book Socks A La Carte Three: Colourwork. Oh! Cute! Oh yes, more Tofutsies@ socks!

Check out my webshop for Tofutsies@ shopping!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair Nov 8-11

Hello from Adelaide - we're getting ready for the Annual Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair at the Adelaide Showgrounds!

Stranded In Oz Merino 3!

There are some pretty yarns, HiyaHiya knitting needles and beautiful Namaste, Inc. bags and accessories for you to add to your knitting collection!

Hope to see you there!
Melissa, SIOz

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Away Kitty

This is my 'away kitty' Smokey, the neighbour's cat in MD. She's a wee old girl and I love her dearly. She likes to cradle in my arms and sleep, drooling on my elbow. Love the short-haired tabbies!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

SIOz is at the Fair in Melbourne!

Yup -- the booth is set up and we're settled in for this Thursday through Sunday at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre!

Come by to see the latest yarns!

Glinda, the Good Wool

Merino 8 Natural

So Sari Handpun and Handyed

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Swap Buddy! Big Bang Theory Fun

My swap buddy (the theme is The Big Bang Theory) sent me an amazing package and it arrived today in the post from Japan!!!!

"Ameria" yarn from Japan! Heaps of Super Mario stickers, Japanese lollies, and ...

 An Amigarumi Enterprise!!!!!

 Super Mario Alarm Clock -- eat your heart out Sheldon!

Another shot of the amazing package!

Oh, I've already devoured the apple-flavoured chewy lollies!!!! :D I love my swappackage!!! It's too cool. And yes, the clock is already set and working :D.

Friday, 29 June 2012

An SWTC KAL and More SIOz 4ply Hand-Paints!

SWTC via Ravelry is hosting an Antique Lace KAL! And Stranded In Oz is happy to be participating! We've stocked some pretty balls of Purlscent and the pattern -- so get your orders in and enjoy the beautifully soft and drapey Purlescent Antique Lace knitting!

We're also happy to say that the Glinda, the Good Wool and Happy Little Mitey Sock are in stock for your knitting. They're both great for socks, gloves, hats, and all sorts of knitting projects that call for 4ply/fingering weight yarn.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Pre-Sydney Craft and Quilt

Hello and Whew! No sooner have I gotten re-organised after the Handknitters SA Exhibition that I'm prepping to go to the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair -- Darling Harbour, June 13-17.

And if you are in the Sydney area, be sure to check the shopblog as there will be a ticket giveaway!

Thank you to the Handknitters Guild SA and to Eric Corbin, their President, for hosting this year's exhibition, a chance for the public to see what the members have been knitting and making with all things yarny!

I've just finished a scarf design for Yarn Magazine -- I realised I hadn't done a scarf in ages -- and it was fun. It's been so cold here in Adelaide that I now wish I had it BACK. Ah well, it'll turn up eventually. And today, for some reason, just the tips of my fingers are freezing. Those fingerless gloves don't do the trick in that case now do they?

Well, last weekend, I had lunch with Vellan, hand-spinner extraordinaire. And I am still puzzling over what to knit with this hank: I dyed the fibre -- it THINK it was a merino and silk -- and this yarn deserves to be a shawl. I just LOVE it so much. Every time I take the hank out I pat it, then put it back. *sigh

Vellan's Handspun from fibre painted by Stranded In Oz

Friday, 25 May 2012

Handknitters Guild SA for Sat, May 26th, 2012

Glinda, The Good Wool in Sister Midnight

We're all set for the Handknitters Guild SA Exhibition. Stranded In Oz will be there on Saturday (tomorrow) with new lots of wool -- the heavier DK especially -- and new sock yarn lots -- in time for winter knitting.

I look forward to this Bi-Annual Event and look forward to catching up with old and making new ones.

Remember: bring in an FO in Stranded In Oz yarn and get a 10% discount on your purchases on the day.

Exhibition: Unley Citizens Centre, Arthur Street, Unley SA
Parking across the road at the shopping centre!

CU there!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Next Outing for Stranded In Oz and a Contest

Hello and wow -- the month of April just flew by. It's nothing but work from here to way into Spring for me at SIOz central.

For a start, the next public outing (besides the normal Sunday Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets) is:

Saturday, May 26th at the Handknitters Guild SA Bi-Annual Exhibition, at the Unley Citizen's Centre, Arthur Street, Unley, just opposite the shopping mall (plenty of parking in there).

I'll be there with new lots of sock yarn, lace yarns, and a variety of fibres and types to inspire Winter knitting and beyond.

For the best updates, join the Stranded In Oz group on Ravelry to keep up with the latest details. The more the merrier!

For May and June, check out the sneak peek at the next Stranded In Oz Contest Prize. Details will be posted on Ravelry and the shop blog in a few days.

A Rivuletto knitter's kit

Planet Organic Tea, from Think Global Clothing and Giftware
100gm of alpaca/silk lace from Glenora Weaving (original yarn used)
HiyaHiya SHARP needle to make your shawl

The kit also includes a copy of the pattern, which is in Yarn Magazine, Issue 25.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Inspiration... Where Do You Go Melissa?

Yeah, I get asked that a lot. If the answer were simple, well... you can figure out the rest...

Anyway -- here's an example of where my brain sometimes goes when I have the sketchbook and needles out...
The cape I designed for SWTC, who make the coolest yarns and fibres for us to enjoy...

 a French art deco gate that caught my eye in an architecture book

And the edging that I worked into the border of the shawl... it's a traditional edging from a Barbara Walker book that I messed with...  Getting the curves into the lace stitch is not for the faint of heart, as knitting tends to like edges when it comes to eyelets and motifs. Yeah, I like to push my luck regarding lace designs, as those of you have seen my recent design in Yarn Magazine #25, the Rivuletto shawl...

I really need to re-photograph the Oz Wrap border huh? If you aren't interested in knitting the entire cape (which is worked from the top down) you can make a pretty scarf just by working the border and some additional selvedge stitches.

Sincere thanks to Jonelle Beck who permits (indulges) me to send her some of my more off-centre suggestions. I love the way the finished shawl feels. Note: for those of us who are not that patient, the shawl can be worn straight off the needles.... If you are more discerning, it looks totally different blocked. Stay tuned for more photos of that!

Oh, and wouldn't that imaged scarf look pretty if some of the String Me Along were worked in as a carry-along? Just saying is all...
SWTC String Me Along available from Stranded In Oz

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Stitches Village Fair, Wednesday April 18, 2012, 10.30am - 4pm at Immanuel College, 32 Morphett Road, NOVAR GARDENS SA 5040. 

This fair is in conjunction with the Beating Around the Bush International Stitchery show sponsored by Country Bumpkin. I'll be featuring lighter-weight yarns and fun stitching and knitting items, including the newest yarns and designs.

Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, or wish to place an order for pickup there, please feel free to email or ring!


Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Egg (yarn hank) Hunt 2012

The Annual SIOz Easter Hunt will be on at the Port Markets -- details are on the SIOz shopblog.

Happy Hunting! m

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Melissa and the Blog Monster

Yup, I've read the email -- and yes, it's been quiet on here. After a number of years, and no break, I finally said to myself, if you don't take a break RIGHT NOW, you won't get through the Autumn and Winter 2012.

So I've basically been OFFLINE for 4 weeks, with the occasional online check. Apologies for radio silence, but it was necessary.

In the meantime, the Flying Monkeys have been doing their best to keep the online ordering up to snuff. Apologies for slightly longer order delivery than normal, but by all accounts, things went fine. If you have an order query, please don't hesitate to contact me at: melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com.

What's happening in April?

I'll be at the Beating Around the Bush Fair, getting out the April club packs and getting ready for the colder seasons! Stay tuned here and on the webshop for details.

In the meantime, knit, crochet, spin, and felt in good health and happiness!

copyright Kaviare

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More Funny For Your Week -- Mel's T-shirt

Yup, this is the shirt I'm wearing at the moment. It made me laugh so hard in the USA when I saw it that I knew I'd have to get it and wear it often. It's a rotten colour, but I still like it. And those of you who know me personally will know just how bloody funny this shirt is for me to wear.

As for the book, The Cat in the Hat? It was the first book I read myself cover to cover. I loved it. Still do.

Biz Update: the contest details are posted to the SIOz Ravelry group. Avva look! If you have been unsure about whether to join an SIOz fibre or knitting club this year, don't sit on the fence! Come and join us.

The first pack is called Practically Magical -- and it's been a huge hit. Thank you for the positive feedback re the colour and the sock design. Thank you heaps! The packs were posted on the 15th and already 1 knitter has finished her pair!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Biz-Post -- First Club Packs Out This Week

Hello to clubbies and wanna-be clubbies. February is here and that means the first yarn and fibre packs for 2012 are due to ship out at the end of this week!

I must admit, the colour and theme for this first pack was a big challenge. You'll see what I mean when you get it, as those of you who are SIOz fans know I favour certain colours over others. Can't help it, it's the way I roll.
The yarn? A best-seller from 2011. The fibre? By far one of my most popular blends. NO PEEKS!

So this month? A total departure! And it's on the wild side!

 If you still want to join the 2012 Club fun, you can jump onto the webshop and do so! Back to the salt mine! Melissa

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Have a Laugh at My Expense Knitters and Spinners! Mel's photos way old, old, and newer

 Mum, Sis, and Me
  Dig the Rebel Stance!
Posing at 5 (LOL)

17 and helping my friend Judy's family make wine.
Looks like my tongue is purple. Hmmmm. How did
THAT happen?
 Angela and Me at the Ramones, 1979 -- Love the Fiorucci Shades!

 All that clubbing tires a woman out - 1982
Nice Shot Donna -- think it coulda been a bit
 more ladylike is all I'm sayin, m'kay?

 London in the '80's  - Give me the damn camera

 Please, please, please, stop playing Cats

 Portugal, Xmas, 1983 Staying with a Port Wine-Producing Family
No, officer, we're not drunk, we've only been drinkin' PUNCH!

And 2, much more recent and special piccies -- by far! 

So ok, have a laugh -- I don't know which one is my fave? The attitude stance at 5 or the Aussie Citizenship photos. Anyway, doing a new year's clean out has its benefits. 

Bye, for now, M

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Soy Hand-Paints at the Port Markets

Wild Mix One Soy DK by Stranded In Oz

The new lots of Soy DK, Soy Lace (16/2), and Soy Bulky Ribbon will be at the Port Markets tomorrow. They will be loaded onto the webshop Monday.

It is sheer joy for me to paint these yarns, which I only work with when it's really really sunny weather. If you are looking for something really special to knit with for that special project, check 'em out. All of these yarns are genuine Soysilk@. If you've not enjoyed knitting with other types of soy yarns -- forget the bargain stores stuff and try the real deal from Stranded In Oz.

In the midst of the painting, order-packing, and prepping for the first club packs, I've been working on new designs and projects for the 2012 season. Oh, and planning new show displays. It's a very busy time here at Oz Central. Thank you for your continued support and knitting and spinning camaraderie.

Back to work I go, Mel

Monday, 9 January 2012

January Knitting at Stranded In Oz

The pileup that is my life in January has buried me with a vengance. The winding machine arrived. Great news, but that means a pileup!

Taking advantage of a few cloudy days to knit some design work and wind yarn in order to get the wool ready for sunny sunny Adelaide summer.

Eagerly awaiting the postie, who has most of the new stocks of commercial as well as undyed yarns for the 2012 knitting year! Amongst the piles of boxes is more fibre as well.

The hardest part for me is deciding the order in which the yarns will go up for sale, both in general and specifically for the Stranded In Oz knitter's club.

In between planning, knitting, spinning (just a teensy bit), I've been catching up on music. Verdict? The sound system here needs a serious upgrade! Working with a small radio just isn't cutting it.

holiday spinning - Queen Anne's Garden Merino/Lyocel

Back the the pile, M

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Handspun Alpaca - Beach Box Inspiration

Mmmmm -- handspun alpaca (100% Australian-grown, processed, and dyed!) Spun up over the holidays by JotheCrafty. Gorgeous stuff. Jo advises she thinks it looks like fairy floss. 

Alpaca is one of those fibres that I least enjoy painting -- it doesn't always give me the effect I want from my painting process. This batch came closest to how I envisioned it to look at the end, so that's really cool. Since this was the fibre for 2012 Dec, it seemed fitting to choose a colour from my list of Beach Box colourways. 

If you like this type of colour, check out the organic cotton lace in Beach Box on the webshop:

Happy New Year from Stranded In Oz. There are some really fun and inspiring yarns heading this way. I'm working on the plans for each line so that when it hits my door, I'll be ready to get going right away on the new lots.

Some of you who read the Ravelry postings on the SIOz group heard my news: the winding machine broke! Yup, the new one has been shipped, so fingers crossed this much-needed piece of equipment arrives safe and sound. Much swearing could be heard on our side of town when the previous one went CRACK!

Mel, in stinkin' hot Adelaide