Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Happy New Year and Thanks

Thank you to all the eager fibre fans who ventured North to the PA Markets this weekend. And a special thank you to my Sydney customers. It was lovely to meet the visitors from NSW. They've got the spinning bug up there too! 

The Nepal laceweight stockpile has been set upon by eager lace knitters and the new supply is on its way. ETA unknown at present, but fingers crossed, it should be here very soon.  If you have a craving for a particular colour, please email melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com and I will add your request to the dyelot list.

Greetings go out to Fiona, who went home with a new spindle -- may it give her hrs of happy spinning.  Nice to meet you!

I'm surrounded by mounds of yarn and fibre, all of which is heading for the dye process. 

Check back here for some kewl stuff for the New Year! Plotting and playing for some fibre fun in 2010. 

Hand-Painted Tofutsies -- shown in McLaren Vale $26.00AU per 100gm

The test lot of McLaren Vale has come through nicely. New lots will be posted online when they are read for purchase. The hot weather has done wonders for the bright purple!

CU at the markets and online, m

Monday, 21 December 2009

New Drop Spindles...

... with more on the way.

A big thank you to the knitters/shoppers who visited the SIOz Port Markets venue on Sunday. The market will be open this Sunday AND Monday, 9-5.

Special thanks to Raphael and Lesley, who ventured up to Port Adelaide for a visit.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the new spindles to be loaded to the online store:

Gothic Fairie mini drop spindle

features small gemstone whorl and pine shaft, finished with black, shiny paint $15.00AU

Primary Colours Chuppah Whorl Spindle $25.00AU

features Tasmanian Oak shaft, finished with natural wood oil

Another shipment of spindle gear is due to arrive after Christmas. More fibre will be loaded online as well, including more lots of organic merino. The new fancy pantsy fibre is in the workshop ready for dyeing in Jan. Check here for updates on some fab, hard-to-find stuff for the new year.

Thank you to the purchasers of the Roclans and Gurdy Run carded fibre! Worth the trip to the Port, no doubt about it. One person snagged the majority of the Jon Benet llama fibre and it is now officially GORN. I only see that producer once a year at Garden State and will be sure to bring back more next year. I have to factor in the time to scour the llama before I ship it back to Oz, so it's always a race against time, but it's the most amazing fibre -- bred to be without guard hairs! High-tech llamas -- very photogenic too.

To all SIOz customers, happy holidays to you and yours. M

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fresh 4ply Fingering Weight Low-Micron Merino

Vellan's Urban Decay II 4ply/fingering wt merino superwash

This yarn is fantastic for socks, shawls, gloves, baby's garments (yeah, it's superwash $24.00AU per 100gm/approx. 360m). Ready for the Port Markets tomorrow. Also in stock, some very soft and squishy Supersocke (80%wool/20%nylon, 100gm/approx. 400m, $28.00AU) in both a light mermaid mix (blues/greens) and a red floralish/berryish blend SIOz colours.

Handspun Part II:

Handspun Australian Merino in SIOz Way Over the Rainbow

First hank of 2ply lace yarn finished. I went a bit more random on the plying than I had originally planned, but I like the result.

Happy knitting, spinning, playing with wool. M

Thursday, 10 December 2009

SIOz Shop Online

Right -- this online shop thingo? Wellll. It's taking longer than I could imagine. But the site has been updated today and the kits, as well as some yarns, have been loaded.
In the meantime, just email or ring as you all have been doing (THANK YOU!) and we'll get your yarn, etc... out to you asap.
As always, thank you to the people who continue to support my Real Life retail at Port Adelaide Markets. I look forward to seeing you all and esp. seeing what is on the needles, spindles, and wheels.
For XMAS: I'll have a stock of wrapping for people who'd like their purchases gift-wrapped. If you are ordering by mail, make sure you request gift wrapping in your notes on your order.
Cheers, and see you at the markets, Melissa

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

way over the rainbow carded wool

I've posted some notes (on my personal blog) on spinning the wool shown above for those intrepid SIOz customers who have stashed the showbag pressie wool from BSWS 2009. I've been plying the results and will post piccies soon as well.

In between design duties, I've been planning the new season yarns. One the dyelist:
  • new banana palm silks
  • new aloo and hemp (rich red has been requested)
  • new designs for soy and cotton/bamboo
The Port Market space has been restocked -- including some killer new hanks of Nepalese Laceweight Singles, as well as new lots of sock wool.

CU at the Port and online! Melissa

Friday, 27 November 2009

Fibre Gone Wild?

The shipment of fibre and yarns has arrived from overseas. All sorts of goodies to temp you this holiday season. The website continues to lag behind my design and painting schedule. Up to date? Port Market will be restocked this Sunday.

What's on offer?

Gurdy Run fibre: a gorgeous blend of alpaca, wool, and silk in MIDNIGHT, the blackest blue/purple I've ever seen. It is magnificent carded fibre, ready to spin. $25.00AU per 100gm. This fibre is PA-grown and processed from Lydia's fleeces which are dyed, then carded to produce the most amazing blend of spinning fibre. Pricey? You betchya. Totally worth it! Very ltd quantities available. If you like this, I will order more!

Kraemer Roving: couldn't resist a mill visit to Kraemer in Nazareth, PA. Brought back a small amount of their outstanding wool roving in a fabulous ombrey orange/brown. Very natural, very easy to spin. $18.00AU per 100gms. Had a lovely chat with the mill owner during the visit -- we had a good laugh about me bringing wool back to Australia! Kraemer dyes their wool before spinning to create a beautiful, glistening blend of colour.

Kraemer Roving -- photos of colourway don't do it justice!

Roclans fibre: This is the lot of RUBY SLIPPERS and it's the last of the year's run. Kate has outdone herself this time. And yes, fibre is like Dorothy's slippers! Just a hint of red angelina fibre in here. Wool from Kate's award-winning flock of ramboullets. Ltd quantities in stock. $24.00AU per 100gms. Kate does her dye magic on her fleeces, then her friend Lydia works her carding wonders. This one is a killer and won't last long.

Yarns for the Port shop: new stock of soy ribbon $19.00AU per 100gm hank; new stock of PURE ($12.00AU per hank) soy yarn (in stock: aqua, navy blue, marigold, and a v. nice latte colour) for my new design in YARN magazine, the RIDE THE WAVE skirt. Buy the SIOz kit for this project and get the pattern/mag for $5.00AU!

NEW STOCK of Pure Merino 4ply is here! These are my special runs from the US festival season and there's almost nothing left; so, get in quick this Sunday if you want the best selection before they go online. $24.00AU per 100gm/360m hank, enough for a pair of adult women's socks or the SIOz baby bunting design from Sept 2009 issue of YARN.

Back to sorting, pricing, and designing... CU at the PORT! Melissa

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back Home in Oz

G'day from Port Adelaide, SA. After a few weeks offline (Fall Fiber Frolic, PA, then a fun weekend at the Easton Waterfowl Festival with Yarns and Co -- thanks Gail and Ann), I'm back home with Richard and Lyta.
It was an awesome trip. I'd like to report a holiday, but nup. It's already summer here in Oz and that means cellulose season. So onward with banana silk, soy, bamboo, and a pile of cotton to be painted.
The fibre and yarn from overseas will arrive in the next few weeks, so do check back here and the webpage for updates stock. There are spindles that will be loaded to the online shop. And lots more.
Tomorrow, Sunday, is my first day back at the Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets. Last week? Closed early to the horrendous heat. That was one Sunday I am relieved I was not present. Going from lovely cool autumn to 43 degrees in 1 day was a shock!
Sincerely thanks to my Australian stockists -- willing to put up with delivery delays from overseas. Thanks especially to Near and Far, Cygnet TAS, for their love of SIOz hemp and wool, a yarn near and dear to my knitter's heart.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bunting and Kollage Needles and Hooks in Stock

Baby Bunting:

Thanks so much for the positive feedback for the new SIOz design in YARN -- A Lamb in Possum Clothing. I've sold out in the US of my copies, but they're available from the YARN website directly. And there are copies in stock at my Port Adelaide retail (upstairs, at the Birkenhead Bridge end of the market)

Kollage Needles and Hooks: Due my travel schedule, I've got a manual ordering system for Kollage Needles and Hooks at present. They are moving in and out of stock too quickly to post them online at present. Thank you for your enthusiastic use!

In Stock:

Hooks - US F/3.75mm -- 2 in stock; US J/6.00mm -- 1 in stock
Circular Needles: 40"/100cm: US 0/2.00mm -- 3 in stock; US 2/2.75mm -- 1 in stock; US 7/4.5mm -- 1 in stock; US 10/6.00mm -- 1 in stock

DPN's: US 0/2.00mm -- 7" -- 3 in stock
DPN's: US 0/2.00mm -- 5" -- 3 in stock

On Order: UK8/US6/4.00mm new straight metal needles (nickel-free process on these)
And a restock of popular sizes in the circulars. Special Orders cheerfully accepted.
Email requests to melissa@strandedinoz.com

I'll be at the Fall Fiber Frolic (see sidebar link) this weekend. Then, back to Easton, MD for the trunk show at Yarns and CO.

Cheers, and thanks, Melissa

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Shenandoah Fest (wahoo!) and Fall Frolic...

Well, no sooner am I back in Easton, MD I'm getting ready for another show -- this is really, really going to be the last one of the season for me. Seriously.

Fall Fiber Frolic:

Bitsyknits and I are headed north-like to get in one last burst of autumn fun and fibre. We got into this thing because the two awesome women from Two Wool Crazy Ladies mentioned it and well, we're game for anything fibrey and festivaly.

So off we head next weekend. This weekend, I am on Trick or Treat duty here in Easton while the parentals are off at their halloween party. Like, a gazillion little treaters invade the neighbourhood. This year, dad decided to be serious and bought real lollies. Last year, it was some sort of evil crackers and I told him, don't be daft, you'll be the laughingstock of the street without proper lollies.

So this year, it's Tootsie Rolls and Pops at the parental abode. Yay. I have tested them and they are a-ok.

A big -- enormous -- gigantic -- humungous (sp?) thanks to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival crew who did an amazing job at this year's fest. Next year is a few weeks earlier (bummer, as I love the fall Shenandoah folliage). But we'll be there.

The vendors and fibre addicts of all descriptions were there and it was so much fun. I splurged on a Debra's Garden needle gauge pendant for lace/sock knitters in, yes, olive green.

Why do I love the Shenandoah spinners and knitters? Cuz they love green. All the green yarns and fibres I've been painting magically disappeared over the weekend. It made my heart glad. Now, I have an excuse to paint more green! Yes, that's right V. More green.

Special thanks to Mary Beth -- the Yarn Mag fan -- can't wait to see Mary Beth knits up from this year's batch.

Of course, B and I couldn't resist stopping at our fave mid-atlantic mill and indulging in some dyer's stash. Look out! I see a pile of alpaca/wool (really lovely twist on this one) that is ready for the dyetable.

After the Fall Fiber Frolic, SIOz heads back to Easton for the Annual Waterfowl Fest, where I will be doing a weekend trunk show at Yarns and Co, Easton, MD. Come on by and chat about hand-painted yarns and fibres, tips for using hand-dyed yarns of all types, and general good fun with yarn to get you ready for the winter. Thank you to Gail and Ann for inviting me to share my hand-paint madness here on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake.

To all SIOz customers re mag orders: the rest of the backorders have been shipped, except for issue 4, which will be temporarily delayed from me. If you are itching to get your hands on Yarn directly, please check out their website at http://www.yarnmagazine.com.au/

If anyone is still wanting a copy of A Coloured Sheep Shawl pattern, the new prints are available for US customers -- $5.00 including US postage until Nov 15th.

Knit in good health.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

On the Road Again. Again!

G'day from MD -- heading to Berryville, VA for the Shenandoah Fiber Arts Festival this weekend. Just in time for the rain that's been forecast! Not to fear -- B and I are in the indoor venue again. Nice and dry.

For this festival, I've dyed some lovely laceweight and also hemp and wool (5ply/sport equiv.) for the event. There's a new stock of patterns and yarns, so if you are in the area and your fingers are itchin' to spin, knit, felt, crochet........ head on out for a fantastic festival. I love this fest and this year, it'll be the die-hards, as it is the same weekend as Stitches East.

Specials for the festival? You bet.

For SIOz customers in Oz, get ready, because a mountain of fibre and yarn (some very special hanks reserved for you!) in time for the holiday season. When the dust settles on the fests, I'll be heading home to Richards, Lyta (the kelpieweiler princess) and the fab fibre addicts of Adelaide.

On the road again.... Melissa

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pit Stop before Shenandoah Fiber Arts Festival

G'day from Easton.

Well, the travel finally caught up with me -- I'm a bit under the weather, but not to worry. I'll be in Easton to recuperate and to work on designs and new colours before heading to VA and the Shenandoah Fiber Arts Festival, third weekend in October.

It was a fantastic show last year -- if you live in the DC area, it's incredibly close, just a drive not far beyond Dulles Airport, or so it seemed to me last year.

New SIOz yarns have arrived in Australia -- you can check them out at Stitch Culture, VIC as well as Near and Far, TAS.

As I promised, I've collected some incredible yarns and fibres during my travels all of which will head back to Oz very soon. Included in the shipment -- some amazing merino/tencel spinning fibre and some hard-to-find, independently-produced yarns. I'll be posting availability of these lots when they are ready for sale.

Thank you to everyone who purchased SIOz yarns and fibres at the VT Sheep and Wool Festival, Tunbridge VA. When I'm not coughing up a lung, I'll be writing more about what an incredible experience it was.

Happy Spring to my Aussie customers. Happy Autumn to my American customers (and Canadians, who were so nice to meet at VT). I'm gearing up for my annual Halloweenfest!

Keep knitting -- spinning -- crocheting... Mel, in Easton, MD

Monday, 28 September 2009

Huge thanks to Finger Lakes Fiber Fest and the Knitters Day Out

Due to a Super Duper Spam attack, I've not had access to the strandedblog. Glad to be able to thank the spinners, knitters, crocheters, felters and fiber(re) enthusiasts of all persuasions in Upstate New York, finally!

Finger Lakes Fest was a perfect weekend -- I fell in love with Zuzu -- the Pygora goat. She will always be my goat, even if I couldn't buy her and take her home. We could hear Zuzu in the barn next to her enclosure! Nice set of lungs she has. And an amazing coat.

B. talked me out of purchasing an enormous Cormo fleece -- from a lovely sheep named Tony Tiger. While I didn't get the fleece, I did get some combed top to spin from his farm. Oh yes indeed.

Hello to Sandra and Louise -- The Two Wool Crazy Ladies -- who shared their good humour and cuddly Romney fibre. Check out their yarns, rug hooking, and fibre at the Fall Fiber Frolic (PA) in Nov.

The weather was perfect and the people incredibly talented and dedicated to their woolly pursuits. The fairground was lovely -- our stall was in the cleanest shed I've ever seen! Check out the amazing natural light through the special roof!

Thank you to everyone who bought our yarns and fibers(res). See you next year!


Enormous thanks to the extraordinary knitters at the Knitters Day Out this past weekend at Central PA College. The organisers do an outstanding job, the vendors are awesome -- whoever is the sales rep for Malabrigo yarns in PA is smiling -- their kettled-dyed lovelies are everywhere. The talent of the students and teachers at this event is noteable. So many interesting and beautiful projects on the needles during breaktimes! It was so much fun to look at what was being knitted; I found it hard to go back to the booth with all the knitting activity happening around me.

But of course, I was there to sell yarn and am grateful for the enthusiasm and positive response to my work. Thank you to everyone.

The biggest surprise of my 2009 USA festival tour has been the response to one of my own favourite designs -- A Coloured Sheep Shawl. Thanks heaps to everyone who has wanted the pattern and kits. Due to the overwhelming response (THANKS!) I have sent out an SOS to Oz and have arranged another shipment of wool. It will take a few weeks, but a very limited amount is coming. I still encourage those who have purchased the pattern to seek out your local sheepwool producers to buy as locally as possible. It is in the spirit of the reason for the pattern to do so. If you have questions regarding substituting yarns for the pattern, please feel free to contact me at melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com.

The new prints of A CSS pattern will be posted this week from the list of festival orders.

This weekend, B and I head to VT for the Sheep and Wool Festival in Central VT (see link in sidebar). Keep fingers crossed for lovely autumn weather! I'm told this event is one of the best, so Google those driving directions, load up on the Dunkin Donuts coffee and head on out to VT for a weekend of wool and autumn colour.

SIOz near you?

Thank you to all the Stranded In Oz retailers -- the new shipment is heading to Near and Far, Cygnet TAS, so be sure to check with them for their latest stock of SIOz yarns, including the first new lots of soy yarn for the spring and summer season.

And a thank you to Knitters Dreams in Harrisburg, PA, a new SIOz stockist of my sock yarns.

New lots of Nepalese Yarns... are heading to VT and beyond. The lots will keep coming as I dye my way through the new So Sari (wool/recycled sari blend) and Hemp and Wool, just in time for the US autumn.

CU at the fests, Melissa

Thursday, 17 September 2009

On the Road Again...

Just unpacked from Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival -- which included an awesome display of the most beautiful Border Collies ever, when I've got turn around and head to upstate New York for the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival! Waaahoooo! It's going to be amazing. Look for SIOz along with Bitsyknits.

Thank you to all the very cool knitters, spinners, felters, crocheters who came by to say hello and buy our yarns and fibres. We had an amazing time.

Onward to Hemlock, NY and points beyond...
Cheers, M

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Off to NJ Sheep Breeders Show

Hi and G'day to SIOz knitters, spinners, crocheters, and fibre addicts of all persuasions.

A quick email to say hello and that I'm off to the NJ Sheep Breeder's Show this weekend. A quick trip to hook up with Bitsyknits and we're off. This year, the show includes the International Shetland Breeders meeting, so it should be a corker.

Don't let the name of the show fool you -- there's plenty for fibre addicts of any type -- fibre, yarn, and of course, sheep, llama, and alpaca to play with.

A sad note: John, from Los Surinos (Adelaide Hills) passed away. I've only just learned about it. John was a fellow trader at the Port Adelaide Markets and an all-around ACE person. He will be missed. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

If you are planning a trip to this weekend's show, do stop by. I have special sock patterns for the Llama Rescue Project -- all the money from the sale of these patterns goes directly to the Llama Rescue. So come on by and buy one, or two even!

Spring Yarn: The shipment of new yarns is in and hitting the dyetables -- just painted a new test batch of cotton/viscose DK which will head to the Port Adelaide Markets in the first shipment to Oz. The Soysilk DK has already been SOLD OUT (more to be ordered), but there are several kilos of Soysilk Aran (for quicker knitting) waiting to be dyed.

Awaiting shipment of Tofutsies and will post availability for that when it is ready to GO.

As always, thank you for buying SIOz yarns and fibres.

Monday, 31 August 2009

New Gemstone Spindles on their Way

Hi Spindlers: a quick hello and note to say that the shipment will leave the US on Monday -- new supply of gemstone spindles, with lovely polycoated shafts. All oak with semi-precious gemstone whorls. They should get to Oz in a week or so. I will make sure I get confirmation when they arrive. All are priced at $30.00AU per spindle and come with 100gms of hand-painted Australian merino top (that's a BONUS people!), as the top retails for $15.00. Buy a spindle and have enough wool to spin some lace or sock wool -- 100gms is plenty!

There are 6 spindles on the way. If you'd like to reserve one, email me at melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com and I'll put your name and email addy on the list.

Spindles: 2 are what look to me like raptor skin (yellow-green and black jadeish), there are 2 blue and clear quartz spindles (not for the beginners), 1 gorgeous light green aventurine, and a lovely dark jasper spindle.

Thank you so much for your interest in my spindles and keep 'em spinning!

Webpage: still on the construction end, but it is running. If you need more information, email and we'll (I or Richard) will get back to you, generally within 24 hrs.

Next installment of yarn:
The shipments from SWTC and Nepal are on the way and restocking for Oz -- spring and summer -- and new fall yarns for US of A will be available shortly. There are new custom sari silks (some real wowsers) and more carded sari fibre for spinners (I bought all that was left in the workshop!).

In the meantime, the 4ply premium merino is available for shawls, socks, and garments of every type.

A Coloured Sheep Shawl: For US customers, the yarn is back in stock. Pre-orders will ship tomorrow. Thank you so much for your interest. I couldn't help it -- I have included in the kits some nice goodies (surprises). There is 1 more kit available in the 3ply CSW. There is also a gorgeous 4ply CSW available to make a slightly larger and warmer version.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

G'day from Easton, Maryland

Hello and thanks to everyone who continues to support my work at Stranded In Oz, Port Adelaide Markets and online.

Drop Spindles:

I've been advised by Eric and Richard that the spindle supplies have been sorely depleted. I'm not complaining of course. Just wanted to assure folks that I'm on the case and will be restocking asap.

There are a few Chuppah Whorl spindles left from the 2009 batch. They are here in the States and will be on display at Garden Sheep Breeders (see sidebar). My clay oven is in Adelaide, so will have fire it up upon my return to Oz!

The gemstone spindles will be available online, at the Port Markets, and at the US shows. As soon as the next lot are ready, I will post photos for you. In the meantime, if you'd like to pre-order, please feel free to email melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com and I'll add you to the pre-order list.


The Nepal workshop is finishing my next supply of handspun yarns and this will be shipped shortly. So check back soon for new photos and yarns. I've ordered some new blends that should be fantastic. Can't wait to tear open those cartons! Included will be new sari silks for summer knitting.

Soysilk@ DK -- new stocks of soy are on the way. The last of the hand-painted Tofutsies@ is here in the US of A. I'm advised it will be a while until SWTC gets the next lot -- and YES, I'll be placing a special order. Thank you to all the Sock Summiteers who made the HP Tofutsies one of my bestsellers.

Pure Merino 4ply: This is a lower-micron Australian merino -- it is grown, spun, and hand-painted in Australia. I'm so grateful to all the people who came by at the Sock Summit and bought this yarn, as it is very near and dear to my heart as a designer and knitter.

The fact that new customers would take the chance and by from an unknown overseas dyer, when the OCC was overflowing with every type of sock yarn imaginable, really made the trip worthwhile. I had an excellent Sock Summit and hope my customers and new friends did too. It's been several weeks since and only now do I feel awake. I think doing Bendigo and SS within a few weeks from each other really tested this hand-dyer's body.

Port Markets:

Continued thanks to Eric Corbin, wool artist and all-around fibre fiend, and to Richard, my husband, for their hard work and for manning the fort. Hello and thanks to Audrey, who has been spreading her enthusiasm for spinning and fibre -- can't wait to see what you're spinning.

Thanks again to Near and Far, Cygnet TAS for their continued support and enthusiasm for SIOz yarns. If you are in Tasmania nearby, do stop in and check out their amazing wares.

And a huge thanks to Luci at Think Global, whom I miss very much. She's an ace market neighbour and someone who truly understands what her business name means. Check out her fab stuff at her shop in Hove, and at the Port Markets and Brighton and Grange Organic Markets, all in the Adelaide area.

I will be travelling again soon and have better access to the 'net, which means I will be able to upgrade and update photos more readily in the next few weeks.

Happy Spinning and Knitting, Melissa, from the US of A

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hello to Yarns and Co, Easton MD

Greetings from the Chesapeake.

If you are a fan of fine yarns, do pay a visit to Yarns and Co, Easton, MD next time you are in the area. Gail has an excellent selection of knitting yarns and tools to choose from. AND: They're fully restocked with Stranded In Oz Premium Merino Superwash 4ply (great for socks. baby gifts and shawls!)-- as well as some fab hanks of Stranded In Oz Handspun Nepal Singles to make lacey shawls. They're located right in town, at the heart of the lovely Easton shopping district.

Gearing up for Garden State Sheep Breeders -- Sept 12 and 13. Stop by and say hello! I'll be there with sister Beth (Bitsyknits).

Enjoy your time heading into Spring Down Under. It's still stinkin' hot here in the Chesapeake -- humid and all.

For all my Adelaide and Aussie Customers: buy 100gms of Premium Sock yarn (Pure Merino Premium or Italian Sock) from Stranded In Oz and receive a FREE set of bamboo sock knitting needles (5" or 7" DPN's). There's a fab selection of hard-to-find sizes. Email inquiries welcome. Offer good for the rest of the month of August while supplies last!

New season yarns in the works, including a new selection of soy dk and lace yarns.

Happy knitting, spinning, and all crafts wooly. M

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Huge thank yous!

We survived, mum and I -- Sock Summit 2009 is done and dusted!

Very large thank yous in order to:

My awesome new customers who came by, had a squeeze or two of the beaut Aussie wool, and went away with our yarn in hand. Knit it in good health! And thanks so much for taking the time to check out SIOz.

Jonelle, Kat, Jonette, Gianna, and Sophia from SWTC -- they were the rockin'est neighbours and heaps of fun throughout the mayhem and madness of a show. Their good humour and relief for toilet and coffee breaks were greatly appreciated. And thank you to Kit from Yarnzone for doing up the "I had great sox in Portland" t-shirts. They were fun to wear and sell.

More thanks to Sheri and the Loopy Ewe crew, my next-door neighbours. They tempted me too much with their groovy Namaste buddy boxes! Yeah, couldn't resist those puppies. Zoik!

Way too much to say about the SS and am still, frankly, buggered! I only left the booth for the toilet, coffee, or the very average salads from the concession in the OCC. I'm told Portland is a nice city, but can't verify, as only saw the inside of the OCC for 5 days. Sorry folks, no travelogue here.

I'll update as soon as the dust settles -- stay tuned for show #2 -- I'll be at the Garden State Sheep Breeders show with Bitsyknits in Sept.

R. continues to slave away on the new website -- again apologies for computer glitches! It's to be expected when under construction. So if you place an order, be sure to email me on:

strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and I will get back to you within 24 hrs or so -- I'm on Yanktime at the moment. Or if you prefer, just ring the number(s) listed on the webpage for a real time order with R.

With sincere thanks, M

Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Gemmie Spindles for the Market and Bon Voyage

Hello from packing central. On my way to the Sock Summit, with a detour to the DC area to collect Mum and see the gorgeous nephews. The house looks like something exploded, but it's all good.

A special thanks to:
Audrey, Leslie, Eric, Raphael and everyone who came by to say g'day and to wish me luck in my US adventures. I'll be traveling with BitsyKnits for the Autumn fests -- so look out for a very large mobile home (VERY UNGREEN!) :-( --- with two spinners outside having a glass of wine under the easyup. *laugh*

Thank you to Caryl and her girls -- can't wait to see what's been spun and knitted whilst I'm away from Adelaide.

The new website is under construction -- I think I may see sweat forming on Richard's brow.

New Gemstone spindles: They are ready -- I stopped playing with wool and made a fair number -- some real beauts, including the blueberry quartz one (not for beginners!) and a couple of lovely pink Rhodonite spindles. I recommend trying them out before buying. They're all Tasmanian Oak, finished with poly coating, with sturdy hooks. If you'd like to mail order one, the photos will be up on the page as soon as possible. I am trying to get enough together for the SS, but it will depend on what I can get through weight-wise in the baggage!

Thanks again to all my customers -- the market is fully stocked with the latest colours and wools.

Here's who I'll be missing:
This is Lyta, who as you can see, is getting ready to disembowel her new squirrel. I love the Grommitty look on her face! I miss her terribly when I travel, but she'll be fine getting spoiled by partner R.

CU at the Sock Summit -- SIOz Booth 516b

Monday, 27 July 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came by the Port to buy yarn and spinning fibre. 

Due to their popularity, the gemstone spindles are completely SOLD OUT. But not to fear, as I will make some more this week. I love to spin skinny yarn -- must be the lace knitter in me -- and find myself reaching for a gemmie when I sneak a few spinning minutes in. I didn't expect to sell out so quickly; thank you so much to everyone who bought one. Check this blog for an update when the new batch are ready to go. And thanks for the positive feedback regarding the new hooks. I am still making the custom copper wire ones, but for the lighter spindles, the new eye hooks are working really well and take a lot of stickitinyourspindlebagandgo abuse. 

Webpage: MasterITD00D (Richard) is toiling away on the new page -- please excuse the continued disruptions. 

Thanks to Eric Corbin who is guarding the fort during my adventures in fibre fests in Yankland. The market shop is stocked and yarn and fibre are ready to go.  There are some new oddballs in the bargain bin (that's the red washtub). 

SIL Melanie's sockknitting progress! NARCE!


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Port Market this Sunday

For the Adelaide Fibre Addicts:

Fab new 8ply pure merino in new colours, including: The Loaded Dog, a new lot of McLaren Vale, and misc. florals. You won't want to miss this selection. $20.00AU for 100gm/200m

Lots of new 4ply superwash merino -- for scarves, gloves, and of course, SOCKS. This is a lower-micron count of merino that was custom spun for SIOz. Don't miss this one! I promise pictures updated on the blog as soon as the dyeing is done for the Sock Summit. Yeah -- the shipment has gone to the US -- it is resting comfortably in the show warehouse. But I just couldn't resist dyeing just... one... more dyelot!!!  *laugh* Can't blame a woman for trying!

SIL's new toe up sock in SIOz premium 4ply superwash merino

80/20 Premium Sock Wool in Winter Florals

Premium SIOz 4ply merino wool in dark mermaid colours

There are a few luxury hanks of boucle left from the BSWS -- you have to touch this yarn to believe it! When it's gone, there will be no more of this yarn as the mill has closed. :-(

Ltd supply of the extremely popular Uruguayan lace merino will be at the Port. This is so soft and lovely to knit with. There are still a few hanks in winter florals, in the blue and green range.

Above, new colours of hand-painted Australian merino top -- a superfine 19.5micron version and the regular, everyday type ($20.00 and $15.00 per 100gm). Both are easy to spin and a pleasure to knit and crochet.

Webpage: this is being seriously upgraded to make it easier for customers to order and pay online. Thank you to everyone who has continued to buy, despite the manual mail order process. The webpage may be out of commission from time to time whilst my IT guru programmes all the bits and pieces. Guru = partner Richard. 

Above you will find mataharimau (Ravelry) wearing her gorgeous Caricia knitted in Stranded In Oz Nepalese Singles (McLaren Vale).  She's a fab knitter. I wanted to steal that shawl!!! Thank you for sharing it with me. 

CU at the Port! Melissa

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


...to everyone who came by at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show to buy SIOz yarns and fibres. Your talent and enthusiasm make it all worthwhile. Can't wait to see what you make!

Special thanks to V., who made it possible for me to stay in one piece. She was the person spinning on her Kiwi wheel at my booth. 

It's prep time for the Sock Summit so excuse if the blog goes a little more slowly in the next few weeks. 

My last in-the-flesh visit to the Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets is this Sunday and I'll be bringing plenty of yarn and fibre to fondle. If you are in Adelaide, do come by for a bon voyage day! There will be special preview hanks of my Sock Summit yarns and fibres.

Eric Corbin, a local fibre artist, is minding my yarns and fibres while I work overseas. He will be, in addition to selling my work, selling his own creations. Thank you to Eric for being there!

CU at the Port and pts beyond, M.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We're Packing for Bendigo Sheep and Wool

Nepal Singles shown in Sherwood Forest

Hello and thank you to everyone sending messages. CU all at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. SIOz will be in Osborne #33 . I'll be featuring show only specials, like the fabulous tiny boucles that sold last year. They're in limited supply, so get in early for those. Back? The outrageous hanks of teensy weensy loop boucle mohair. 1 hank is enough for an enormous shawl!

Bendigo Show features: sock wool and a large assortment of 8ply wool, including my popular winter floral range. 

Bendigo Show Bags: they're free with a $40 purchase and supplies are limited PER DAY. This is so my Melbourne customers coming up for the day have a chance to score a goodie bag.  I've been told that $40 is too low a price (my friends, they look out for me), but hey -- I don't think so. It's just my way of saying thank you to the early birds.

While I'm at shows, look out for Eric Corbin, an Adelaide textile arts student at Marden, who will be selling my yarn and supplies at the Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets. Eric will be selling his knitted and felted creations as well. They're quite different from my own work and it's a chance for you to see more from another Adelaidian.

For all my customers, should you have requests for yarn, fibres, patterns, etc... I will remain online, regardless of where I am. Orders will go out as normal. If you ring my number, Richard, my order and IT guru (he's working on the webpage), can answer your queries and take your orders.

Kollage needles: the order is going in next week, so do let me know if you have a needle size requirement.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Stitch Markers made for 

strandedinoz by quiltr2 for BBT Swap 2009!

A big thank you to my Raverly swap buddy quiltr2, who made the above set of stitch markers FOR ME! We're in the Big Bang Theory Swap and I just LOVE these. Aren't they clever? Sheldon fans, unite!

CU at the Shows and Market!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Ariel -- in Tofutsies - a sock pattern from SWTC, designed by Melissa Deutsch Scott
Ariel is now available for purchase from SWTC and their retailers. This is a sock I designed a while ago -- timing played a part in its long gestation period, as it ran into the release of the fab SWTC book, SOCKS A LA CARTE.  But it's ready to go now.  I will have it available for the next few shows if you want to make your own pair of mermaid socks. 
Ariel -- toe up design with lace pattern and fun eyelet fish motif on the heel.  Couldn't forget the fishies swimming at Ariel's heels, right? 
The dyelots keep coming for the next few weeks. I've had sneaky peeks available at the Port Market. 
Happy Knitting and CU at the Port - M

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Whew -- some wild and crazy weather

It's a blowin' and a rainin' here in Adelaide, but that didn't stop some enthusiastic knitters from stopping by the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market today.

Hilary came by to show me her new garter stitch scarf, complete with end shaping and a keyhole for tucking the end through. VERY SMART and a lovely thing to wear. 

Caroline came by with her sons, including Oscar, who was wearing the most adorable stegasaurus jumper she'd knitted for him, complete with french knots for surface interest. A very special steggy for a very special boy. So cute.

My fave mum/daughter/daughter team came by, without 1 daughter, but hey, it's great to see them any time. We discussed the burning issue -- what to knit for partner jumperwise.  Make the decision wisely. You gotta look at it a long time. Customer reckons her choice of brown is a good one -- if you can't stand it, just send partner into yard and pretend being a tree!

I'll be taking a break from the Brighton Market as my show season heats up.  And I'll be at the Port Markets every Sunday this month sans third weekend -- reserved for Bendigo Sheep and Wool.  I'm negotiating market duty for that weekend, so check back here for details for my Adelaide customers.

CU this Sunday at the Port, m

Monday, 29 June 2009

Thank you from Port Adelaide

*waving hello* Well, the 12:30 start for the footy made for a quiet day at the Port Markets, but that didn't seem to stop the intrepid spinners, knitters, weavers from venturing out on a not-to-bad day. Sun managed an appearance too.

The stockpile for BSW and SS grows -- I'll be posting sneak peeks eventually, but hey, you'll just have to stop by to see what is in store. 

Thank you to Leslie -- knitter and yarn gourmet. Her visit included CHOCOLATE, so she gets major kudos for good culinary and wool taste.

A big hello and nice to meet you to Lucy from VIC, who says she'll be up at Bendigo. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to say hello next month. She advised she and her keen knitter friends won't be up in Bendigo til the afternoon and this was a strong reminder that I need to reserve some sock yarn for later arrivals. The sock yarn stockpile was massacred early in the Friday last year and I spent the week following Bendigo sending out sock orders.  Not complaining, but figure, hey, you go all the way to the show, you want your yarn RIGHT AWAY!

Several customers came by to discuss dye brands. I don't discuss the brand(s) I use, because I find everyone has a personal preference. I am a firm believer in buying a crapload of different dyes and finding the one that suits your eyes, your dye method, and your wallet. And since I don't get paid for advertising, I'll say no more.  If any dye houses want free advertising, they can contact me *laugh*

CU at the markets. 

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Rain! Rain?

Who said it could rain when there's yarn to dry? Right -- umpteen years of drought and this winter, it's gotta rain. That would be right.

Not to fear -- yarn is inside and safe, but it will take longer to dry.  And of course, as I'm a full-time designer and dyer, there's still plenty ready for sale.


Another shipment of affordable bamboo needles is on the way. 

AND: the new shipment of KnitPro wooden needle sets is in stock $118.00AU. They're proving popular!

Premium 80/20 sock wool in serendipity blues/greens $15.00AU per 50gm

Friday, 19 June 2009

thank you!

serendipity floral 8ply Aussie Wool

Thank you to everyone who came by to buy yarn and fibre on Thursday at the Brighton Market. Due to gentle pestering, I will make another appearance there on the 1st Thursday of July -- the last time I'll be there before Bendigo and pts beyond.

The winter floral colourways are coming along and there will be plenty for Bendigo and the SS. Pictured in this entry are a coupla teasers -- apologies, but they were snatched up as soon as I had them out for purchase. Not to fear -- there will be more.

Special thanks to the fab spinner knitter wearing the GORGEOUS banana palm silk vest!!! OMG -- it's fabulous. And of course, I was an idiot and left the camera at home. EMAIL piccies please and I will post them on le blog.

Also on show -- a v. cute little boy's hat, complete with pompoms. I stared at him as he walked around the market, thinking, gee, that hat is so cute -- wonder what yarn it is. And DOH! yeah, it was knitted in SIOz yarn. Honestly, I paint a lot of yarn, so excuse my brainfart. Damn, that hat is cute. It was knitted in a serendipity version of Way Over the Rainbow -- I took artistic license with the versions of the colours that day. Must paint some more!

I'm in full-on show-dyeing mode so if you have a custom colour request, ring or email me tout suite and it will get put on the whiteboard schedule.

The webpage will be changing in preparation for my show season -- as always, the latest photos will be posted on the blog -- including show product previews.

8ply merino in winter floral (bg) and

pure merino singles (front)

Happy knitting and as always, thank you for purchasing SIOz yarns, designs and fibres.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

This week from SIOz

Well, I may not have been able to get to Knit in Public Day festivities yest, but some of us surely made up for it today at the Port Market!

Thanks to Leslie, Eric, and Raphael for coming by today -- we had a fun time chatting, some of us knitting (Eric had one of his fab beanies with him) and, for the big surprise, Raphael insisted on giving me one of his AMAZING market bags -- made from SIOz aloo. I promise photos this week of this awesome crocheted creation. I cannot wait to take my aussie market bag to the Sock Summit and plan to fill it -- good market karma bag. With the bag came some very special fisherman's linen twine -- the real mccoy -- no longer made. I will cherish it until I can find the appropriate project to use it. It's a v. kewl olivey green (my fave) and would make a v. kewl rug. Must opine some more.

By now it is clear I will not be at the Port after July (only temporarily). I'm off overseas to do shows and festivals. That doesn't mean the special crafters in Adelaide will miss out, as I've scheduled regular shipments of SIOz yarns to come back to Adelaide. My sister, Bitsyknits, and I will be dyeing yarn all spring/autumn (depending on your hemisphere!) and so, the SIOz story will continue. I look forward to getting my annual fix of wool from my fave Yankie mill and painting some outrageously fun yarn.

My stall will stay open with the help of fantastic people who will be able to talk about knitting, crochet and all matters wooly. I will post days, when appropriate, on who will be where. I am hoping to coax a fave spinner into making the occasional appearance so you can come by and talk spinning too.

Whew -- now to this week -- SIOz will be at the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market one more time before Bendigo Sheep and Wool and all points northern. I'll be featuring UNDYED fibres -- so if you want something pure and natural to knit, come on over this Thurs from 9:30-12:30. Richard -- the coffee guru -- will be there and he makes a nice cup of joe!

And thanks to everyone who came by today to talk wool, fibre, and all things crafty. A big hello to the peeps from Marden -- can't wait to see what you do with your fibre finds. 

CU at the markets, Mel, SIOz

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's everywhere!

Yarn that is. And it's all gotta get finished! 

Just a note to say that the 3rd Thursday in June will be my last Brighton Market until I return from overseas. I will be keeping my shop at the Port Markets whilst I travel -- with the help of some very special people. You'll be able to fondle and purchase SIOz yarns here.

Silk scarves -- I'll be having new ones finished as I do the cellulose dye runs. To conserve dye and water, I only run silk velvet when there's a full dyelot. There's a WICKED RED silk velvet scarf on the drying rack as I type. This one isn't the bright red, but the bloody, dark winey red. And yes, I've dyed some banana silk with it! With little time to knit, it is pure torture looking at that yarn.

Pictures when yarn is dry.

Cheers and thanks, M 

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


G'day to you -- here in Port Adelaide I'm in the midst of preparing for Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show and for my annual festival trip overseas, so please excuse if the market stall is a bit messy! 

Thank you to everyone who came by on the holiday weekend. The wool stocks are greatly depleted, but have no fear, more is on the way from the lovely mill peoples.

Special hello to Colleen, who came by to show me the shawl she made out of some McLaren Vale CSW. It is AMAZING -- her lace is just gorgeous. I wanted to grab it and keep it, but I reckon she's not letting that one go! 

And hello to my fave mother/daughter team -- the spinner in the family is going fab on a new spindle -- youngest spinning customer award to her! *waving* I really really wanted the purple/blue with sparkle/glitz handspun she was making. Very pretty. 

Look out for some awesome crocheted bags from Raphael around town -- he's making some outrageous bags for his mum and sis. Lucky women! And he went away with almost all the Puna and dark plummy purple aloo. There is a bit more left, so let me know if you'd like to play with some. Puna is my light purpley orchidish colour. 

This week: I'll be gearing up for festivals, but still bringing new yarns to the Port Markets.  If you have a special request, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate them in the dye runs this week. 

CU at the markets, M

Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Port for This Long Weekend

Just a reminder that I'll be trading both tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday from 9-5. There's a pile of new yarns in various weights. 

The highlight this week? The new winter florals are starting to bloom. 

In the baskets  -- new sock yarn colours, more pure, luxurious merino laceweight (see prev post) and more wild serendipity skeins to play with. 

On order: more wild mohair blends (they're proving popular) and some alpaca and silk dk mill ends. I'll be sure to post when the alpaca/silk arrives -- oddballs and in some very lovely colours.

CU at the Port!

Friday, 5 June 2009

more fresh photos to get you knitting

Pure Merino Singles -- Hand-Painted $38.00AU/800m per hank 

Serendipity 3 

Winter Florals -- Nepal Wool Lace Singles $10.00AU/approx. 400m per hank

Aussie 8Ply Wool (merino blend) $10.00AU/100m per 50gm

(above hanks shown in 200gm put-ups) Winter Serendipity

Mix these with your oddballs for a fab winter cardigan.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fresh Yarn -- For a New Week

G'day and happy winter to you. Here are the latest photos of some new yarns in stock and ready to go -- see May 31st (prev blog entry) for all details on latest yarns and fibres for sale.

I'll be at the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market tomorrow (1st Thurs.) and the 3rd Thurs. of June. 

More photos later in the week, including the latest lot of Pure Merino lace singles, 8ply, and new sock yarn (Aussie wool).

hand-painted blues and greens -- premium 4ply sock wool $15.00 AU per 165m/50gm hank

This is 80%wool/20% nylon from a fantastic North American mill.

winter florals - blue greens and pink reds

HANDSPUN chunky wool (approx. 3sts=2.5cm/1")in Nepal and ethically-traded by SIOz $5.00AU per 50gm/25m 

2 hanks make a beanie :-) or a groovy pair of wristwarmers

great for freeform and felting

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Markets this Week

Thanks so much to everyone who came by the market today. Great to see you and/or meet you all. There was another run on silk velvet scarves -- the new lots will be run when the new bamboo laceweight arrives -- VERY SOON.

In addition to the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market - this Thurs. 9:30-12:20, SIOz will be trading both Sunday and Monday for the Queens Birthday holiday weekend. If you have special requests, be sure to get them in to me by Tuesday for the weekend. 

From the Dyetable This Week:  


New Dyelot of watercolour blues/greens in Premium Sock wool Merino (80%) and Nylon (20%) $15.00AU per 50gm hank.This one sold out very quickly last time, so if you would like some, please ring or email. 

Serendipity Skeins of 5ply pure Australian wool (merino X) (this is a rather wild mix -- I was in a Jackson Pollack mood) and a nice big hank (approx. 200gm) of alpaca handpaint in reddish purples. 

New Dyelot of Pure Merino Singles $30.00AU per 100gm hank/800m. This is the soft as a baby's botty merino single you have been asking for. Colourways: blues/greens/with purple and a touch of autumny ochrey orange. Also,  a purple and grey blend that's quite dark -- def for winter.

The chunky handspun pure wool ($5.00AU per 50gm) should be dry -- FINALLY. That's in a range of winter florals. Great for hats and quick-knitting hand cosies. Fab for felting!

For the Port Sunday and Monday Markets: mystery oddballs of kid mohair blends are available for $2.99AU per ball. Oddballs only -- what you see is what was sent from the mill. These are insanely fun to knit-- 2 make a fine scarf and they're great for mixing with plain wool leftovers. Many of these gems are shot through with extremely thin glitz/lurex.

Now, I normally do not like this sort of yarn, but this stuff is seriously fun and a nice quality for the price. Don't take my word for it -- they're disappearing at a fair pace. Other oddball fun: angora/wool/acrylic/nylon blends in dk weight ($3.99AU per 50gm ball) variegated fun -- neat for socks. This stuff has been road-tested and come up a winner. If you want affordable knitting yarn without going to S-T, come on up and look for yourself.

Spinning: organic merino, soy/merino, and soy top all heading to the dyetable. The first colourway request was: BLUES -- a chance to play with some grey/blues and an outrageous sapphire blue I have just mixed. Blueblack? Greenyblue? The possiblities? Endless.

The bamboo top will be dyed when the yarn arrives next week. Colours suggested so far: Jamaican Blue (think postcard water) and REDS.

CU at the markets

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

This Week's Dyelots and Specials

Note as of May 29th: sunny day forecast not to be. Still cloudy and yarn, well, just still a bit damp. I don't like to do anything to hurry up the drying process so I continue to wait 'til it's READY. Apologies to those waiting for wool. Tomorrow forecast: sunny!  

Customer Requests For:

McLaren Vale -- Special Vintage -- for the purple-lover. MV without the green. I'll be dyeing up some Aussie Coloured Sheepwool and some handspun in this blend. If you have a hankering for something in particular, drop me an email or ring and I'll add your yarn to the dye lot.

Serendipity Gelati Colours in the new chunky handspun from Nepal. Pure, handspun wool -- quick knitting on 10.00mm needles! This one is a blend of gelati colours -- or a bright English garden, depending on how you look at it -- think pinks, reds, and a touch of blue. Kids look great in it. Big kids too.

In addition to the above colourways, I'll be dyeing more winter-weight yarns and fibres. The sock yarn stocks are severly depleted, thanks to the McLaren Vale colourway fans. The next dyelot request is for my watercolour blues and greens, which I haven't painted in a while.

Spinning Fibre: Just arrived: soy, bamboo, organic merino, and organic merino/soy top.  Colour suggestions are already coming in -- stay tuned as the top is dried and photographed.

Bamboo for weavers, machine knitters, and lace addicts: the shipment of new bamboo 2/10 and 2/20 is on its way. 

Thank you to eveyone who came to the Port on Sunday, including Audrey, the spinner/knitter! You go with those socks! Can't wait to see what you create. Wheeeeeeeee!

A v. special hello to the man who came by, saw one of the painted silk velvet scarves on display and immediately put it on his Beloved. So Romantic. It looked as though I had painted it just for her! Def. the right colour. Wear it in good health and I hope you both had a great time at the Port Markets. As the weather gets cooler I'll be painting more silk velvet. It's divine. Regular silk velvet scarves $40.00AU and $49.00-$59.00AU for the larger stoles.

CU at the markets, Melissa

Thursday, 21 May 2009

What's on the drying racks


Semaphore: in thick handspun, lace handspun, and hemp and wool (think oceans at winter)

Floral: A cooler weather blend of red-pink and a bit of grey, purple, and a touch of leaf green. This is put up in thick handspun and lace handspun

Sherwood Forest: replenishment of the hemp and wool in this colourway. 

Serendipity blend: bluey-green in lace handspun and baby alpaca


2 X lots of nepalese spinning/felting fibres -- blues/greens, and a wild blend of McLaren Vale (vineyard colours).

Looking forward to a nice sunny day tomorrow for drying. 

Aloo: still waiting, as the chemical man stuffed my order -- "No, I said sodium carbonate. NOT sodium bicarbonate." I was not a happy dyer.

It had to go back to mister chemical man. *sigh* Someone didn't take chemistry in high school... It doesn't help that the chemicals are packaged in the same colour and size. DOH! 

Never mind: the lot of blue/grey hemp is ready for purchase $10.00 for 100 gm. This hemp benefits from the dye process. What starts as very hard-to-handle handspun turns into quite nice hemp for knitting, crochet, braiding. Pure, handspun hemp at a fair price and FAIRLY TRADED!

CU at the Port!

Monday, 18 May 2009

This week from SIOz

In addition to my regular Sundays at the Port Fishermen's Wharf Markets, I'll be at the Organic and Healthy Living Market in Brighton -- at the Masonic Hall, this Thursday from 9-12:30. There's a fantastic organic coffee service there -- so come have a look at the natural yarns I'll be featuring and have a great cup of coffee! Oh, and there's organic fruit and veg, earth-friendly stuff for your household, lots of stuff for babies and kids, and some fab products from Think Global (Hove). 

Thank you to everyone who came by for yarn and fibre yesterday -- I look forward to seeing what comes off your needles and spindles as the winter approaches. There are some incredibly talented people here in Adelaide. And for those who are just getting started playing with wool? Enjoy the first efforts -- they're some of the most fun! Yeah, you'll drop your spindle, your stitches, your hooks and needles, but hey, you'll also pick up plenty too. A special hello to Peggy, who came by to have a quiet browse and went home with some hand-painted wool to make her grandson, Thomas, a new jumper. She hasn't knitted in years, but she's BACK. Can't wait to see what she knits!

This week from the dyetable: more wool -- there's a war of extremes waging -- the thick beautiful handspun is arguing with the lovely merino thin singles -- dye me first each says! Guess I'll just have to dye both! It may be time to paint Semaphore, my oceany, mermaidy colourway. A version for winter is on the way -  Dark Semaphore. Same colours in deeper tones, with a bit of dark seaweedy purple in the mix.

Semaphore Colourway shown in Summer Soy Version

Also, more purples and reds to come. They have disappeared from the market somehow. Ooops. Can't forget the request for more floral colourways, so there'll be a few serendipity hanks -- for fun!

Enjoy the rain here in Adelaide. CU at the markets, M

Monday, 11 May 2009

From the Dyetable This Week

McLaren Vale (vineyard colours) 100% Superwash Merino 4ply sock wool $15.00AU per 50gm hank. This one is a bit dearer as it is pure merino milled in Italy with that super high twist. V. luxurious.

Serendipity 8ply Australian wool (untreated): 100gms=$20.ooAU in Little John (greens/blues with a touch of orange and this time, purple) and a wild skein of blues/greens with purple and grey. They're put up in 200gm hanks so if you want a full hank for a jumper, this is it.

Hand-Dyed Handspun Hemp and Aloo-- a new batch in Machine Gun (a blue/gray). These fibres are fantastic for weaving, crochet, and knitting -- great for working with a softer yarn to make stronger bags, as in the Banana Smoothy Bag from Yarn Mag. $10.00AU per 100gm hank

Hand-Dyed Handspun Aloo -- in Puna (purple). I thought I'd be clever and put some hemp in the mix -- WOW! Talk about chemical reactions -- the dye went DARK. It's fabulous, but not the normal light purple Puna! Sorry folks, but this is a very sinister purple. You'll love it. 

Hand-Painted Handspun Banana Palm Silks - serendipity purple and ochre red as well as a serendipity multi-colour in purples with Machine Gun. $10.00AU per 100gm hank.

Thank you to all the mum's who came by the Port Markets on Sunday! I especially loved meeting the couple who brought their very sweet mum in to buy sock wool.  It's good to meet sock knitters, young and old! Mum preferred the regular navy wool, while daughter went for the enticing hank of Sherwood Forest. Their feet will be well-clad this winter.

A big thanks as well to Raphael -- who came by to display some FAB BAGS in recycled sari silks and a bag I'm coveting -- it's crocheted aloo! It will, I have no doubt, last forever. R is a keen crocheter and I'm always eager to see what he's created. Must remember camera for his next visit.

Spinning: the new shipment of spinning fibre is on the way, so please stay tuned for its arrival. I will be posting pricing when it's ready for purchase. 

CU at the markets. M

Friday, 8 May 2009

Mother's Day Special for Port Markets Sunday

This week's Port Markets Special -- Buy 100gms of hand-painted yarn on Mother's Day Sunday and get a Free Pair of lovely bamboo knitting needles (the sustainable wood for knitters!). This offer is good for online purchases as well.

There are plenty of hand-painted hanks of 8ply and 5ply to choose from -- great for accessories and for mixing with plain colours.

For a quick gift idea, why not give Mum a hand-painted silk velvet scarf -- reg size $40.00AU.

Hand-Painted Silk Velvet Scarf in Autumn colours

McLaren Vale -- shown in 2ply Australian Wool and Handspun Nepal Singles

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


New Merino Singles 100gm/800m (approx.) $30.00AU 
Shown in Serendipity Floral and Blues/Purples
Thursday and Sunday Markets this week:

Thursday: Brighton Organics and Healthy Living. I'll be bringing the natural wools, esp. Nepalese fibres and the bamboo (sustainable wood) knitting needles. There'll be some Kollage Squares (great gift for mum) as well as a new batch of drop spindles. 

Handspun Wool Singles in Queen Anne's Garden $10.00AU per 50gm hanks

Handspun Wool Single in Betty's Yarn $10.00AU per 50gm hanks

Sunday: Mother's Day I'll be at the Port as usual -- it will most likely be a quiet day, so if you have a knitting question, do come down if you're not doing the mum's day thing. Last weekend was sock knitting Sunday. Love you sock knitters! I've got a shop copy of Socks A La Carte from SWTC,  so do come in and have a look. It's chock full of sock fun. I'll be ordering a pile of them shortly, so let me know if you'd like a copy.

Italian Sock Wool (75/25) shown in Friar Tuck $25.00AU per 100gms

On the horizon -- I'll be getting ready for shows -- the BIG SHOW at Bendigo, as well as a few overseas in the US Autumn. Stay tuned for pre-show specials for BSWShow! 

Happy knitting, felting, spinning, crocheting... CU at the markets.

Friday, 1 May 2009


Dyelots drying:

New pure merino singles in blues/purples $30.00AU per 100gms. This is the merino single laceweight you've been asking for.

Italian 100% superwash wool for socks $15.00AU per 50gms -- this week's colourway is Dark Rainbow -- think Grateful Dead colours for your feet. Trippy Maaaan.

Merino 8ply (thin) great for socks $9.00AU per 50gms. I've reprised a Dark McLaren Vale in a variation of the purples -- it's gorgeous.

Nepal Laceweight -- in Dark McLaren Vale and Queen Anne's Garden. $10.00AU per 50gms

It's cloudy and dark at present -- so decent photos pending.

New Chuppah Whorl and gemstone spindles are ready for sale. Most have oak shafts with polycoating for good wear and abuse.  There are a few lightweight gemstone spindles with pine shafts (ran out of oak!) and those are less expensive.

CU at the markets! Mel

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Some photos of spindles I'm building this week -- there are new Chuppahs on the way... even mini-Chuppahs which are great for lace and cotton spinning. Seriously good fun!

Yellow and Blue Trippy Chuppah Top Whorl Spindle $25.00AU

New Darth Vader Chuppah Whorl - Unbuilt $25.00AU 

request top or bottom whorl construction

Pink and Blue Girlie Chuppah Bottom Whorl Spindle $25.00AU 

Yellow Gemstone Spindle $20.00AU adjustable

All spindles are guaranteed and come with a puff to get you spinning. The Chupppahs are made from premium polymer clay and handmade. Spindle shafts are oak with wire hooks. If you prefer a notch to a hook, that's fine too.

I've noted on my webpage -- these spindles were born out of frustration (couldn't fine one I liked) and are now labours of love. I enjoy each one that I make and am happy and sad to see them leave the workshop. The Chuppahs just make me smile.