Monday, 28 September 2009

Huge thanks to Finger Lakes Fiber Fest and the Knitters Day Out

Due to a Super Duper Spam attack, I've not had access to the strandedblog. Glad to be able to thank the spinners, knitters, crocheters, felters and fiber(re) enthusiasts of all persuasions in Upstate New York, finally!

Finger Lakes Fest was a perfect weekend -- I fell in love with Zuzu -- the Pygora goat. She will always be my goat, even if I couldn't buy her and take her home. We could hear Zuzu in the barn next to her enclosure! Nice set of lungs she has. And an amazing coat.

B. talked me out of purchasing an enormous Cormo fleece -- from a lovely sheep named Tony Tiger. While I didn't get the fleece, I did get some combed top to spin from his farm. Oh yes indeed.

Hello to Sandra and Louise -- The Two Wool Crazy Ladies -- who shared their good humour and cuddly Romney fibre. Check out their yarns, rug hooking, and fibre at the Fall Fiber Frolic (PA) in Nov.

The weather was perfect and the people incredibly talented and dedicated to their woolly pursuits. The fairground was lovely -- our stall was in the cleanest shed I've ever seen! Check out the amazing natural light through the special roof!

Thank you to everyone who bought our yarns and fibers(res). See you next year!


Enormous thanks to the extraordinary knitters at the Knitters Day Out this past weekend at Central PA College. The organisers do an outstanding job, the vendors are awesome -- whoever is the sales rep for Malabrigo yarns in PA is smiling -- their kettled-dyed lovelies are everywhere. The talent of the students and teachers at this event is noteable. So many interesting and beautiful projects on the needles during breaktimes! It was so much fun to look at what was being knitted; I found it hard to go back to the booth with all the knitting activity happening around me.

But of course, I was there to sell yarn and am grateful for the enthusiasm and positive response to my work. Thank you to everyone.

The biggest surprise of my 2009 USA festival tour has been the response to one of my own favourite designs -- A Coloured Sheep Shawl. Thanks heaps to everyone who has wanted the pattern and kits. Due to the overwhelming response (THANKS!) I have sent out an SOS to Oz and have arranged another shipment of wool. It will take a few weeks, but a very limited amount is coming. I still encourage those who have purchased the pattern to seek out your local sheepwool producers to buy as locally as possible. It is in the spirit of the reason for the pattern to do so. If you have questions regarding substituting yarns for the pattern, please feel free to contact me at melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com.

The new prints of A CSS pattern will be posted this week from the list of festival orders.

This weekend, B and I head to VT for the Sheep and Wool Festival in Central VT (see link in sidebar). Keep fingers crossed for lovely autumn weather! I'm told this event is one of the best, so Google those driving directions, load up on the Dunkin Donuts coffee and head on out to VT for a weekend of wool and autumn colour.

SIOz near you?

Thank you to all the Stranded In Oz retailers -- the new shipment is heading to Near and Far, Cygnet TAS, so be sure to check with them for their latest stock of SIOz yarns, including the first new lots of soy yarn for the spring and summer season.

And a thank you to Knitters Dreams in Harrisburg, PA, a new SIOz stockist of my sock yarns.

New lots of Nepalese Yarns... are heading to VT and beyond. The lots will keep coming as I dye my way through the new So Sari (wool/recycled sari blend) and Hemp and Wool, just in time for the US autumn.

CU at the fests, Melissa

Thursday, 17 September 2009

On the Road Again...

Just unpacked from Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival -- which included an awesome display of the most beautiful Border Collies ever, when I've got turn around and head to upstate New York for the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival! Waaahoooo! It's going to be amazing. Look for SIOz along with Bitsyknits.

Thank you to all the very cool knitters, spinners, felters, crocheters who came by to say hello and buy our yarns and fibres. We had an amazing time.

Onward to Hemlock, NY and points beyond...
Cheers, M

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Off to NJ Sheep Breeders Show

Hi and G'day to SIOz knitters, spinners, crocheters, and fibre addicts of all persuasions.

A quick email to say hello and that I'm off to the NJ Sheep Breeder's Show this weekend. A quick trip to hook up with Bitsyknits and we're off. This year, the show includes the International Shetland Breeders meeting, so it should be a corker.

Don't let the name of the show fool you -- there's plenty for fibre addicts of any type -- fibre, yarn, and of course, sheep, llama, and alpaca to play with.

A sad note: John, from Los Surinos (Adelaide Hills) passed away. I've only just learned about it. John was a fellow trader at the Port Adelaide Markets and an all-around ACE person. He will be missed. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

If you are planning a trip to this weekend's show, do stop by. I have special sock patterns for the Llama Rescue Project -- all the money from the sale of these patterns goes directly to the Llama Rescue. So come on by and buy one, or two even!

Spring Yarn: The shipment of new yarns is in and hitting the dyetables -- just painted a new test batch of cotton/viscose DK which will head to the Port Adelaide Markets in the first shipment to Oz. The Soysilk DK has already been SOLD OUT (more to be ordered), but there are several kilos of Soysilk Aran (for quicker knitting) waiting to be dyed.

Awaiting shipment of Tofutsies and will post availability for that when it is ready to GO.

As always, thank you for buying SIOz yarns and fibres.