Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas at the Port Markets and 2011 Clubs

Happy Christmas to you and yours as we get ready for the holiday weekend.

Holiday Trading: Stranded In Oz will be trading on Sunday, Dec 26 and Monday, Dec. 27, from 9am to 5pm. Paid parking is close to the Markets, while you can usually find free parking across the way at the TAFE lot.

2011 Knitting and Fibre Clubs: The club subscription products have been added to my online shop

Details regarding club yarns, fibres, and patterns are on this blog at the sidebar and at my website. Please feel free to email me with your questions - melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com.

Right now, I'm keeping very busy on designs for 2011 -- all sorts of knitting fun in store -- socks socks socks and wraps, and cardigans, and all manner of knitting and spinning. On the needles? For myself, my long awaited personal version of Long Shot, one of my favourite designs. I really need to finish this one pronto. The yarn for this project, Terra, is so incredibly soft without any fuzz or brushiness -- it's truly a luxury blend of cotton/bamboo. I'm actually working on 2 at the same time, but that is another story... The yarn and pattern are available. I'll be posting finished photos of the vest -- so you can see the stitch pattern and close up of construction.

Long Shot by Melissa Deutsch Scott for SWTC

Monday, 13 December 2010

Inspirational Knitters and Spinners

A Coloured Sheep Shawl
A nice Sunday at the Port -- sock knitters coming out for a peek at the new yarns on a rather cold and grey morning. Thank you for coming by.

My favourite part of the day? A visit from a lovely 93-yr-old knitter who's decided to knit A Coloured Sheep Shawl. Wow -- that was inspiring. She advised she hadn't knitted that type of shawl before and is looking forward to it. I just love that she was willing to have a go at making it! How cool is that? Isn't knitting a fun craft?Itg brings together people of all ages to share their experience and enthusiasm.

Sock knitter spotted: first socks on the needles -- and stuck? Yup, that's what happened on Sunday. A look at the needles revealed that New Sock Knitter was actually right on target and had done the waste yarn for an afterthought heel correctly. Sometimes you just need someone to look and say, yup, that's the right path. This, among many other reasons, is why I work at my market once a week. Whilst chatting and looking at stitches, she asked me -- what's the latest thing in the USA for kniters?

I had to think a minute -- for yarn, the big thing is 'tonal' yarns -- blends of colour on colour at varying degrees -- similar to hand-dyed semi-solids. My theory is that the commercial yarn companies are trying to get their yarn to look like hand-paint. Some of these new yarns are quite attractive and worth a look, like Kollage Yarn's Sockalicious. I've added 'moonstruck' to the new sock yarns for sale at SIOz. Why 'moonstruck'? It's the most striking and universally wearable colourway in the range. Check out Stranded In Oz Silk Sock for my hp version of this yarn.

And what's back? BLING. Yup, sparkle is in -- metallic glam mixed into some of your fave yarns. There's a whole bunch of 'em from all sorts of companies -- including sock yarns. Tinsel for your toes.

One forecast I've read says novelty yarns are back. Errrrr. I'm not so sure how that is going to play out over the year, but I'll be interested to see.

Back to the drafting I go, M

Friday, 10 December 2010

'wild betty' Stranded Silk Sock 100gm hanks
merino/mulberry silk/nylon sock yarn $25.00

Well, out of the depths of my mysterious camera's memory, I managed to retrieve a nice photo the Ltd Edition Stranded Silk Sock -- this yarn is now available online and at the Port Market this weekend. There are a few hanks of 'Wild Betty' (shown above) as well as some very fetching hanks of 'lone heart red'
. One hank makes an average sized women's sock. I have very limited quantities of this yarn available, so get it while it's here. You will love this sock yarn.

mmmmm. Bunny butt! Couldn't resist sharing this photo of my beloved pooch. Here, she's playing with her new bunnybunny I brought back from Ameriican. It has a very loud honker in it and is life-sized for added kelpieweiler enjoyment. Hrs of fun.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Clubbing, the fibre artist's way

Logistics, logistics, logistics. The fine art of organising wool for the 2011 Stranded In Oz knitting and spinning clubs is on in earnest.

This year, I've been trying to source Australian wools and other fibres to knit and spin. But how to keep excellent quality, emphasize AUSSIE and not bust the budget? It's a delicate balancing act. Hmmm. Balancing isn't a word I should be using, given I am hopping about on one foot, crutches, and a moonboot.

A Sock Knitter's Club To sock or not to sock? For those who know me and my knitting/spinning habits, they know I am a sucker for fine wools -- cobweb is just fine. And I have friends, like Eric Corbin, who think one should never knit with sewing thread, thanks very much!

Even so, it is with this addiction to 4ply/fingering wt yarns that I've taken the plunge and developed a sock knitting club for 2011. There's no shortage of sock designs on my desktop and no end of the types of sock yarns I continue to fall in love with.

What's missing from this picture? Alas, the ultimate, tightly twisted, worsted-spun Australian sock yarn still eludes me. But who knows, perhaps my dream will come true? Not Kiwi (though we love that too), but Aussie. Like, say, the one produced in South Africa that has a lovely tight twist and will never ever pill?

In the meantime, I've been planning a nice mix of 4ply and 3ply yarns -- some grown and spun in Australia, some from a small, family-owned mill overseas, as well as a few on the exotic side, like my fave SWTC Tofutsies, hand-painted the SIOz way.

Jonelle Beck Raffino, owner and developer of the fun, funky, and fab that is the SWTC line continues to enable me. Bless her cotton sox. Or should I say soy and bamboo sox? Yup, she's just come out with a new line of bamboo sock yarn, Infatuation. Don't worry, it's on it's way to Stranded In Oz and to you. Of course, it's in happy SWTC colours! Greeeen. Plenty of blue, pink, and all manner of sock colours to play with.

SWTC Infatuation Bamboo Sock Yarn

But still, a sock knitting club? What if you are allergic to knitting socks. That's ok; with 100gms of lovely thin yarn, there's no end to what you can do with the club pack. Right now I'm knitting a scarf in Tofutsies -- it's an eyelet chevron pattern I'm preoccupied with and will make a fine fashion accessory.

There's also a cute knitting bag pattern on the desktop awaiting editing, not to mention the shawls in various states of development. So you see, it's all 4ply all the time at SIOz.

This reminds me of that strange quote attributed to Wallis Simpson, 'you can never be too rich or too thin.'
Err... you can never knit too much or too thin?

Dye... My Pretties! M

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Thanks SWTC and new SIOz SubTle in YARN20

Check it out -- the latest edition of Jonelle and Kat's Socks A La Carte -- Toe Ups! As it was released in the midst of my show season, I neglected to mention that Stranded In Oz made the GALLERY page! What a nice surprise from the people at SWTC! Thanks guys.

At the Sock Summit 2009 I had given Kat some Tofutsies HP in Sherwood Forest for her to play with. And hey, a lovely sock ended up in their second book of the series. And of course, I am thrilled that it made it into the TOE UP volume, as I love toe up socks. So check it out.

And did I mention that one lucky SIOz 2010 Knitter's Club member will receive a copy of the book, along with their December club pack, which of course, will contain 100gm of SIOz hand-painted Tofutsies? The pattern for December is a lacy chevron sock that makes the most of the special colourway.

And even MORE SWTC and Stranded In Oz: The December 2010 issue of YARN magazine has a new Stranded In Oz design in SWTC Bamboo. It's a new colourway, just perfect for Aussie summers.

SubTle by Melissa Deutsch Scott in YARN 20

Awwww. loooooook, innit cute? I LOVE goats!!!

So thanks to SWTC and the editors of YARN, I have once again spread my love of viscose yarns. This time, it's SWTC Bamboo.
This design features some very subtle design inclusions -- the stitch changes from the body to the bodice, which you can only appreciate when you are working on and wearing it. The edge is small and unobtrusive. I'd been kicking around a keyhole top design with corded edging for ages and finally got it into something I think is simple and very wearable. Included in the notes are why I chose the stitch used and some comments on using man-made yarns from natural sources, like bamboo or soy. SubTle can be knitted in either SWTC Bamboo or SWTC Oasis.

I'm sure there's plenty more I could type about at the moment, but the needles and drafts demand my attention. Thanks for reading!


Friday, 26 November 2010

For a Friday From the Lounge

Yup, here I sit, in between hopping down the hallway then back up the the lounge room. Got one of these on my leg before arrival in Australia. It's better than a hard cast (mine's not exactly like the pic, as it has a giant moonbooty platformish heel) but you get the idea. The velcro bits get stuck on everything. And when it's hot, it isn't very nice.

But at least I am home and have been wading through the mountain of work that awaited me.

Weather for this Sunday at the Port Markets is supposed to cooler than last, for which I am grateful.

Corntastic Yarn Update and bits and pieces: Have loaded the new stock of Kollage Corntastic. It's one lovely yarn. If you don't see a colour you want, I am happy to order more colours, so feel free to email with requests. In addition, there are some new sock yarns (the first arrival of Sockalicious -- I have re-organised the sock yarn category on the site for better perusability)

Kollage Corntastic $9.95/50gm hanks

Monday, 22 November 2010

New Space Age Boot and of course, yarn

Yup, I got the boot -- a black removable cast for my injury. Gone is the fetching purple cast.

Made it through a very hot day at the Port Markets on Sunday. Knitting must have been in the air, as I taught 3, count 'em, 3 different people to knit yesterday. Walk in clinic, shingle out. Two friends, visiting students, and a traveler from Hong Kong.

That must be a record of some kind. Spontaneous need to knit. My first day back after 3 months and whaddaya know. It was fun.

In addition to catching up on mail, orders, and the usual SIOz stuff, I've been going through new yarn for the hot weather, including some fabulous Kollage Corntastic. I'll be loading the colours this week online. 100% corn in a non-ribbon type yarn. The colours are decidedly tropical and summery. The lovely people in the SIOz knitter's club are getting a sample hank in their packs for Part II, pack 2.

I've been busy designing several new shawls, some more socks, and a few other garments that will head to the Port Markets as well as listings online.

While many knitters prefer to put down the needles in the heat, for reasons of working in 2 hemispheres, I am constantly knitting off season at this time of year, so it's onward with hats, socks, and all manner of things knitted. Somehow, it tends to work itself out.

For now, knit, spin, felt, crochet something fun for summer. Perhaps this is the time to tackle your first lace project? Or finally work on that second sock? First sock? Hmmmm. I know I have an orphaned sock project bag somewhere.

Thanks so much for thinking of Stranded In Oz. I hope the new season finds you and yours well and ready for cricket, a good bbq, and of course, the holiday season that rapidly approaches.


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pink Ribbon Namaste Accessories and other BCA stuff

Ltd Edition OhSnap! by Namaste now available from SIOz in reg and xlrg

The Ltd Edition Pink Ribbon Oh Snaps! and some super-sweet Ltd Edition Pale Pink Buddies are now available online from Stranded In Oz.

The pale pink Buddies are so new and special there's no product picture from Namaste, Inc., and the boxes aren't even marked with the usual product stickers. And they are a gorgeous rose quartz pale pink. If you like pink of course!

The Stranded In Oz knitter's kits for the cure are in the works and I will post those when they are ready to ship -- the kits will include the ltd edition OhSnap! in pink of course.


It took me a while to decide which part of the BCA world I wanted to donate to, and with the help of my friend Tamise (thanks TimTam!) and others, I narrowed it down to who made the biggest difference? The answer? Breast Cancer Nurses. They are incredibly important -- and there aren't enough of 'em.

Laguna and Cali Binder Namaste, Inc. update: I've loaded all that is in stock -- both designs have been discontinued by Namaste, Inc.

On the Mend: thank you so very much for all the kind and thoughtful email and notes of Get Well Soon. I'm using this unexpected non-standing time to finish new designs, including new knitting club designs, socks, as well as other fun gear to keep your fingers busy all summer -- and I know it'll be summer very very soon.

You know, one has a lot of time for reflection when stuck in a hospital and on a couch with one's leg elevated. And most of my musing has been influenced by the news in the US -- it's election time here again. Since I don't live here, it is easy to find the 24/7 saturation coverage a kind of amusing, psychedelic circus/theatre. I'm so glad I don't have to cast a ballot here - the negative campaigning would make me cast a non-of-the-above ballot.

To all my US festival customers -- thanks so much for buying SIOz yarns and fibres this Autumn. It was a pleasure to see you all.

Mel, from Easton, Maryland

Sunday, 17 October 2010

MMMM special sock yarn from Kollage - Sock-a-licious!

For all you Ravelers, check out kzooerica's shot of the special hand-painted sock yarn I've been painting, the new Kollage Sock-a-licious: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/kzooerica/simple-things

I have to say, this was the test hank of the first run, a blend of purples, blues, and greens. I regret not stashing a hank and yes, it's long gone. There are hanks of this yarn left from the last show and I will endeavour to load them onto the shop next week -- it's a one-time-only availability of Kollage Sock-a-licious painted by yours truly.

I've been sternly warned by Mark at Kollage that it's not going be available, un-dyed, again (sniffle), so I really agonised over the colourways as you can imagine. Sock-a-licious is a luxury blend of merino, mulberry (yes, mulberry) silk, and a bit of nylon for you sock knitters.

Frankly, it's so luxurious, I think Erica is right to make a shawl out of it.

zooerica's small things in ltd edition Stranded Silk Sock

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hanging In There. Really!

Well, there's no easy way to say it, so I'll just say it. After a pleasant and uneventful journey up to Tunbridge, Vermont, B and I arrived for setup on Thursday, October 1st.

After having a yummy cup of Green Mountain Coffee, saying hello to the folks at Green Mountain Spinnery, I headed out to the toilet building from the show shed. It didn't take more than 5 seconds for me to slip on a patch of muddy grass, go down on my ass, and then... disaster registers -- my ankle.... in pieces.

I don't remember much after that -- Margot, the cashmere sheepherder, and also trained as a nurse, held my hand as I went into shock. The incredibly kind and professional paramedics, the very long ride to a hospital. Then, a nice young doctor, who said, this is going to hurt...

And then, I don't remember much of the following 24hrs. Once my dislocated (you just don't want to know what it looked like) and multiply-broken ankle had been set, I was admitted to the little hospital in Randolph, Vermont. After SIX days waiting for surgery (yeah, I really really messed up the ankle), I was told that it was still going to be a wait for surgery.

Thanks to my parents in Maryland, I was taken back to Easton, MD (near Annapolis, for those who like checking maps), to await surgery there. Driving 750 miles in a toe to thigh pre-op cast, with bones that need permanent pins) isn't much fun. I don't recommend it.

I'm happy to report that the surgery went well on Monday and that I'm safely ensconced on the parental lounge. Dad's set up a small tv (with cable!) and I'm typing away on the notebook 'puter sister Melanie gave me.

I can't really articulate my disappointment adequately at the moment. I spent all year saying I can't wait to see the goats at Vermont Sheep and Wool. Didn't see a-one.

BIG THANK you to the customers who came by, left good wishes, and purchased yarn in my absence. Thank you so very much. Knit it all in good health and happiness!

The show yarn and fibre is with me here in Easton, MD. If you wish to place an order, or have questions, please email me at melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com. As the healing takes hold, I will be loading new things online, so stay tuned!

Here's what my husband has sent to keep me company in the US:
Yes, you're right -- I miss my dog Lyta, who's my best medicine.

As I type, there's a squirrel who's decided to climb up the screening around my parents' porch dining area. It's very funny watching him scurry upside down around the perimeter.
Mel, in Easton, Maryland

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

Tunbridge, Vermont bound. I really look forward to this show, as the setting is lovely in the New England Autumn and the people are special too.

This show is a chance to catch up with the Icelandic sheep breeders, the cashmere breeders, as well as some of my favourite natural dyers, like Tidal Yarns.

See you online and at the Vt. show.

If you have an order, please feel free to email melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com. And if you have questions, ring Richard on the number listed on the shopsite. He's been ace at helping out when I've been away.

Stay tuned, as there are new yarns and fibres in the works for Stitches East and the knitters and spinners clubs!

Melissa, on the road again

Friday, 24 September 2010

On the road again... to KDO and Shenandoah

On my way out the door to drive to Central PA College, where the Knitter's Day Out is held. Then, it's off the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest in Berryville VA.

The camera still isn't talking to the notebook, so I'm a text-only gal again. FIE.

Clubs: Yes, as some of you have asked, the club subs are on-going. You can join a part any time, so if you missed August, that's not a problem, as I have some kits available. If you are in the US, please email your order to melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com to pay less on the August kit postage.

CU at the fests and online. m

Thursday, 16 September 2010

One the Road, Week 2 Finger Lakes Fiber Fest

Join Stranded In Oz and Bitsyknits this weekend at the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival in Hemlock, NY. This year, instead of the little booth in the back barn, B and I will be in our own tent in the field. Wish for sunny weather please.

New Lots

I'll be bringing with me some fresh lots of Luxury Merino 4, a low micron, super soft yarn -- luxury fibre with a rustic, homey spin to it. This yarn will be featured for my EC shawl kits. Supply is limited, as the mill has stopped milling this yarn, and yes, I just couldn't resist getting a nice big pile for the US. Colours include a new autumn red, a luscious blue blend, a new purple, and a killer dark green.

Thank you to the outstanding volunteers at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Show, as well as the awesome NJ/NY/PA knitters and spinners who came to the event. Rain threatened to ruin Sunday, but as 11:30 rolled by, the clouds rolled away.

Packing for Hemlock, NY (it's about 1hr sth of Rochester)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival - On the road, week 1

SIOz Luxury 4Ply/Fingering -- ltd edition, low micron merino
available at SIOz, Port Adelaide Market and in ltd quantities in the USA

Bitsyknits and SIOz will be at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival this weekend. I'm hoping Jon Benet, my favourite llama will be there too!

Now that I've made it to Bitsyknits' house, I've commandeered (sp?) her laptop and thought I'd write a bit about the drive from Maryland to PA.

On the Road: if you've ever wondered why Americans drink so much coffee and live on donuts and hamburgers, it becomes clearer once you hit the highway here. Speed limit 55mph? Nah, it's more like, 70-80. I mean, all that caffeine and sugar gives a driver a fair amount of energy, yah know? And you NEED it to play dodge 'em cars along the highways of the Mid-Atlantic.

But yes, I made it to the Lehigh Valley, PA, where I leave tomorrow for NJ and the sheep fest.


Richard is on duty this weekend at the Port Markets. If he looks confused, don't worry, he still can look through the displays to help you out. I'll be offline from Sat to Tues, but R will be checking the online shop for me.

Still fighting with camera to speak to new notebook(s), so pictures on hold of what's new re yarns and fibres. Apologies for the text only.

CU in NJ and online, M

Friday, 3 September 2010

G'day From Yankland

Whew! Hello from the Chesapeake. It's lovely and sunny, and HOT here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. First night after I arrived I was a guest at a crab boil dinner on the river. Ever see a roomful of adults whacking dead crabs with a mallet?

Big THANK YOU to all the awesome knitters who came by on the 22nd of August for the Hank Hunt. Way to go to YOUKNOWWHO for scoring the 40% off voucher. I look forward to seeing what you knit and spin with the bag of wooly goodness you hauled away. My needles and spindle are jealous.

For those of you who didn't venture forth on the 22nd, the Port Market shop is fully stocked. Yes, I've sent away most of what was out on that day, but there are some special yarns I've left for Adelaide and beyond customers. What's there? Have a look at the shopblog for details. I'll be updating that as best as possible while on the road.

First stop is the Garden State Sheep Breeders next weekend. It's a little gem of a show. Why do I do this one? Well, blame bitsyknits. My sister's guild is involved in the show, so I tag along as a vendor. Last year was the big Shetland Breeders involvement. Many more sheep and also, BIG FLIES. I am hoping that isn't the case this year. *lol*

The highlight of that show for me is visiting with my fave llama breeder. Oh yes, I plan to get some fibre this year.

Until I get the camera and computer to talk to each other over hear, it's text-only for now. M

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bon Voyage Part II -- the SIOz Mystery Hank Hunt

Luxury 4ply chain in Evil Stepmother Red 100gm/$22.00AU

The hank vouchers are ready to go and I'll be planting the ? hanks in the display at around 9am tomorrow at the Port Markets. So, if you are planning to go hunting tomorrow, arrive after around 9:30 ish to ensure the display is ready. The mgrs don't allow us in any earlier than 8:30 am.

Right -- the Hunt Guideline are posted on the shopblog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

There are new lots of yarn that will be out for sale, most of which are going overseas this week. I will load some yarn onto the website for online sale only for while I'm away. As always, email or ring if you don't see what you need, as it may be on the workshop shelf or on the road. If it's not a knitting emergency, we can get to you, with a postal delay.

A thank you to the lovely people at the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market, Masonic Hall, Brighton SA for having me as part of the group this winter. I promised I would return for the summer (they're planning some kewl stuff this year). SIOz will have bamboo, soy, and ethically-traded cottons, plus plenty of HP Tofutsies for summer knitting.

CU at the Port Markets and online, m

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Look what arrived in the post this am!

I don't normally post pics of birthday pressies, but isn't this the cutest damn mug ever? I must make cocoa tonight for my new mug. Do you think she likes cocoa?

I'm doing an online swap at the moment and the recipient is a dog-lover, so naturally, I had to order one for her straight away. You can get yours, or the kitty version!!!, at The Animal Rescue Site. I've linked (I hope) directly to the mug page. And in addition to getting the best doggie mug ever, you will be giving bowls of dog food with your purchase.

Right -- it is back to work I go.

Monday, 16 August 2010

What's happening at Stranded In Oz

Winter Floral Blues Merino 4 Premium

Wild McLaren Vale Merino 4 Premium

Winter Floral Reds/w Purple Merino 4 Premium

A big thank you to SACSOS for their hosting of the annual Fibre Fair at Mt. Pleasant. The rain didn't seem to dampen (sorry!) the spirits of those who made their way into the Hills for a fibrey day out. There was so much sheepy beautiful stuff there it was hard to know where to look first!

For this week: I'll be posting the 'rules' on the shop blog for the 2nd SIOz Hank Hunt -- this time a bon voyage --at the Port Markets this Sunday, 22nd Aug. I must admit it was fun watching you all dig around the yarn displays looking for hidden hanks. I'm rolling out more sock yarn, bags of bargains (seriously, there are some very nice yarns for Sunday to get ready for the warmer weather) and a new yarn for SIOz.

Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market this Thursday, Aug 19th. This will be my last time for the winter that I'll be there. If we're lucky, Sunnydale Farm will be there! And perhaps Rita and her outrageous Greek pastries!!!!! Oh my god, it was torture setting up next to her last time I was there. But of course, I managed *lol*

See you at the markets and online, m

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Thursday 5th and Sunday 8th August

Tomorrow, at the Brighton Market (Commercial Rd, in the Masonic Hall), I'll be featuring Fairy Fleece, 60% wool/40% sugar cane viscose. You have to feel this yarn to believe how soft it is, and because it's a viscose blend, it has fabulous drape and 3-season wear-ability.

Fairy Fleece Yarn from Stranded In Oz

For Sunday, which just happens to be my birthday, I'm featuring Karaoke (soy/wool blend from SWTC) Kits for the Milk Can Bag -- there are brights as well as darker colours to choose from -- at a ridiculously low price of $28.00AU per kit.

I've had this design in a work folder since first designing it in the US -- it was inspired by an antique milk can and available through a friend's US yarn business for a while. It just kept getting bumped out of the way here for other designs.

What I love about the yarn for this design is that if you want a felted version, the soy/wool blend won't shrink much -- but felts brilliantly! Like many of my designs, it is worked circularly, in a stitch chosen for its durability and how it looks in the yarn chosen.

Milk Can Bag Design from Stranded In Oz -- FREE Pattern with Project Yarn Purchase

Monday, 2 August 2010

Brighton Market 5th Aug and Mt. Pleasant Fair

Hello and thanks to the intrepid knitters who came by yesterday at the Port Markets. Esp. nice seeing all the lovely knitted things you are wearing this winter!

SIOz will be at the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market on the 5th (this Thurs.) and 19th of August. It will be my last month there before I head off to the US of A.

Mt. Pleasant Fleece and Fibre Fair, Soldier's Memorial Hall, Mt Pleasant, Sat. Aug 14. Doors open at 10am: I'm usually away for this show, but this year, I am happy to say SIOz will be there -- there will be Fair specials to get you thinking about spring and summer, including sock knitting yarns. If you are thinking of purchasing a Namaste bag or accessory, and would like to pick it up at this fair, please order online and tick Store Pickup or ring to arrange your order. Be sure to put a note on the order message system so I know when to deliver.

CU at the markets, m

Friday, 30 July 2010

That was fun!

Namaste Cali Needle Binder in LIME

Thank you to everyone who came by on Sunday for the lone hanks and general fun digging around bags of yarn. Happy knitting to all! Most of those lots on Sunday are destined beyond our shores. But don't fret, there's more new yarn for us here.

There is much in the works at SIOz at the moment -- I'll post details once they're finalised.

Latest for the SIOz online shop -- the new Namaste stock is in, alas still sans circ cases. Have no fear, there's lots of good stuff to go up online. As soon as the circ cases are available, I will post a message accordingly.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Bon Voyage Part I

8ply Australian Merino (feltable)

The fun and madness that is SIOz on the road has started (this is all a good thing btw, it's just a logistical exercise that tests my organisational skills). Thanks heaps to everyone who made the SIOz BSWS 2010 experience such a success. It was great to catch up with you all.

Big thanks to Tara (Rav fiestywench) for her awesome organisation of Rav events this year. Thanks to Jen for letting me join in the fun with the Bendi Bingo! May the best spinner/knitter win!

Port Shop updates (the shop blog will be updated soon, but deadlines, yet again, loom large):

To start it off, I will be selling from lots destined for the US of A. They are due to ship out (Part I) next week, but like last year, I wanted to give my Adelaide customers a fair perusal and squeeze before the yarn and fibre went bye bye.

So, this weekend, if you come to the Port Markets, have a good look at:

A -- the main trading table, where the fresh yarn will be...
B -- the lone hank hampers, where the lone hanks from the Sheep Show live. All items in these bins are discounted (I don't do this at any other time usually) and this weekend, will include the lone hanks straight from the BSWS lots. Some beauties will be in there... at 20% off.
C -- new lots of spinning fibre, including Bitsyknits lovely Blue Hulaballoo superwash wool and alpaca blend -- perfect for spinning sock wool, an outrageously soft superfine merino and a pretty lot of merino/lyocel in red florals that I am coveting.
D -- new lots for the ridiculously under-priced luxury yarn ball bin, including new lots of alpaca blends, some very nice balls of wool boucle (with a touch of cashmere), and assorted other cools stuff my pals in Turkey sent over. Oooooh. No time to knit for me, but you can take advantage of the cools yarns in that bin.

The online shop has been depleted due to show and Port Market sales, but a new stock of Namaste is due in next week, including more spring bag colours (LIME!) as the shipment has been sent. Still awaiting the circ cases (totally sold out d00ds!), but I intend to be first in line for the new lots due in a few weeks. Check the shopblog for those details.

CU at the Port Markets and online, M

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

On the Road Again -- BSWS 2010

A quick hello from the woolroom. Thank you to my Adelaide customers for the kind bon voyage messages!

For Bendigo: There will be show specials as well as some general show fun. This year, SIOz is one of the sponsors of the Ravelry events -- I look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone!

I wish I had more time to post piccies and other assorted, but time has slipped by and alas, I must run. CU at the show. M

Friday, 9 July 2010

Hello From Sunny Adelaide, just. Time for Knitting

Alpaca/Wool 50/50 blend in dk in Floral Purple at the Port Markets

The countdown begins til the yarn, fibre, and assorted knitting and spinning fun gets packed to head off to Bendigo. For details on what's in store at the show, check the shop blog.

It's a very schizophrenic time of year for me. I am dyeing for both Bendigo and Aussies as well as the lots that get shipped to the US of A for the Fall festival Season stateside.

I've written on and off about how important it is that I base my business locally, and it's always hard for me to run off for several months to trade overseas. I miss my Richard and my Lyta, but it is part of what I do.

Chunky Merino in Puny Human at the Port Markets

To say thanks to my customers in Adelaide, I will repeat last year's previews. Out for sale for one Sunday, July 25th, at the Port Markets, will be the yarns that I'm shipping to the US. Fresh yarn lots and all are special runs. Check the SIOz shop blog for details after next weekend, upon SIOz's return from Bendigo.

Thank you to the kind folks at the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Markets (every Thurs. am at the Brighton Masonic Hall). SIOz will be there every 2nd and 4th Thursday until the end of August.

CU at the Markets.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Dye... My Pretties!

Hello again from dyer's central. Wheeeeeeeeeee! I just picked up my travel docs to go the USA -- wasn't I just there? It is very hard for me to believe it has been almost a year since I left for Yankland, but there you have it!

Yesterday was a purple, green, and winter floral day. Today, it will be a range of Woodland Creatures. 

Whilst most of the new lots are destined for Bendigo and points beyond, there are still new lots at the Port, as it will be stocked while I travel. New and wonderful yarns and fibres are destined for the displays up there, so it's worth a trip. 

The blasted blogger isn't taking my photo uploads today. Fie! 

Back to the saltmine. m

Monday, 28 June 2010

in between lots...

G'day from Dyer's Central in Queenstown, Port Adelaide. Today is a Sherwood Forest day. For SIOz fanatics, this is a good day.

There are a few colour groups that I repeat, and the Robin Hood colours are some of the more popular combinations. Sherwood Forest -- I can't even remember who or why it was named that, but it stuck. Depending on the season, and my eye on the day, the colourway varies a bit, but it's always SF.

I am always interested in hearing opinions on hand-painted yarns -- should the colourways vary? Should they be consistent? Since I'm an independent dyer, I take every opportunity to paint the best yarn I can, so for me, that means changing and improving on what I do.

My friend V says it's like hearing someone play music live -- you get the interpretation that night. So, I guess I do jazz yarn... doobie doobie dooooooooooooo.

This week, besides SF, I'll be mixing the faved McLaren Vale (traditional style) as well as some decidedly wilder blends.

Back to the dye mixing... see shopblog for this week's yarn updates, which include restocks of some Namaste bags and accessories.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Time for Winter Florals and webaches

Hello -- just popping onto the net in between dyelots.

And a big thanks to the customers who were kind enough to contact me this am regarding problems accessing parts of my online shop. The IT guru Richard and I have been sorting things out today and it seems to be back to normal. We really appreciate your queries. Even with the webache this am, the orders went out on time. Whew!

Getting ready for Bendigo means that it's that time of year when I plan my travel to the US of A. Besides catching up with the fibre fanatics stateside, this year I get to play with the newest members of the family, my sister Beth's new Scottish Terrier pups, Fred... and Ginger. I can't wait! Puppies!!!! I've pestered her for pictures.

I'll be at the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market this Thursday. The coffee brewmaster there, Richard, makes an excellent cappuccino. And I look forward to munching on the organic olive and rosemary bread sold there too. Mmmmmmm. Love the market!

On the needles this week? A Merino 4 beanie in Will Scarlet. Yes, it takes a bit longer with the 4ply, but I'm loving the result.

cu at the markets

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beanie Redux

Right, so husband Richard wanted a red beanie for his birthday. And he got a lovely knitted beanie in Kollage Fantastic Vixen Red. But... the beanie isn't long enough round the ears. It needs to be more 'ribby' -- *heavy sigh*. To avoid hearing him whinge, I am now working on beanie 2, this time all ribbed, in a hand-painted version.

The first beanie is quite wearable thank you very much.

Along with the knitting in progress for show season, I've been updating the shop stocks and sampling new yarns for the next year. The heavy wool teases me with its warmth while I must focus on knitting in bamboo, soy and cotton for the warm weather to come. But no matter, as it's all GOOD.

Here are the new colours from the SIOz club subs/June:

one-hank happiness wool/lyocel in Monet blue - beanie project

spindler's winter blues handspun beanie

Poochini is crying that she is wasting away --- hungry hungry hungry doggie. Must feed pup.
CU at the Port Markets or Brighton Organic and Healthy Living 2nd and 4th Thurs.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


It be very cold in the house this week. Excellent pup-hugging weather. :-) And for wearing beanies!

The dyeing for shows has begun in earnest. Now, if the rain would clear the yarn could really dry. Nevertheless, the process continues.

I'll be updating the shop info today.

In the meantime, check out my new sock design in the latest issue of YARN mag:

Isn't he a cute pooch. Editor Michelle Moriarty advises the pooch was a walk-on! Since I'm a dog-lover, this made me happy. He must have smelled Lyta on the socks!

SIOz has the yarn and mags for sale if you'd like to make a pair of Seriously Warm Socks. Will have that loaded later today.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Winter Knitting

Just finished a nicely-fitting beanie in Scarlet Kollage Fantastic. It is an really well-named yarn, as it feels fabulous and no whinging that it itches from the hubby!

Love this colour:Mmmmmmm. So soft, so squishy. Maaaaahvelous. As soon as Richard sits still with the beanie on, I will grab a snap. I'm totally hooked on this yarn. No time for a jumper, alas. *sniffle*

Deadlines still fly around me so it's back to the saltmine. Birthday beanie has been accomplished, so all is well.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Thank you to the HKGSA, Inc.

A big thank you to the Handknitters Guild SA, Inc. for all the hard work last weekend running their biannual exhibition. Thanks so much for the invitation!

All those knitters, wool, and knitting in one spot! Whew.

But now, it is onward with preparations for Bendigo and beyond.

Apologies: to the customers who came by the Port and hadn't checked the website! Mea culpa. I promise I will both at the Port (Sunday) as well as the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market (tomorrow) this week.

It is hard to believe Beth -- bitsyknits -- and I are well into preparations for the USA autumn festivals. But so it is.

Knitting this week: deadline jumpers and shawls... What's on your needles?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Handknitters SA, Inc. Biannual Exhibition this weekend

G'day from woolpile central. Getting ready for the:

Handknitters Guild, SA, Inc's Biannual Handknitting Exhibition
Where: Unley Senior Citizen's Hall -- Arthur Street, Unley
(across from shopping centre, heaps of parking available)

When: 10AM - 4:30PM Sat May 22 and Sun May 23.

There is a small admission fee. Coffee, tea, and biccies will be for sale and there is a raffle (usually really good raffle!).

Vendors will be selling (yeah, I'm there) yarn, fibre, garments, and other assorted knitting goodness.

Port Adelaide Markets this week: the shop will be open with Verena there to help you out if you need something. A LOT of what I sell will be in Unley, but there will still be plenty to purchase at the Port Market. If you need to pick something up there, email or ring ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

NAMASTE BAGS AND ACCESSORIES -- they are here and will be with me at the Handknitter's Exhibition so you can touch them and see what all the fuss is about. I have a limited stock to bring with me -- and have the colours people most often asked for.

TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT: I'll be loading the Namaste to the Online Shop this arvo. If you want to pick it up at the Exhibition this weekend, choose store pickup for delivery.

For ONLINE Customers -- NO SHIPPING FOR the Namaste Bags ONLY (not the groovy accessories). I figure, the USA postage has already been factored into the price and hey, us Down Under customers deserve to not pay the earth for the Namaste.

Some knitting I did last week in between a deadline project and painting:

Garter stitch shawl knitted in handspun SIOz Spindler's Club fibre I.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

SIOz at Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market

SIOz will be at the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market tomorrow, Thursday May 13th, from 9:30-12:30.  I was at this market last winter and since they were nice enough to request my return, I said of course! This is a smaller display than Port Adelaide, but is quite convenient for people in that part of the city. See you there -- at Commercial Rd, next to the Windsor Theatre, Brighton, just up from the nice row of shops and cafes near the beach.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Does it look like soot to you?

Spindlebrat's scarf knitted in SIOz handspun Nepalese lace singles

Isn't this scarf pretty? Spindlebrat on Ravelry made this from some yarn I left at the Spinnery in Vt -- I happily swapped the yarn with her -- she is such an ace tour guide and all around interesting person to meet. I went away with some cones of singles that I was eyeing -- the cone ends are in a bin in the shop and I just love them -- natural cotton singles, odd bits of different natural wools. So cool.

The colourway of this scarf is part of a series of winter florals I did.

Was dyeing some cashmere/wool in grays for a commission and couldn't resist adding some 3ply to the lot. The black went all feral and blue and it's really nice. What to make with it?

Back to the deadline. m

Thursday, 29 April 2010

gloVe from one-hank happiness club

gloVe -- Pattern 2 from SIOz one-hank happiness club

close-up of club edition of Woodland Creatures in Merino/Silk Fine

The clouds have rolled in again and set my drying back another day, but no matter. It's time to get ready for shows.

First up -- a small exhibition in Adelaide -- the Biannual Handknitters Guild SA's Exhibition. This year it will be May 22 and 23 from 10-4 at the Unley Senior Centre in Arthur Street, across from the large shopping centre. Plenty of parking 'round the place. 

Shop Updates on www.strandedinoz.com/sioz-blog

Friday, 23 April 2010

Anzac Day Weekend

Yup, it's that time again and yes, I'll be at the Port Adelaide Markets both Sunday and Monday this weekend - 9 to 5 each day.

Feeling the pinch of festival season already upon me as the date confirmations and mill orders come in. R is already grumbling at the boxes, but that is fine. It arrives and goes right back out again! In the middle of that I paint and wind and label and it all comes good.

Thanks as always to everyone who checks in on the latest SIOz news. The shopblog gets updated for products now.

Must post some more piccies very soon, including pictures of Bitsy's new PUPPIES! Not 1 but 2 new scottish terrier pups. Yeah, 2 -- Fred and Ginger, of course!

Have a great weekend. m

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Leftover chocolate Easter Eggs

Mmmmmm. What to do with leftover choccy Easter Eggs. Hid them in the centre of the banana muffins. :-))))

Monday, 12 April 2010

It's a new week!

Well, another interesting week has gone and it's straight into this one. The highlight so far has been a new idea for a teapot cosy. I am sneaking this project into my schedule, which is rather insane, but I just need to tackle it. I reckon it needs to be purple, non?

It's hard to believe, but I'm working on the USA schedule. It seems like I JUST GOT BACK. But I didn't. This makes family in USA eversohappy, but I look at my precious Lytapup and sigh. I hate to leave her. And all the things happening here.

So, the sock from last week's post will be an orphan 'til the next. The gloves for the One-Hank Happiness club goes out this week.

One Hank Happiness gloVe

And I'm sure I'm not listing everything. Except for testing some fibre for April Spindlers , I've hidden the others to ensure I don't get into trouble.

And have I mentioned I want to play with:

Little John Merino/Silk Fine

Ruined Pennies in Cashmere dk

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Bunny Hopped all over

Short and Sweet Sock in SIOz Sock (100% superwash sock wool)
My redux Short and Sweet Sock pictured above. I haven't a clue where the original pair I did is, and decided I had the right yarn for a pair, so these were on the needles a few weeks ago.

Tried to keep the chocolate under control this weekend. Husband very much into the Easter choccy overload. I noticed the little choccy egg bag is now empty. Hmmmm.

Saddened that one of my favourite traders, Tabitha, at the Port Markets is leaving. She's opened a lovely vintage shop in Prospect and as soon as I've got the details correct, I'll link it here.

After several beanies and finishing my DWB sock (it's too ugly and dark today for a decent photo), I'm back to design knitting. Must hide spindles.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hank Hunting

Off to the Port Markets for the long weekend. The hunt hanks are ready and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. Plenty of free yarn to go around.
I'm beginning to tackle a new shawl project, but have not gotten really going until all the ends of the various other knitted items have been sewn in and finished.
The DWB socks are finally finished and I look forward to blocking those.
Happy Easter to all. I've limited the chocolate bunnyness in our house, which evokes frowns from R., but seriously, Aussies go nuts on the Easter choccies.
CU at the Port, m

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter Fun and more beanies

After finished a big project, it's nice to work on something small. I tackled a beanie yesterday, in hp handspun hemp and wool. Must sew ends in.

SIOz is hosting an easter hank hunt this weekend and details are on the shop blog link on www.strandedinoz.com

Only a little bit of time to knit beanies as I'll be painting and putting up mini-hanks the rest of the week. But is is very nice to work on something different. And this new lot of banana palm silk is calling my name -- I'm thrilled with the blend of green with blue that I mixed that day. Thinking a vest knitted with some soy dk. Hmmmmmmmmm.


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Pondering the Plight of the wool shop

I don't often get time to read Ravelry lists -- I like to say hello to people and answer queries, but time is ltd.
Just puzzled today regarding negative posts on Ravelry regarding our local Adelaide wool shops. My response sometimes surprises people. Perhaps they think that I welcome a competitor's demise. In reality, I wish they would all flourish. Why? Because they don't offer knitters the same products as I, nor do they provide the same types of services.
When you make artyarn, you may fight for some of the same $$, but in reality, buying 20 balls of yarn for a plain jumper isn't the same sale as selling to someone looking for a luxury hank of hand-painted alpaca.
Each of the local shops serves their own communities and offer retail services that I, as someone who designs and paints, cannot. Nor would I want to.
The sad truth is, that while some of the locals might seem a bit daggy, and don't offer deep online discounts, they do provide a service that is essential to a community of knitters -- their experience, talents, and often amazing wealth of technical knowledge.
Sure, walking into a local shop in Adelaide might not be as exciting as entering say, Wondoflex in Melbourne, which is just HUGE, but there's always something new and nice to touch and buy.
For me, buying local means I'm not wasting money on postage and the added carbon footprint to a purchase. And when I have a problem, it is so much nicer taking it to the shop than arguing on the phone or online.
I really feel badly for one owner, who has to deal daily with the browsers who come in, check colours and brands, then leaves, knowing they'll go home, log on and make a purchase. These shops don't exist for that purpose.
Of course it's not just a local issue -- I've had the same conversation with owners all over the Mid-Atlantic region as I work there several months a year. One proprietor is just downright surly with customers now, when I know it wasn't always that way. I reckon at one time she was a cheerful, happy yarn store owner.
Well, tomorrow is a retail day. I may joke that retail isn't my forte, but I look forward every week to seeing what has been knitted or spun with SIOz yarn and fibre.
As always, thank you for reading. m

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Web Updates and SIOz Blogspot

Whew! Finally, the new website is up and running and I've migrated the SIOz official shop blog to my website -- it's a link there new.

I'll be using this blog for misc. fibre chat, rather than the strictly business SIOz announcements.

All is linked via www.strandedinoz.com

For today, I soldier on under deadlines and anticipation of cooler weather. I really want a jumper for the new season -- for me myself I -- but I reckon that is merely a dream, given my schedule at the moment. But I can doodle every once in a while, can't I?

I'm continuing to do a row or two of the Doctors Without Borders sock -- a kit I got in an auction at the Sock Summit. Painfully slow, but it does keep my fingers occupied in queues. Sorry for the small thumbnail -- I haven't edited the downloaded piccie.

Back to the needles, M