Friday, 30 July 2010

That was fun!

Namaste Cali Needle Binder in LIME

Thank you to everyone who came by on Sunday for the lone hanks and general fun digging around bags of yarn. Happy knitting to all! Most of those lots on Sunday are destined beyond our shores. But don't fret, there's more new yarn for us here.

There is much in the works at SIOz at the moment -- I'll post details once they're finalised.

Latest for the SIOz online shop -- the new Namaste stock is in, alas still sans circ cases. Have no fear, there's lots of good stuff to go up online. As soon as the circ cases are available, I will post a message accordingly.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Bon Voyage Part I

8ply Australian Merino (feltable)

The fun and madness that is SIOz on the road has started (this is all a good thing btw, it's just a logistical exercise that tests my organisational skills). Thanks heaps to everyone who made the SIOz BSWS 2010 experience such a success. It was great to catch up with you all.

Big thanks to Tara (Rav fiestywench) for her awesome organisation of Rav events this year. Thanks to Jen for letting me join in the fun with the Bendi Bingo! May the best spinner/knitter win!

Port Shop updates (the shop blog will be updated soon, but deadlines, yet again, loom large):

To start it off, I will be selling from lots destined for the US of A. They are due to ship out (Part I) next week, but like last year, I wanted to give my Adelaide customers a fair perusal and squeeze before the yarn and fibre went bye bye.

So, this weekend, if you come to the Port Markets, have a good look at:

A -- the main trading table, where the fresh yarn will be...
B -- the lone hank hampers, where the lone hanks from the Sheep Show live. All items in these bins are discounted (I don't do this at any other time usually) and this weekend, will include the lone hanks straight from the BSWS lots. Some beauties will be in there... at 20% off.
C -- new lots of spinning fibre, including Bitsyknits lovely Blue Hulaballoo superwash wool and alpaca blend -- perfect for spinning sock wool, an outrageously soft superfine merino and a pretty lot of merino/lyocel in red florals that I am coveting.
D -- new lots for the ridiculously under-priced luxury yarn ball bin, including new lots of alpaca blends, some very nice balls of wool boucle (with a touch of cashmere), and assorted other cools stuff my pals in Turkey sent over. Oooooh. No time to knit for me, but you can take advantage of the cools yarns in that bin.

The online shop has been depleted due to show and Port Market sales, but a new stock of Namaste is due in next week, including more spring bag colours (LIME!) as the shipment has been sent. Still awaiting the circ cases (totally sold out d00ds!), but I intend to be first in line for the new lots due in a few weeks. Check the shopblog for those details.

CU at the Port Markets and online, M

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

On the Road Again -- BSWS 2010

A quick hello from the woolroom. Thank you to my Adelaide customers for the kind bon voyage messages!

For Bendigo: There will be show specials as well as some general show fun. This year, SIOz is one of the sponsors of the Ravelry events -- I look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone!

I wish I had more time to post piccies and other assorted, but time has slipped by and alas, I must run. CU at the show. M

Friday, 9 July 2010

Hello From Sunny Adelaide, just. Time for Knitting

Alpaca/Wool 50/50 blend in dk in Floral Purple at the Port Markets

The countdown begins til the yarn, fibre, and assorted knitting and spinning fun gets packed to head off to Bendigo. For details on what's in store at the show, check the shop blog.

It's a very schizophrenic time of year for me. I am dyeing for both Bendigo and Aussies as well as the lots that get shipped to the US of A for the Fall festival Season stateside.

I've written on and off about how important it is that I base my business locally, and it's always hard for me to run off for several months to trade overseas. I miss my Richard and my Lyta, but it is part of what I do.

Chunky Merino in Puny Human at the Port Markets

To say thanks to my customers in Adelaide, I will repeat last year's previews. Out for sale for one Sunday, July 25th, at the Port Markets, will be the yarns that I'm shipping to the US. Fresh yarn lots and all are special runs. Check the SIOz shop blog for details after next weekend, upon SIOz's return from Bendigo.

Thank you to the kind folks at the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Markets (every Thurs. am at the Brighton Masonic Hall). SIOz will be there every 2nd and 4th Thursday until the end of August.

CU at the Markets.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Dye... My Pretties!

Hello again from dyer's central. Wheeeeeeeeeee! I just picked up my travel docs to go the USA -- wasn't I just there? It is very hard for me to believe it has been almost a year since I left for Yankland, but there you have it!

Yesterday was a purple, green, and winter floral day. Today, it will be a range of Woodland Creatures. 

Whilst most of the new lots are destined for Bendigo and points beyond, there are still new lots at the Port, as it will be stocked while I travel. New and wonderful yarns and fibres are destined for the displays up there, so it's worth a trip. 

The blasted blogger isn't taking my photo uploads today. Fie! 

Back to the saltmine. m