Saturday, 30 August 2008

Yarn September Issue

The latest issue of Yarn Magazine is hot off the presses and just in time for you and yours to plan some spring and summer knitting. This issue includes a new Stranded In Oz sock design, "Smiley Socks," a bit of easy, noworriesifyou'rechatting, knitting -- EASY sock pattern. Surely, silly socks for the silly season.

For Stranded In Oz customers, I've put together a Limited Edition Sock Kit -- this includes:
  • The original That 70's Yarn special sock colourway from Knitting By Zen
  • The original contrasting colours yarns used (mini-hanks of yellow and black)
  • A set of bamboo sock needles (the really short ones that are hard to find)
  • $30.00 AU, excluding postage (usually $5.00 in Aus)
This kit will be available during the Sockstravaganza Sunday, August 31st at the Port Adelaide Fisherman's Wharf Markets. There are bargain sock knitting finds ready to be scooped up. Email orders are fine. 

From the dyetable this week:
  • huge new selection of Soy DK in spring/summer colours
  • Limited Edition hand-painted Tofutsies@
  • new crop of florals in 100% Australian Merino 8ply
  • new stock of laceweights - 2 ply merino and Nepalese laceweights, including some golds and yellows and greens I've been mad-scientisting

See you at the Port.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Thank you and Sock Wool Sale on Aug 31st

Thank you to the knitters who came by on Sunday -- it was great to see you. And especially great to see the work that you've done with SIOz yarns. The fibre artists using SIOz aloo!? Unbelieveably beautiful depictions of trees -- the leaves were wonderful. South Aussie talent abounds.

Sunday is SOCKSTRAVAGANZA day -- sock yarns on sale -- see details in previous posting. The stock display will change for September -- spring and summer knitting here we come.

Hand-Painted Tofutsie@

See you at the Port. Mel

Monday, 18 August 2008

Stash Sale Quatro

Thank you to everyone who has come by to share in the madness that is the SIOz stash sale. There's another Sunday of miscellaneous yarn on offer for the 24th of August.

What's going in the basket:

a pile of peruvian alpaca -- lovely prussian teally blue
a pile of hand-painted chilean alpaca handpaint -- no one has claimed (?)
a pile of merino -- it's bright teal/aqua, but outstandingly soft
a PILE of Jo Sharp mohair -- the last of the first-quality lot people!

Out for the first time:
The new lot of Kollage Square Needles -- the last of the real deal palmwood, handmade ones! Going FAST.

Too many new colours of hand-painted SIOz yarns to mention here, including new soys (praying the gorgeous golden soy is ready for Sunday), lace yarns, and sock wools. Get a jump on the sockmaniacs for next week and come by.

All the new sock yarn is in stock. It's all gorgeous and I'm patting all with kindness and enriching each ball with good knitting karma.

A yarn **rn shot for today:

A  2ply wool in olive, sapphire, and an amazing jade green, with just a touch of fushcia-tinged purple.


Since there are 5! Sundays in August, the final day of the stash sale will be...

August 31st: SOCK MADNESS -- that's right... there's all sorts of sock yarn at reduced prices. Just the thing for spring and summer knitting.

In addition:

Sale prices on all SIOz hand-painted sock yarn - 20% off
Sale prices on Tofutsies sock yarn (SUNDAY ONLY), including the newest colours.

And of course, a there will be a few surprises and goodies for those who venture up to the Port on a Sunday, including a new sock yarn to hit these shores.

And if you aren't into sock knitting, no worries, as many of the yarns that will be out are perfect for other types of garments. Plenty of patterns on hand.

There's a nice stock of little sock needles and a few KnitPicks circulars for people who'd like to learn to knit socks on 1 long circular. If you are stuck on a pattern or just in need of some sock inspiration, come on by. 

Plenty of copies of the Yarn Magazine Sock Issue and lots of other sock patterns. And get ready... there's a new Stranded In Oz sock pattern coming out for the September issue of Yarn Magazine, featuring a special yarn from Knitting By Zen.

See You at the Port
mel, still stranded

Monday, 11 August 2008

Stash Sale Trois

Even with the outrageously cold conditions (hail!) the Stash Sale is going great guns. If you want to snag a yarn bargain, come on up to the Port and say hello! The hot coffee vendor was especially popular yesterday.

In the Stash Bin this week: all yarns on clearance are AT LEAST 50% off retail, some even cheaper

Jo Sharp mohair -- priced too cheap to mention
more sock yarn -- fine quality Italian sock yarns in solids
more ****picks lace yarns -- still a few nice colours left
excellent quality acrylic chenille -- not the cheesy stuff, but nice, plush stuff great for blankies
and scarves
Cherry Tree Hill -- the pile is greatly depleated, but still a few nice sock yarn (wool as well as alpaca) hanks left.

From the dyeworks this week:
More Impressionist sock yarns -- this lot is predominantly blues and deeper tones -- there are still some green/blues left (not much)
A few hand-painted florals in reds, blues, greens

The Hemp and Wool Think Global and Greens/Oranges/Browns with Gray are dry!


The big lots of laceweight are ready for sale.

TOFUTSIES: Replenished selection of colours in now, so be sure to stop by and grab the balls you want for summer sock knitting. I will be happy to put aside your colour for online sales -- email strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and I'll arrange your order today.

Knit something nice today!
mel, still stranded

Friday, 8 August 2008

The Weather and Yarn

It's Mel's birthday!  Wheeeeee! To celebrate, I mixed a purple that has been bothering me -- just had to mix it today -- and so far, it's looking good.

Rain has delayed the drying of the new Nepalese Lace Yarns in McLaren Vale, Silly Galah, and the Impressionist watercolours, but I'm hoping a day and a half will do the trick. As soon as it's dry, I'll post some pics.

Check out the newest SIOz design from SWTC -- a Xie Wrap. It will be available for download very soon!

Square Needles: Kollage advises that they are sending the last of their palm wood needles in sizes they have left -- I ordered a stack, as they are fabulous. But have no fear -- they are introducing.... SQUARE CIRCULARS (60 and 100cm lengths from 2.00 to 6.00 mm) and a new line of dpns and straights (the straight squares will be bamboo). Please email me to pre-0rder your circular square needles!

See you at the market or online!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Baby it's cold outside

But in the house, with pup and knitting, not so bad!

Stash Sale Deux: Ok -- don't fear -- if you haven't been by the sale table, there's new and wonderful, first quality yarns left -- so come by this weekend, have a coffee, and a donut or two (they're fresh and delicious and I curse their existence), and feel free to check out the sale baskets.

From the dyeworks this week:

A new version of Think Global -- in the Hemp and Wool -- a bit livelier, with rose and a kickin' smidge of light purple. New Colourway -- blue/green, olive, orange, and charcoal. Definitely belongs in Sherwood Forest. Free hand cosie or hat pattern with a purchase of 1 hank of hemp and wool or sari wool.

Sock Wool: more of the Impressionist colours. They are tints, not baby pastels and have a range of purples, blues, greens, and a hint of red and pink -- just a hint.

5ply and 8ply: a few hanks done like the sock wool -- pale tints of florals.  A real contrast to the deep and bright colours in my soy and hempwool range.

More Nepalese Laceweight -- not just for lace knitting tho'. Colourways: Silly Galah and McLaren Vale. These are still in the dyeworks, so you never know... There are also some Impressionists' hanks of Nepalese Lace as well, but I'm not peeking!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Got the Blues. And Greens

By request, the greens and blues arrived -- a variety of types of yarns including sock, 8ply, and laceweight wools. The sock yarn is almost sold out. The front hank is the more saturated version, the hank behind is a subtler, paler paint. There are multiple blues and greens in this yarn.

The 8ply version includes an olive green I couldn't resist mixing.

Due to the wet weather, the drying process is taking its time, so your patience is appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who came by for the first day of the Great Stash Sale -- I'll be loading up each week with interesting and lovely yarns -- most are between 50 and 70 percent off the regular retail price. And a big thank you the diehard addicts who came early. They scored some gorgeous hanks of one of my fave handpainters -- Cheryl Potter. There's a wee bit left of the outrageous hand-paints, a nice selection of first quality sock yarn (don't miss out on those) and of course, as always, SIOz hand-painted wools.

On the Stash table for this Sunday -- a ridiculous amount of Jo Sharp mohair has got to go! So bring your mags and books and pick up a bargain. This yarn is still in the factory bags and is light enough to work with as the weather gets warmer -- like a cloud!

There's also a bin of project packs -- sock packs, hat/scarf packs... shawl packs at great prices.

From the dyetable this week: hemp and wool yarn in some kickin' colourways, including fave, Think Global and more solids are on the whiteboard dyelist. If you can't get to the Port market on Sundays, Luci at Think Global (Hove) stocks SIOz hemp and wool and banana silk.

AUGUST TOFUTSIES @SOCK CLUB IS IN: It's Toe Jam, by Deby Lake and the colourway is a slate, silver, and light blue. Bee-ute! Email or ring to arrange your delivery.