Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Shades of Pale Blues Artsilk (100gms)

In between writing and knitting, I've been painting silks -- above is a sample hank of silk from India  -- super-shiny, thin silk. It's a bear to reskein. The hank is actually paler than this photo appears on my screen. Hope you can see it right on yours.

Cut Velvet Silk Hand-Painted Scarf

Above Cut Velvet Scarf - Sold to a lovely woman who came by with her family on Sunday. Her husband was such a sweetheart -- he spotted the scarf first and told his wife to have a look. It is gorgeous on her. Confession: this was my favourite of the lot -- there's something about the texture of the velvet that is fab. Like the satin devore scarves, the velvets are all hand-hemmed. 

Silk Devore Hand-Painted Scarves

Thank you to Nadia,  one of the Yarn readers who came by to see what might spark her spinning imagination.  There's NO MORE Roclans mohair/wool top for sale. All gorn.

Kate, the genius at Roclans, dyes her fleeces then sends them to a small Pennsylvania mill for processing. They return in multi-coloured fantasmagoric blends. It's boutique quality top and I'm in love with it.  But it is a rare treat, as importing top to Australia is a bit, well, silly. I brought that back with me. Might just have to fly back for more (just kidding). 

Fear not, as I have more interesting spinning fibre for sale, including:

Blue-Faced Leicester from Overlook Manor Farm -- a gold/brown/natural blend and a mermaid-ish green and blue. Limited amounts available; $12.00 per 100 gms. 

In addition, if you prefer natural wool for spinning, there is:

soy top $10.00 per 100 gm; pure, organic top from NSW $10.00 per 100gm, and SA coloured sheep sliver $6.00 per 100 gm. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Persimmon Banana Palm Silk and a Cut Silk Velvet Scarf

Thank you to everyone who came by on the Sunday before the Christmas holiday. Check back the week after for a listing of New Year's Specials. Yes, there were more than a few knitters who said, I must wait to see what Santa leaves under the tree, but I'll be back!

The Persimmon Banana Palm Silk has been claimed -- by our good friend, Luci, at Think Global in Hove, SA. She has the knack for plucking the best SIOz colours for her shop -- if you like to buy local and love buying green, check out her shop. Run, don't walk, down there. Staying away from the organic, fair trade chocolate is a challenge. So if you can't get to Port Adelaide on Sundays, Think Global has SIOz banana silks, premium sari silk, and hemp and wool in stock.

Here's a picture of the batch of phantom purple. The shawl on the right is incredibly soft and plush cut velvet. I don't think the photos do the colour full justice. Hope it looks good on your computer.

Vivid Green (it's an incredibly happy green)

It must be spinning and felting season, as spinning fibre was a best-seller on Sunday. There will be some special Blue Faced Leicester from one of my favourite farms in the US for after Christmas. It has to be touched to be believed. This is not to say that our Australian-bred BFL isn't lovely -- it is just different. Hard to describe -- but it must be the different climate and feeds, farming methods, etc... The same lovely properties of the breed with a Yank accent.

So here's to a happy and fun holiday with friends and family. See you at the Port!


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Xmas Knitting

Be sure to take your knitting on those family visits this holiday season! Nothing worse than getting stuck on the couch, cricket blaring from the tv, and not having your project with you! This is one of my personal nightmare scenarios. Normally, it is in-law time, but because I've been away working in the US of A, husband, dog, and I are spending a quiet week here in Adelaide.

This week at the market:

The sock mania is still going strong, with new Tofutsies colourways -- If you would like to see what's in stock, go to www.soysilk.com and click on Yarn , then Tofutsies -- Sample colours #5 are in abundance! For the rest of the month, Tofutsies skeins are on sale for $20.00 AU and every ball purchase includes a free Tofutsies Pattern. Oh, and there's a killer tiger colourway. If you have a Richmond fan in your life, you may want a ball!

Have a restful, stress-less lead up to the xmas and new year holidays! And if you are able, please come to the Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets this Sunday and support your local businesses with your gift purchases this season. Your support is greatly appreciated by us independent small businesses. Thank you.

See you at the Port, M

Friday, 12 December 2008

Gearing Up For Summer

Premium Hand-Painted Sock 100% superwash Wool (100gms/365yds) from Stranded In Oz

There's not much left of these super-high twist beauties, but a few skeins in this yarn -- dyed in similar colours to my Nepalese Laceweight. They're just the right colours to make my latest Yarn Magazine sock pattern, She Wears Seashells.

This weekend's special: mention you are a Yarn Magazine reader, and your postage for your sock yarn order is free.

Or you might like to try the latest Tofutsies Sock Club colours: There's the fab orangy one or the new blue/seagreen/greys that would be perfect for seashells:

Tofutsies is the perfect yarn for summer knitting. If you are feeling sock fatigue, there's a groovy T-Shirt pattern to make a Tofu-T (designed by Joan Somerville). It takes 5 skeins of Tofutsies, so for those of you who have stashed your sock club skeins, email me with your next order to be sure I include the T pattern. There's an X-Tra size version too!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Back at The Port

After being stranded in Auckland (long story, no details nec.) after 24 hrs travel, I finally have made it back to Port Adelaide, South Australia! No thanks to Air NZ, but mega thanks to Qantas, who saved me from being marooned in Sydney. Go the big red kangaroo!

For the Port Adelaide Market this Sunday:

Some limited edition premium sock wool -- this is high twist, 100% pure merino sock yarn (21 micron), the GOOD STUFF and won't last long. It was a scoop purchase from one of my US mill visits. There are some pale watercolours left in the premium (golds, with touches of blues and pinks) and one hank left of the premium wool/nylon (80/20) still left in a deeper colourway of burgundy with multicolour accents. The 100% wool is also brilliant for shawls and works well with my Versailles Shawl design. $25.00 per 100 gm hank -- the same price as my regular sock yarn, which is still of an excellent quality, just not the same high-twist, Italian-style yarn.

New Nepalese Laceweight Stock and new shawl pattern -- There are new colours of the Nepalese Laceweight 100% handspun, hand-dyed yarn in stock -- pale watercolours and a semi-solid colourway I am calling Cigarettes and Roses (think smokey pink). The new shawl is a version of my Jitterbug Perfume design, but using only 1 hank of Nepalese Lace to create a triangular neck wrap. The pattern is FREE with the purchase of the yarn. Two hanks makes a full-size shawl.

New colour of Cornucopia in stock -- That's right -- It's a gorgeous purple shade, Radicchio, deep pansy purple, not grapey at all. It's unreal and must be claimed so that I don't knit it myself. $15.00AU per50gm hank. This is 100% corn fibre and is machine washable, great for summer and children's garments. This corn yarn is nothing like the stuff you find in discount shops in Oz. Chalk and cheese people. Once you've knitted with this, you will understand why it is special. Try 1 hank for embellishment/accent for a start and let me know what you think.

Kollage Circ. Sizes in Stock:

In addition to new yarns (oh yes, there's more coming), the new Kollage square circular and sock needles will be at the market this Sunday. If you can't make it to the market, please email me at strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and I will be glad to quickly expedite your order.

Circulars: 3.75mm (24" and 40"), 4mm (32" and 40"), 4.5mm *32" and 40") and 5mm (32" and 40") (US 5-8) $19.80AU per circular
Double-Pointed: 2mm, 2.25mm, 2.75mm, and 3.25mm (US 0-3). Available in 5" and 7" lengths, thought the 5 inch version is going FAST. $18.00AU per set of 5

And lastly for today, thank you to Gail and Anne at Yarns and Company. For all the lovely knitters and weavers and crocheters who made me feel so welcome in Easton, MD, you will be happy to know that Gail is stocking SIOz yarns -- and has a lovely new lot of sock yarn and Nepalese Laceweight in stock. You won't want to miss out on the sock yarn especially, as she's got some beauts -- Semaphore, Betty's Yarn, and some Sherwood Forest colourways. If you are in the Easton area, do stop by Yarns and Co and check out the lovely wool Gail has in stock -- including Berroco and Plymouth yarns. They're located in Harrison Street, just across from the Tidewater Hotel. I will miss them both, as they are accomplished masters and dedicated to the craft of knitting. And I will especially miss Cinnamon, the resident Yorkie Princess who presides over the daily activities.

CU at the Port, Melissa

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Square Circs in STOCK

Just a quick note to say thank you to the customers who braved freezing weather to come out and buy yarn and veggies, and some amazing baked goods on Sat. I will miss the Easton Farmer's Market and the people who work there. If you find yourself on the Eastern Shore, make sure you check it out. They stop trading for the winter right before xmas and re-emerge for spring.

Kollage Square Circs are IN: I've got my latest supply in sizes 5,6,7,8 US. Please email strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com to let me know if you'd like a set or two. There is a limited supply of the sock needles still, but I don't reckon they'll last past xmas.

One of my customers said she thought they were "just a fad" until she used her first set of 2.0mm/US 0 sock needles. She says they are amazing and now understands what all the fuss is about. Customers have advised they really do ease the burden on sore wrists and create lovely, more uniform stitches. Give 'em a go!

To all my American customers, have a lovely thanksgiving.


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hand-Painted Soysilk

Gearing up for my last market day in the US of A for this visit. And yes, it's SNOWING today.

Below, please find some new pics of Soysilk -- the worsted weight/aran style hand-paints are Cheryl's Yarn, a custom order I had trouble parting with. The coordinating colours are semi-solids that blend beautifully. Cheryl's Yarn was kitted up for a vest. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished!

Cheryl's Yarn in Cheryl's Paint, rose, blue, and green

Luxor, Hand-Painted soy laceweight

Another shot of Cheryl's Yarn

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

*sniffle* just one more Saturday!

Hiya -- I'll be at the Easton Farmer's Market just one more Saturday -- and this one is supposed to be a cold one. Good -- it's time to take out those knitting needles and get some nice yarn to play with.

On the menu for this Saturday:

Some new, limited edition alpaca/wool blend hand-paints. This is not Peruvian import stuff, but an excellent, US-grown alpaca, blended with US coloured sheepwool. I've painted the entire lot in McLaren Vale (vineyard colours) and some coordinating semi-solids, including olive, jewel-toned blue, eggplant, and a lone hank of autumn orange. To be honest, I don't want to part with it, but I dyed it for sale, so out it goes. It will find a good home.

Also on the menu: some limited edition serendipity skeins of premium sock yarn -- superhigh twist, done in subtle, random colourways. It doesn't last long, so come on down between 8am and 1pm.

Also still available -- a few hanks left of chunky handspun wool and the last few hanks of hemp and wool. Free hat pattern still available for the hemp and wool.

And a hi there to all the folks in Oz. I'll be home soon, ready for the summer -- there'll be a new stock of warm weather knitting supplies and the awesome new Kollage sock knitting needles. They are soooo kewl.

As always, if you don't see the colours/yarns you are wanting, please email me at strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and I'm happy to take requests.

CU at the markets!

Monday, 17 November 2008

It's a twistah!

... or something like it last Saturday -- the wind howled and blew through the market in Easton! Tents flew -- it was rather dramatic. But we had fun anyway. So thank you so much to the knitters and fibre addicts who came by to say hello. This Saturday, there will be:

Hand-painted merino (fingering wt and dk wt and lace) as well as various weights of handspun. And a new batch of sock yarn. In addition, there are a few Chuppah Whorl spindles -- the last until I get back to Port Adelaide.

And thanks again to the knitters in Adelaide for their continued support. I know it's getting hot, but that doesn't seem to stop you!

Can't resist -- a photo of Angel, my sister's angora bunny! Isn't she beautiful? Angel is v. sweet and an excellent pet. Her fave place is on Beth's lap. Awwww.
CU at the market(s).

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Fab USA market and Surviving Stitches East

A big thank you to the people who came by my temporary stall at the Easton Farmer's Market. It's a lovely market and they're gearing up for the annual Waterfowl Festival. I'll have new stuff for sale, including a new pattern for the Nepalese Laceweight Wool -- something quickish to knit up for Xmas gift-giving.

Easton MD: come on down from 8-1 on this Saturday and check out the herbs, the gorgeous handmade baskets, and the fruit and veg freshly picked from around the area. You'll love it!

And thank you to the folks who came by for a chat with Vellan, the fab spinner and knitter who was at Port Adelaide last weekend.

Stitches East: If you saw a blue and green shawl in the Designer's Fashion Show on Friday night, you were looking at my Wings of A Butterfly from SWTC (see right in the sidebar). The kits are available and if you went to the show and bought one, you were the smart knitter, as they were a featured show special. Not to fear if you missed out -- kits are available, so email me at strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and we'll arrange one for you.

CU at the market(s). M

Friday, 7 November 2008

Northern AND Southern Hemisphere Markets!

Hello from Maryland -- still kicking -- painting, knitting, and writing, in the US of A.

SIOz update: while the market at Port Adelaide is still going strong -- thank you to the people who came by and had a chat and a browse with Vellan, the spinning maven, I'll be in the Northern Hemisphere at:

The Easton Farmers Market, Easton MD, for the next 3 Saturdays --

There's be some hand-painted wool, some beautiful spinning fibre, and spindles to play with. Fingers crossed, the weather should be ok this weekend!

Happy spinning and knitting to all the SIOz customers! Let us know how you are getting on and if you have any queries, keep the email coming to strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com.

Other bits: I'll be heading off the Stitches for a look at the newest gear for knitting addicts. There are some awesome tools on offer and yes, they'll be coming back to Oz with me, have no fear!

CU at the market(s). Melissa

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thank you Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival!

A giant thank you to the organisers fo the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival for putting on such a fabulous weekend. Everyone was incredibly nice and I had a fantastic time meeting all the knitters, spinners, and weavers. Each wool producer there had beautiful fleeces -- it was incredibly hard to decide what to buy.

I will be posting links from a few of my favourites -- please be sure to check out their webpages and make sure you BUY wool from them. You will not regret it one teensy bit. Not only are their fleeces, roving, top, and yarns lovely, but the people who grow and make them are outstanding human beings.

What I loved best, besides the enormous show of craft talent? 3 blissful days of NO POLITICS. Besides the odd comment here and there, the show was a haven away from the media saturation frenzy inflicted upon the inhabitants of this beautiful land. I wonder if there is such a thing as media pollution? Can we get rid of it like rubbish? IN THE BIN.

More when I wake from my post-fest stupor!
m, back in Easton, MD

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Silver Snowflake Wrap

Silver Snowflake Shawl in XIE from Knit 'N Style

It's hit the newstands: The latest Knit 'N Style, the big 11th anniversary issue, contains a brand new SIOz design via SWTC, the Silver Snowflake Shawl. This is a beginner project designed for the holiday season and uses 1 cone of the lovely SWTC Xie bamboo laceweight yarn.
The directions are written for laceweight, single thread, but the yarn can be doubled for quicker knitting.

Stitch info: the photographed stitch detail looks like a cat's paw, but it's not -- it's a lovely snowflake eyelet. The bamboo yarn has an incredible sheen and looks like silvery tinsel in the Gun Metal colourway. Be sure to use bamboo needles -- this stuff is slickery!

The first customer to order the Silver Snowflake Shawl kit gets free postage!

Happy knitting, crocheting, felting, spinning....
melissa, still in the US of A

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Gearing up for Autumn Fibre Festival and...

Greetings from Easton, Maryland, USA -- after a fantastic time at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Show (NJ) and a trip back to Maryland, I'm gearing back up for the next wild fibre adventure:

The Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival -- I'll be there with BitsyKnits, sharing the knitting, spinning, crocheting, and all things fibre madness. The weather is supposed to be superb, and due to it's more southern locale, the autumn colour will still be fabulous. If you didn't get a chance to come by at Garden State, we'll be waiting to talk yarn, fibre, and just about anything else, when you stop by!

Mention you've read the SIOz blog and receive a 10% discount on all Stranded In Oz items.

What's up for the fest:
A new shipment of Nepalese lace wool is on the way, along with some fresh and outrageous colours of recycled sari silks. Again, SIOz sari silk is the best around -- more thinly spun and less sheddy than most and great for knitting a crocheting. Don't get me wrong -- I love the chunky/bumpy stuff, but prefer to knit with the thinner variety. And I'll have a re-stock of the unreal, blacker than black, sari silk. I've never seen anything darker. Pure evil and ready for HALLOWEEN!

Yes, that's right -- it's Halloween season in the USA and I've been indulging my love for anything black and orange. Uh-huh. This includes my love for pumpkins. And to celebrate, SWTC has released my latest sock pattern creation! (Soctober's Harvest Tofutsies Sock Club Sock) Thank you to SWTC and the fibre fanatics there for saying YAY to the pumpkin cable sock. I'm really proud of that stitch.

If you want to make some gorgeous pumpkiny goodness socks, please email me at:

strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and we'll arrange for you to get your new SWTC Tofutsies Sock Club kit.

Thanks as always, to my partner Richard, Kaviare, and Vellan for minding the Port Adelaide Market for me while I wind my way around the US of A!

Friday, 26 September 2008

*waving hi* and thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came by last weekend to check out the latest at SIOz. Vellan, our guest spinner was there to have a chat and spin some wool. This week, Kate is on deck -- come on down, have a look at the latest yarns, fibres, designs, and tools, and have a chat with Kate. She's a knitting knut like the rest of us!

Mel in Yankland: never mind the politics, there are Wool Festivals to attend! I've listed the festivals Stranded In Oz will be at -- this year, I'm sharing a stall with my sister, Bitsy, from Bitsy Knits. You won't want to miss what we've got in store this year -- sneaky hint -- you have GOT TO get a hold of some of Bitsy's knitter's jewelery. Got a friend who's a fiber freak? Need to wear your addiction on your sleeve literally? Come check us out.

The listings are in my previous post.

Thanks as always for your support of my business. I hope you knit, crochet, spin, weave, stitch something wonderful this week.

Friday, 12 September 2008

In transit.... with wool and needles

Hello from Pennsylvania! SIOz is on the road at present. But for those of you in Oz, the market shop is open every Sunday as normal -- thanks to some fibre fanatic friends - Kaviare and Vellan -- and my partner, Richard. Should you have any questions regarding designs and yarns from SIOz, please don't hesitate to ask -- I'm online as usual and the stall is full of things to get you inspired to make something for you and yours. I really missed my market Sunday last week. It was strange not being there (esp. going through hot donut withdrawal).

Just finished reading the new FELT, from Interweave. Cover to cover in one sitting, 'natch. And the needlefelted beagles? You just have to have a look. No affiliation to said publication, just admiring the talent it takes to do the kind of work displayed in those pages. The last issue sold out, so if you see it on the newstand, grab it.

Festival on the US schedule:

Garden State Annual Sheep and Fiber Festival:
October 4th and 5th at the Hunterdon County Fairgrounds - Saturday and Sunday 9-5

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival:
October 25th and 26th Ruritan Fairgrounds, Berryville VA - 10-5 each day

In between festivals, I'll be doing workshops around the eastern seaboard of the US of A, including some freeform madness with the North Country Spinners. Can't wait to meet them.

Just when I thought I wouldn't fit in any more fun --- it's off to the North Country Fibre Fallout -- an entire weekend of inspiration. I've managed to squeeze myself into the Sandy Terp lace workshop. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks again to you for checking in to SIOz news. Stay tuned for photos and updates.

Sincerely, Melissa

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Soy! and more Soy

Hope you are looking forward to spring -- a great time to store away your wooly stuff and think about trying something new. Plenty of new soy dk colours available -- it's great for summer garments, beach bags, and babies/kidswear -- machine washable, absorbent like cotton, but doesn't pill.

Wool storage tip: try the dry patchouli leaves available at the Honey Shoppe in the Adelaide Central Market. They're the leaves from Ache, Indonesia and they're great for keeping the bugs outta your stash. Sure, your stash will smell like hippies, but that's a good thing right? This shop is also a good source of lavender, if you just can't stand the patchouli.

On deck for this Sunday: Kate (Kaviare on Ravelry) will be in charge of the shop this weekend. What to look for this week? Check out guest spinner, Vellan's, handspun yarn. There's a special lot of skeins to be scooped up by an intrepid customer. Lovely stuff!

The palm wood Kollage square needles continue to be popular. Plenty of them still available (see the sidebar for more details).

Happy Knitting! Melissa

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Yarn September Issue

The latest issue of Yarn Magazine is hot off the presses and just in time for you and yours to plan some spring and summer knitting. This issue includes a new Stranded In Oz sock design, "Smiley Socks," a bit of easy, noworriesifyou'rechatting, knitting -- EASY sock pattern. Surely, silly socks for the silly season.

For Stranded In Oz customers, I've put together a Limited Edition Sock Kit -- this includes:
  • The original That 70's Yarn special sock colourway from Knitting By Zen
  • The original contrasting colours yarns used (mini-hanks of yellow and black)
  • A set of bamboo sock needles (the really short ones that are hard to find)
  • $30.00 AU, excluding postage (usually $5.00 in Aus)
This kit will be available during the Sockstravaganza Sunday, August 31st at the Port Adelaide Fisherman's Wharf Markets. There are bargain sock knitting finds ready to be scooped up. Email orders are fine. 

From the dyetable this week:
  • huge new selection of Soy DK in spring/summer colours
  • Limited Edition hand-painted Tofutsies@
  • new crop of florals in 100% Australian Merino 8ply
  • new stock of laceweights - 2 ply merino and Nepalese laceweights, including some golds and yellows and greens I've been mad-scientisting

See you at the Port.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Thank you and Sock Wool Sale on Aug 31st

Thank you to the knitters who came by on Sunday -- it was great to see you. And especially great to see the work that you've done with SIOz yarns. The fibre artists using SIOz aloo!? Unbelieveably beautiful depictions of trees -- the leaves were wonderful. South Aussie talent abounds.

Sunday is SOCKSTRAVAGANZA day -- sock yarns on sale -- see details in previous posting. The stock display will change for September -- spring and summer knitting here we come.

Hand-Painted Tofutsie@

See you at the Port. Mel

Monday, 18 August 2008

Stash Sale Quatro

Thank you to everyone who has come by to share in the madness that is the SIOz stash sale. There's another Sunday of miscellaneous yarn on offer for the 24th of August.

What's going in the basket:

a pile of peruvian alpaca -- lovely prussian teally blue
a pile of hand-painted chilean alpaca handpaint -- no one has claimed (?)
a pile of merino -- it's bright teal/aqua, but outstandingly soft
a PILE of Jo Sharp mohair -- the last of the first-quality lot people!

Out for the first time:
The new lot of Kollage Square Needles -- the last of the real deal palmwood, handmade ones! Going FAST.

Too many new colours of hand-painted SIOz yarns to mention here, including new soys (praying the gorgeous golden soy is ready for Sunday), lace yarns, and sock wools. Get a jump on the sockmaniacs for next week and come by.

All the new sock yarn is in stock. It's all gorgeous and I'm patting all with kindness and enriching each ball with good knitting karma.

A yarn **rn shot for today:

A  2ply wool in olive, sapphire, and an amazing jade green, with just a touch of fushcia-tinged purple.


Since there are 5! Sundays in August, the final day of the stash sale will be...

August 31st: SOCK MADNESS -- that's right... there's all sorts of sock yarn at reduced prices. Just the thing for spring and summer knitting.

In addition:

Sale prices on all SIOz hand-painted sock yarn - 20% off
Sale prices on Tofutsies sock yarn (SUNDAY ONLY), including the newest colours.

And of course, a there will be a few surprises and goodies for those who venture up to the Port on a Sunday, including a new sock yarn to hit these shores.

And if you aren't into sock knitting, no worries, as many of the yarns that will be out are perfect for other types of garments. Plenty of patterns on hand.

There's a nice stock of little sock needles and a few KnitPicks circulars for people who'd like to learn to knit socks on 1 long circular. If you are stuck on a pattern or just in need of some sock inspiration, come on by. 

Plenty of copies of the Yarn Magazine Sock Issue and lots of other sock patterns. And get ready... there's a new Stranded In Oz sock pattern coming out for the September issue of Yarn Magazine, featuring a special yarn from Knitting By Zen.

See You at the Port
mel, still stranded

Monday, 11 August 2008

Stash Sale Trois

Even with the outrageously cold conditions (hail!) the Stash Sale is going great guns. If you want to snag a yarn bargain, come on up to the Port and say hello! The hot coffee vendor was especially popular yesterday.

In the Stash Bin this week: all yarns on clearance are AT LEAST 50% off retail, some even cheaper

Jo Sharp mohair -- priced too cheap to mention
more sock yarn -- fine quality Italian sock yarns in solids
more ****picks lace yarns -- still a few nice colours left
excellent quality acrylic chenille -- not the cheesy stuff, but nice, plush stuff great for blankies
and scarves
Cherry Tree Hill -- the pile is greatly depleated, but still a few nice sock yarn (wool as well as alpaca) hanks left.

From the dyeworks this week:
More Impressionist sock yarns -- this lot is predominantly blues and deeper tones -- there are still some green/blues left (not much)
A few hand-painted florals in reds, blues, greens

The Hemp and Wool Think Global and Greens/Oranges/Browns with Gray are dry!


The big lots of laceweight are ready for sale.

TOFUTSIES: Replenished selection of colours in now, so be sure to stop by and grab the balls you want for summer sock knitting. I will be happy to put aside your colour for online sales -- email strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and I'll arrange your order today.

Knit something nice today!
mel, still stranded

Friday, 8 August 2008

The Weather and Yarn

It's Mel's birthday!  Wheeeeee! To celebrate, I mixed a purple that has been bothering me -- just had to mix it today -- and so far, it's looking good.

Rain has delayed the drying of the new Nepalese Lace Yarns in McLaren Vale, Silly Galah, and the Impressionist watercolours, but I'm hoping a day and a half will do the trick. As soon as it's dry, I'll post some pics.

Check out the newest SIOz design from SWTC -- a Xie Wrap. It will be available for download very soon!

Square Needles: Kollage advises that they are sending the last of their palm wood needles in sizes they have left -- I ordered a stack, as they are fabulous. But have no fear -- they are introducing.... SQUARE CIRCULARS (60 and 100cm lengths from 2.00 to 6.00 mm) and a new line of dpns and straights (the straight squares will be bamboo). Please email me to pre-0rder your circular square needles!

See you at the market or online!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Baby it's cold outside

But in the house, with pup and knitting, not so bad!

Stash Sale Deux: Ok -- don't fear -- if you haven't been by the sale table, there's new and wonderful, first quality yarns left -- so come by this weekend, have a coffee, and a donut or two (they're fresh and delicious and I curse their existence), and feel free to check out the sale baskets.

From the dyeworks this week:

A new version of Think Global -- in the Hemp and Wool -- a bit livelier, with rose and a kickin' smidge of light purple. New Colourway -- blue/green, olive, orange, and charcoal. Definitely belongs in Sherwood Forest. Free hand cosie or hat pattern with a purchase of 1 hank of hemp and wool or sari wool.

Sock Wool: more of the Impressionist colours. They are tints, not baby pastels and have a range of purples, blues, greens, and a hint of red and pink -- just a hint.

5ply and 8ply: a few hanks done like the sock wool -- pale tints of florals.  A real contrast to the deep and bright colours in my soy and hempwool range.

More Nepalese Laceweight -- not just for lace knitting tho'. Colourways: Silly Galah and McLaren Vale. These are still in the dyeworks, so you never know... There are also some Impressionists' hanks of Nepalese Lace as well, but I'm not peeking!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Got the Blues. And Greens

By request, the greens and blues arrived -- a variety of types of yarns including sock, 8ply, and laceweight wools. The sock yarn is almost sold out. The front hank is the more saturated version, the hank behind is a subtler, paler paint. There are multiple blues and greens in this yarn.

The 8ply version includes an olive green I couldn't resist mixing.

Due to the wet weather, the drying process is taking its time, so your patience is appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who came by for the first day of the Great Stash Sale -- I'll be loading up each week with interesting and lovely yarns -- most are between 50 and 70 percent off the regular retail price. And a big thank you the diehard addicts who came early. They scored some gorgeous hanks of one of my fave handpainters -- Cheryl Potter. There's a wee bit left of the outrageous hand-paints, a nice selection of first quality sock yarn (don't miss out on those) and of course, as always, SIOz hand-painted wools.

On the Stash table for this Sunday -- a ridiculous amount of Jo Sharp mohair has got to go! So bring your mags and books and pick up a bargain. This yarn is still in the factory bags and is light enough to work with as the weather gets warmer -- like a cloud!

There's also a bin of project packs -- sock packs, hat/scarf packs... shawl packs at great prices.

From the dyetable this week: hemp and wool yarn in some kickin' colourways, including fave, Think Global and more solids are on the whiteboard dyelist. If you can't get to the Port market on Sundays, Luci at Think Global (Hove) stocks SIOz hemp and wool and banana silk.

AUGUST TOFUTSIES @SOCK CLUB IS IN: It's Toe Jam, by Deby Lake and the colourway is a slate, silver, and light blue. Bee-ute! Email or ring to arrange your delivery.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sock it to me!

Like a dj, I'm thrilled when I get a request. It gets my colour creation brain into high gear. This week -- the sock yarn arrived as it was TOLD to do. I've got a limited supply of Brown Sheep's Wildefoot (undyed) which will be heading for the dyetable this week.

Blues and Greens are first up people, so email me with your requests and I will paint away. There's a new batch of the original Sherwood Forest. Love the gloves dreadlord vellan is making for her pa! Why didn't I dye some for me? 

As promised, the El Grande stash sale is on this Sunday. 

In the bins:

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Berroco Zen and Suede
misc Elann.com sock yarns -- solids
Philosopher's Wool Shawl pack in naturals
Cherry Tree Hill handpainted treasures -- sock yarns!
***Picks merino 2 and 4 ply yarns. Don't miss these!
ALL the Jo Sharp mohair still in the bags -- in lovely colours
Misc. lace wools -- a nice pile there...

Every ball or hank is stored wrapped, in pristine condition. Anything funky (luxury yarn oddballs) will be in the rummage basket...

Let's face it -- the stash is a fine collection, but it has to GO. So don't miss the fun. I will be putting new stuff out each week of August, so come on by for a coffee, a rummage around, and a chat about your knitting. What's on your needles?

Keep Knitting to stay warm!
mel, still stranded

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Gone Bananas --- Again

That's right -- the fibre addicts at Bendigo ate all the banana... silk. So here are photos of the latest batches. I'm so taken with the depth of colours that I hate to part with it. The sun came out at just the right time to cure it to perfection.

Metalic Red Banana Silk

Leafy, Mid-Green and Magenta Banana Silks

Purple Banana Silk

There's Aloo dyed to match each colourway if you want to make a Banana Smoothie, but get in quick, as I've got orders for this week. Next week, the return of Cookie Monster/Beast Blue, Dark Foresty Teal, and a new WILD PINK!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Thank you to everyone who came by my stall at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show this last weekend. It was great to meet you all. Below you will find my stall "sign". Necessity!

And my apologies to all who missed out on the wool sock yarn and banana palm silk/banana smoothie kits. I have ordered more sock wool (more of the good stuff people!) and the silk is drying on the racks as I type. If you are seeking sock wool, email your colour suggestions to: strandedinoz at gmail dot com early this week.

This week's banana palm silk colours: mid-green (a bit Kermity!), reddish purple (deep beetrooty), and a deeeep red, because I get so many requests for it.

There's another batch of soy on the way, this time in a wild purple mix (by request).

Smoothie kits are $35.00 ($30.oo if you say you already have the latest issue of YARN). $5.00 postage within Oz, (sans insurance).

The Kollage Square Needles are SOLD OUT. If you would like to try a pair, please let me know by the end of the week, when I am putting in my new order.

And a special thank you to the people who came 'round to give me a loo break, a sanger, or a cup of java, especially Judith, Kate, and Vellan. That was ace.

Mel, still stranded!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Can't talk now -- must PACK

SIOz and friends will be at the Australian Sheep and Wool show until Monday, July 21st.
Where: Osborne #33
To check out other details, go to :

Sheep Show

See previous bloggage for info on what I've got in the stash for Bendigo. Unreal: just got a box of the newest, gorgeousest wool -- the first few customers will be the first to get a new, hot off the printer pattern from me, Mel. Come by early. Hey! NO PEEKING.

See you soon, Mel

Monday, 14 July 2008

New SIOz pattern exclusively from SWTC

Good Monday to you. And thank you to the fab knitters and crocheters who came by to the market yest. And a double thanks to the enthusiastic Priscilla, the Tofutsies Club demon. I must admit a soft spot in my heart for fellow sock knitters.

The Nepalese lace yarn supply is getting depleted -- see previous entry re my ode to its lovely qualities. There's some more drying today that's been reserved for Bendigo. I swear I will not stash any!

POSH in Jezebel

New Pattern:  the very pink POSH scarf in Jezebel is available from SWTC via their Shopatron links. Go to their webpage and click on BUY NOW. It's listed under patterns, Jezebel - Jezebel is their new hand-dyed, semi-solid colour range of Uruguayan 2ply wool. I must admit this yarn makes my heart SING, as I love South American kettle-dyed yarn. The enviro issues relating to importing wool to Australia (coal to Newcastle) are many. HOWEVER, it is spun from non-mulesed sheep and the income generated for the Uruguayan economy make this yarn very special indeed. Since I work from the US as well Australia, some of my designs are in their market. Don't think I don't love being Australian --  best thing I ever did was make Oz my home. But I do work in the US of A (though I admit I shake my head a lot when I visit) and yes, it makes my mum happy when I work from the motherland. 

How do you know you are Aussie? When the Athens olympics were on, I was screaming for the Australian swimmers - not a conscious impulse. My partner, Richard, just laughed and laughed.

See you at the big SHOW or, say hello to my partner, Richard, at the Port Market on Sunday. He's the one who looks like Shrek.

m, still stranded

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Quick Knit Projects for Hemp and Wool Yarn

From the design desk this week: some free patterns for Hemp and Wool Yarn customers:

SIOz's Hemp and Wool. The Duelling Beanie is shown in colourway Think Global and the Hemp and Wool Hand Cosies are shown in a semisolid orange, one of my fave colours! and I hope you like it too. The patterns are free with the purchase of SIOz Hemp and Wool Yarn.

There is also an 8ply merino version of the hat:
(the 8ply photo is care of kaviare) There are some kick ass hanks of 8ply in Sherwood Forest (DARK version) as well as some new colourways of hemp and wool, all ready for sale this week.

Also on board: new Nepalese laceweight colourways -- I've been test knitting with this -- at first, it looked like it was a felted-type yarn. But it's not -- it has a tremendous halo and feels like mohair. I've been knitting a shawl with it and it's got a lot of sproing. There are two families of this yarn available -- bright and bold and some more subtle, soft colourways.

Come by at Port Adelaide Fisherman's Wharf Market on Sunday, or see you at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

Knit something warm for someone you care about.

m, still stranded

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Yarn Hot Shots and Bendigo Show

Tofutsies Heaven:

I've been advised I'm too slack at posting yarn photos, so here are some for the week.

Above is an enticing display of Tofutsies -- go on, you know you want some!

A semi-decent shot of the green/blue/browns in 5ply wool. Love this colourway. The blue/greens, blue/reds and gelati-coloured wools are all NZ dk unplied hand-paints.

The wool from the dyeworks is drying, with another lot ready for processing. Look out for the wild wool this week -- I did serendipity/dyer's choice skeins this week. Some coloursways will not be repeatable in their present state, so get in early if there's something that strikes your fancy.

Included in this week's selection: a rare hank of mini-boucle mohair (at present, I am unable to order more), a very cool wool boucle lace yarn, some premium quality 80/20 sock wool from my fav. small Pennsylvania mill, and some dyer's choice hemp and wool.

The rest of the latest shipment of Nepalese lace yarn has been dyed in some outrageous colourways. My fave: light shades of teal, green, brown, and reddish purple.

Below is a shot of the winter soy colours -- outrageous red is sold out, but more is on the way.

For those of you headed to Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, please come by and say hello. SIOz will be in Osborne #33.

In addition to the pile of yarn hanks, I will also have Kollage Square Needles -- the first lot arrived last week. These needles are great for people who have arthritis or pain in their hands from knitting.

I will be posting pre-show information next week on the webpage.

Below right, you'll find Judith Avery's version of the Hailstone Jumper from Yarn Magazine. I dyed semi-solids in natural 8ply for the project. Didn't she make the cutest jumper for her grandson, Angus? And isn't Angus a great name for a grandson?

mel, still stranded

Monday, 30 June 2008

Waving Hello, saying Thank You

Though the weather was cold, the atmosphere was warm 'round the market, as several lovely knitters and crocheters came by to say hello, fondle some yarn, and play with spindles.

Thank you especially to the mum's and daughters who came by -- it was family day at Stranded In Oz. And isn't that why most of us knit and crochet? To make something special for people we care about? Thank you to Mel *smile*, who went away with the covetted hanks of Sherwood Forest laceweight merino. My husband thanks you, as it was migrating towards the personal stash. Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

And to the beginner spinners -- if you bring back what you've spun with your Chuppah Whorl, you get a special 20% discount on your next purchase of spinning fibre.  More Chuppah Whorl spindles on the way, in more groovy colours. Rick says he' s going for wild this week, as it is tax season, and things are crazy!

mel, still stranded in oz

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

From the dye workshop

Some new 5 ply hanks -- put up in 200 gm hanks: blue/greens and red/purples. There's a new batch of 8ply 100% merino for winter accessories or jumpers. A few lace-weight treasures to be had in the mix!

At left, top: 8ply 100% merino, middle: kidd mohair lace , bottom: 2ply wool

At right; top -- reds, pinks, greens 8ply merino

middle - sherwood forest 2ply

bottom - sherwood forest 8ply merino (gray version)

Knit something warm and soft for someone you love.

At lower right, a beautiful 3ply pure wool hank, ready to be knitted into a scarf, or shawl, or whatever strikes your fancy. At lower left, a serendipity skein of 8ply merino.

Friday, 20 June 2008

orange olives hemp and wool

Beanie in SIOz hand-painted hemp and wool. Could not resist casting this on and playing with yarn -- OK -- there is nothing else quite like it -- soft, warm, lovely nubby bits of hemp which bloom and create surface interest. Toasty, but not heavy. Just a pleasure to wear and of course, to knit.

This colourway has red as well as orange in it -- the shot was taken in bright sunlight -- and there's a bit of pinkish purple in there with silver as the contrast. The green is accented with brown. Must make a note: need better camera!

There are some kick-ass hanks for orange semi-solid and some outrageous RED in this week's batch of hemp and wool. VERY RED SOY as well as BEETROOT to be knitted.

See you at the market!