Saturday, 25 June 2011

blog lagging

Hello from SIOz Central where the dyeing just keeps on going! I wish I could say I've got a clear list in my head, but to be honest, the colours are going faster than I can list.

If you are wondering what is heading up to Bendigo... here's few hints (not a full list):
New yarn in Robin Hood colours -- this is a charming merino with a touch of alpaca fine yarn -- approx. 225m per 50gms. It's incredibly lovely in this colour group and I'm sooo wanting to play with it. But onward...

Select hanks of Uruguayan merino lace in some oldies but goodies, including Drama Queen, Banjara Quilt (haven't painted THAT in a while and why, I do not know), as well as a few others that people have requested. I've done a few hanks of Dye! My Pretties in the same colours. Just for fun!

There will be several specials for July, so check back every so often for those. In the meantime, thanks for reading the blog and for your enthusiasm!


Friday, 17 June 2011

Beautiful Knitting and Yarns for the Weekend of June 19, 2011

Hello and thank you to everyone who came by on the holiday weekend. Enjoy your yarn and fibre.
And a special thanks to the people who shared their beautiful work.

Piecepatcher, Colleen, shared this photo with me and I have to post it -- I'm behind in the blogging!

Colleen's Piecepatcher (Rav) beautiful shawl knitted 
in SIOz hand-painted mohair/merino lace

The yarn used in this shawl is some mohair/merino I purchased from the good people at Kraemer Yarns, PA. It's been given the SIOz treatment of course and there are just a few hanks left -- in Floral Purples and in Cork, one of my more popular greens. Mmmmm. Green!

Here are some yarns to tempt you this weekend:

Glinda, the Good Wool -- new sock yarn from SIOz 
75% wool/25% nylon with a touch of lurex

This yarn as been torturing me this week as I work on show and design projects. But you, my dear yarn addicts can get yourself a hank of Glinda this week. There's more drying at the moment, in what I can only describe as a psychedelic serendipity. Totally, like, think Haight Ashbury.

Also ready for the needles -- more Dye! My Pretties!:

Fairies in the Garden -- Dye My Pretties Sock Yarn 

 Dark Ochre - Dye! My Pretties Sock Yarn

I have to admit it, it's going to be difficult to part with the new lot, Fairies in the Garden. There's just something about this dye lot that makes me smile. And the Dark Ochre is a tonal mix, for knitters who want less contrast for those more complicated stitches that need some colour, but not to be over-powered by wild yarn.

There are more lots to come, including a lovely purple-dominated Winter Floral mix that is drying at the moment.

Thanks as always to you all. There is no way for me to adequately express my gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm for what I do. But thank you.  

Saturday, 11 June 2011

There. That's Better! And thank you!

Antarctica, AU Dye! My Pretties!

The sun came out just in time to take some photos! Here are some new ones of the latest lots of Dye! My Pretties! The newest lots have been loaded online.

And here's a photo of the free glove pattern to go with the luxury cashmere and cashmere/merino hanks for the weekend. The colour shown is Loaded Dog. This glove features a gusset shaping that works for either hand, making it easy to work up quickly.

A big thank you has to go out to everyone who voted for my Under the Sea Sock for the Cherry Tree Hill Sock Contest. I didn't win, but that's ok, because I sold the pattern this week to a different yarn company. I'll let you know when it becomes available for you to knit!  I hope all of you who voted got some consolation by getting the discount voucher from CTH. Mmmmm. Supersock!

CU at the Port Markets this weekend, and online. M

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Photos? Yarn and darkness do not mix

Apologies to those of you who've been trying to glimpse the new colours for this weekend. The lack of decent light -- and a busy weekend made for terrible photos. The one's I've got just don't cut it.

New lots for this weekend include Dye! My Pretties!:
Argus -- a mix of beetroot and pink
Bel Air Green -- very eucalypty
Easton Green -- Piney Green -- very dark
Antarctica AU -- icy, chilly blues

There are also lots of Will Scarlet and Dark Pear Green in the squidgy Merino4 Premium

A few hanks of Merino8 Premium will be available -- what's left after a run for a shop.

For weekend hrs, please see previous post.

What's next? There are some more announcements re Stranded In Oz in the next few weeks.

Lots for next week include:

Stranded In Oz's new sock wool -- GLINDA, the Good Yarn! This yarn is a traditional wool/nylon sock yarn with a thread of silvery, spangly lurex in it -- subtle sparkle for special feet. It takes dye more intensely than the Kraemer Silver.

More lots of Toe-Toe, the hand-dyed Tofutsies from Oz (in a long-awaited Woodland Creatures) and some more Dye! My Pretties! including a very Aussie, ochrey mix. as well as a bright blend of Winter Floral in blues and hot pinks and a very vibrant version of jade green.  Yowza!

Club packs go out on the 15th this month. Hey, you know, if you are currently a 6-mos subsciber, you are eligible to use your club discount on the resub. Clever knitters!

And... if you have been thinking of joining -- you can use your Ravelry SIOz one-time intro discount to join too. Because Aug's pack takes a bit more prep than some of the others, the sooner you sub would be greatly appreciated here at Oz Central.

CU online and at the Port Markets.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Queen's Birthday Specials and Kaz's First Sock!

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend: Stranded In Oz will be trading both Sunday and Monday for the long weekend. To Port Shoppers, please peruse the online shop -- and if you wish, order ahead. There are of course yarns that haven't been loaded online yet, but if you see something you want to buy, do so now to avoid disappointment. Choose Store Pickup for your shipping option.

And, to celebrate the Queen's birthday, I'm running a special on the luxury side. What else? Cashmere.

This weekend, I will have the Cashmere DK and Cashmere/Wool DK on sale -- 90gms of hand-painted luxury yarns -- each pack will have 3 hanks of yarn and a pattern for gloves. $19.99 for cashmere/wool and $24.99 for the pure cashmere. You won't find these yarns any where else -- they are luxury spun yarns done for a European brand. I've got the lot here and am continuing to dye it until it's gone.

I am endeavouring also to top up the Lone Hank Hamper and the bargain yarns -- for fun scarves and other nice things to knit this winter.

Something to share from Kaz:

Kaz has been majorly bitten by the spinning and knitting bug -- here's her first sock! Spun in SIOz merino/lyo (that's the fibre I'm featuring this month for the club) -- she spun hers from the Queen Anne's Garden mix.  I was blown away by her socks! Thank you to Kaz for giving me permission to post these piccies.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Socks Away, tidying up, moving forward

I have a deadline hangover. That's right -- the files are emailed, the garments have been confirmed received (until they are confirmed safe, there's that few days where you think, AusPost, please make sure the hand-knitted X arrives safely. Puh-leeeese).

And today, I have a deadline hangover. Hearing slightly off (that could just be the Van Halen hangover from the 80's -- no earplugs, head in giant Marshall stack), slightly dizzy, prone to napping with doggie.

And just when I thought it was safe to go to the computer, there are more files that need attention.

Today, I've tidied up the webshop a bit, added a few colours to the Dye! My Pretties! range, including the very subtle, very soft and pretty Blue and Paler Purple WF Mix. The colour shifts are very subtle in this dyelot -- the photo just doesn't capture this at all!

Dye! My Pretties in Blue and Paler Purples

I've also uploaded new photos of some of the Merino 4 Naturals yarns -- my fave scarf yarn at the moment.

Destined for the needles: new designs for 2011 and 2012. More socks, more shawls, and some more larger projects. I've been obsessed with a cardigan idea on and off for way too long and that needs my attention.

There's a heap of news regarding SIOz and shows both here in Australia and my work in the USA. Will try to keep you posted asap. Stay Tuned. First up of course is Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show in July. I hope to see some of you there!

Club Updates: the yarn and fibre are ready to rock and roll. I'm fully subbed on the lots that are ready. If you've been thinking of joining, the subs for the second half of the year are open. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding. I'm pretty damned excited about June's sock. The colour is decidedly DARK and rich -- just right for a warm pair of socks or a lovely winter scarf.

As much as I want to sneak a piccie on the blog, I don't want to ruin the surprise for the subscribers. The colourway for both clubs is Melbourne Twilight -- a purple-dominated colour.

Off to giftwrap the darling husband's birthday gift. Tomorrow we celebrate by going to see the new X-Men flick. Yup, his choice for sure.

Best X-Men pic ever!