Monday, 29 June 2009

Thank you from Port Adelaide

*waving hello* Well, the 12:30 start for the footy made for a quiet day at the Port Markets, but that didn't seem to stop the intrepid spinners, knitters, weavers from venturing out on a not-to-bad day. Sun managed an appearance too.

The stockpile for BSW and SS grows -- I'll be posting sneak peeks eventually, but hey, you'll just have to stop by to see what is in store. 

Thank you to Leslie -- knitter and yarn gourmet. Her visit included CHOCOLATE, so she gets major kudos for good culinary and wool taste.

A big hello and nice to meet you to Lucy from VIC, who says she'll be up at Bendigo. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to say hello next month. She advised she and her keen knitter friends won't be up in Bendigo til the afternoon and this was a strong reminder that I need to reserve some sock yarn for later arrivals. The sock yarn stockpile was massacred early in the Friday last year and I spent the week following Bendigo sending out sock orders.  Not complaining, but figure, hey, you go all the way to the show, you want your yarn RIGHT AWAY!

Several customers came by to discuss dye brands. I don't discuss the brand(s) I use, because I find everyone has a personal preference. I am a firm believer in buying a crapload of different dyes and finding the one that suits your eyes, your dye method, and your wallet. And since I don't get paid for advertising, I'll say no more.  If any dye houses want free advertising, they can contact me *laugh*

CU at the markets. 

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Rain! Rain?

Who said it could rain when there's yarn to dry? Right -- umpteen years of drought and this winter, it's gotta rain. That would be right.

Not to fear -- yarn is inside and safe, but it will take longer to dry.  And of course, as I'm a full-time designer and dyer, there's still plenty ready for sale.


Another shipment of affordable bamboo needles is on the way. 

AND: the new shipment of KnitPro wooden needle sets is in stock $118.00AU. They're proving popular!

Premium 80/20 sock wool in serendipity blues/greens $15.00AU per 50gm

Friday, 19 June 2009

thank you!

serendipity floral 8ply Aussie Wool

Thank you to everyone who came by to buy yarn and fibre on Thursday at the Brighton Market. Due to gentle pestering, I will make another appearance there on the 1st Thursday of July -- the last time I'll be there before Bendigo and pts beyond.

The winter floral colourways are coming along and there will be plenty for Bendigo and the SS. Pictured in this entry are a coupla teasers -- apologies, but they were snatched up as soon as I had them out for purchase. Not to fear -- there will be more.

Special thanks to the fab spinner knitter wearing the GORGEOUS banana palm silk vest!!! OMG -- it's fabulous. And of course, I was an idiot and left the camera at home. EMAIL piccies please and I will post them on le blog.

Also on show -- a v. cute little boy's hat, complete with pompoms. I stared at him as he walked around the market, thinking, gee, that hat is so cute -- wonder what yarn it is. And DOH! yeah, it was knitted in SIOz yarn. Honestly, I paint a lot of yarn, so excuse my brainfart. Damn, that hat is cute. It was knitted in a serendipity version of Way Over the Rainbow -- I took artistic license with the versions of the colours that day. Must paint some more!

I'm in full-on show-dyeing mode so if you have a custom colour request, ring or email me tout suite and it will get put on the whiteboard schedule.

The webpage will be changing in preparation for my show season -- as always, the latest photos will be posted on the blog -- including show product previews.

8ply merino in winter floral (bg) and

pure merino singles (front)

Happy knitting and as always, thank you for purchasing SIOz yarns, designs and fibres.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

This week from SIOz

Well, I may not have been able to get to Knit in Public Day festivities yest, but some of us surely made up for it today at the Port Market!

Thanks to Leslie, Eric, and Raphael for coming by today -- we had a fun time chatting, some of us knitting (Eric had one of his fab beanies with him) and, for the big surprise, Raphael insisted on giving me one of his AMAZING market bags -- made from SIOz aloo. I promise photos this week of this awesome crocheted creation. I cannot wait to take my aussie market bag to the Sock Summit and plan to fill it -- good market karma bag. With the bag came some very special fisherman's linen twine -- the real mccoy -- no longer made. I will cherish it until I can find the appropriate project to use it. It's a v. kewl olivey green (my fave) and would make a v. kewl rug. Must opine some more.

By now it is clear I will not be at the Port after July (only temporarily). I'm off overseas to do shows and festivals. That doesn't mean the special crafters in Adelaide will miss out, as I've scheduled regular shipments of SIOz yarns to come back to Adelaide. My sister, Bitsyknits, and I will be dyeing yarn all spring/autumn (depending on your hemisphere!) and so, the SIOz story will continue. I look forward to getting my annual fix of wool from my fave Yankie mill and painting some outrageously fun yarn.

My stall will stay open with the help of fantastic people who will be able to talk about knitting, crochet and all matters wooly. I will post days, when appropriate, on who will be where. I am hoping to coax a fave spinner into making the occasional appearance so you can come by and talk spinning too.

Whew -- now to this week -- SIOz will be at the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market one more time before Bendigo Sheep and Wool and all points northern. I'll be featuring UNDYED fibres -- so if you want something pure and natural to knit, come on over this Thurs from 9:30-12:30. Richard -- the coffee guru -- will be there and he makes a nice cup of joe!

And thanks to everyone who came by today to talk wool, fibre, and all things crafty. A big hello to the peeps from Marden -- can't wait to see what you do with your fibre finds. 

CU at the markets, Mel, SIOz

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's everywhere!

Yarn that is. And it's all gotta get finished! 

Just a note to say that the 3rd Thursday in June will be my last Brighton Market until I return from overseas. I will be keeping my shop at the Port Markets whilst I travel -- with the help of some very special people. You'll be able to fondle and purchase SIOz yarns here.

Silk scarves -- I'll be having new ones finished as I do the cellulose dye runs. To conserve dye and water, I only run silk velvet when there's a full dyelot. There's a WICKED RED silk velvet scarf on the drying rack as I type. This one isn't the bright red, but the bloody, dark winey red. And yes, I've dyed some banana silk with it! With little time to knit, it is pure torture looking at that yarn.

Pictures when yarn is dry.

Cheers and thanks, M 

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


G'day to you -- here in Port Adelaide I'm in the midst of preparing for Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show and for my annual festival trip overseas, so please excuse if the market stall is a bit messy! 

Thank you to everyone who came by on the holiday weekend. The wool stocks are greatly depleted, but have no fear, more is on the way from the lovely mill peoples.

Special hello to Colleen, who came by to show me the shawl she made out of some McLaren Vale CSW. It is AMAZING -- her lace is just gorgeous. I wanted to grab it and keep it, but I reckon she's not letting that one go! 

And hello to my fave mother/daughter team -- the spinner in the family is going fab on a new spindle -- youngest spinning customer award to her! *waving* I really really wanted the purple/blue with sparkle/glitz handspun she was making. Very pretty. 

Look out for some awesome crocheted bags from Raphael around town -- he's making some outrageous bags for his mum and sis. Lucky women! And he went away with almost all the Puna and dark plummy purple aloo. There is a bit more left, so let me know if you'd like to play with some. Puna is my light purpley orchidish colour. 

This week: I'll be gearing up for festivals, but still bringing new yarns to the Port Markets.  If you have a special request, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate them in the dye runs this week. 

CU at the markets, M

Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Port for This Long Weekend

Just a reminder that I'll be trading both tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday from 9-5. There's a pile of new yarns in various weights. 

The highlight this week? The new winter florals are starting to bloom. 

In the baskets  -- new sock yarn colours, more pure, luxurious merino laceweight (see prev post) and more wild serendipity skeins to play with. 

On order: more wild mohair blends (they're proving popular) and some alpaca and silk dk mill ends. I'll be sure to post when the alpaca/silk arrives -- oddballs and in some very lovely colours.

CU at the Port!

Friday, 5 June 2009

more fresh photos to get you knitting

Pure Merino Singles -- Hand-Painted $38.00AU/800m per hank 

Serendipity 3 

Winter Florals -- Nepal Wool Lace Singles $10.00AU/approx. 400m per hank

Aussie 8Ply Wool (merino blend) $10.00AU/100m per 50gm

(above hanks shown in 200gm put-ups) Winter Serendipity

Mix these with your oddballs for a fab winter cardigan.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fresh Yarn -- For a New Week

G'day and happy winter to you. Here are the latest photos of some new yarns in stock and ready to go -- see May 31st (prev blog entry) for all details on latest yarns and fibres for sale.

I'll be at the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market tomorrow (1st Thurs.) and the 3rd Thurs. of June. 

More photos later in the week, including the latest lot of Pure Merino lace singles, 8ply, and new sock yarn (Aussie wool).

hand-painted blues and greens -- premium 4ply sock wool $15.00 AU per 165m/50gm hank

This is 80%wool/20% nylon from a fantastic North American mill.

winter florals - blue greens and pink reds

HANDSPUN chunky wool (approx. 3sts=2.5cm/1")in Nepal and ethically-traded by SIOz $5.00AU per 50gm/25m 

2 hanks make a beanie :-) or a groovy pair of wristwarmers

great for freeform and felting