Friday, 26 September 2008

*waving hi* and thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came by last weekend to check out the latest at SIOz. Vellan, our guest spinner was there to have a chat and spin some wool. This week, Kate is on deck -- come on down, have a look at the latest yarns, fibres, designs, and tools, and have a chat with Kate. She's a knitting knut like the rest of us!

Mel in Yankland: never mind the politics, there are Wool Festivals to attend! I've listed the festivals Stranded In Oz will be at -- this year, I'm sharing a stall with my sister, Bitsy, from Bitsy Knits. You won't want to miss what we've got in store this year -- sneaky hint -- you have GOT TO get a hold of some of Bitsy's knitter's jewelery. Got a friend who's a fiber freak? Need to wear your addiction on your sleeve literally? Come check us out.

The listings are in my previous post.

Thanks as always for your support of my business. I hope you knit, crochet, spin, weave, stitch something wonderful this week.

Friday, 12 September 2008

In transit.... with wool and needles

Hello from Pennsylvania! SIOz is on the road at present. But for those of you in Oz, the market shop is open every Sunday as normal -- thanks to some fibre fanatic friends - Kaviare and Vellan -- and my partner, Richard. Should you have any questions regarding designs and yarns from SIOz, please don't hesitate to ask -- I'm online as usual and the stall is full of things to get you inspired to make something for you and yours. I really missed my market Sunday last week. It was strange not being there (esp. going through hot donut withdrawal).

Just finished reading the new FELT, from Interweave. Cover to cover in one sitting, 'natch. And the needlefelted beagles? You just have to have a look. No affiliation to said publication, just admiring the talent it takes to do the kind of work displayed in those pages. The last issue sold out, so if you see it on the newstand, grab it.

Festival on the US schedule:

Garden State Annual Sheep and Fiber Festival:
October 4th and 5th at the Hunterdon County Fairgrounds - Saturday and Sunday 9-5

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival:
October 25th and 26th Ruritan Fairgrounds, Berryville VA - 10-5 each day

In between festivals, I'll be doing workshops around the eastern seaboard of the US of A, including some freeform madness with the North Country Spinners. Can't wait to meet them.

Just when I thought I wouldn't fit in any more fun --- it's off to the North Country Fibre Fallout -- an entire weekend of inspiration. I've managed to squeeze myself into the Sandy Terp lace workshop. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks again to you for checking in to SIOz news. Stay tuned for photos and updates.

Sincerely, Melissa

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Soy! and more Soy

Hope you are looking forward to spring -- a great time to store away your wooly stuff and think about trying something new. Plenty of new soy dk colours available -- it's great for summer garments, beach bags, and babies/kidswear -- machine washable, absorbent like cotton, but doesn't pill.

Wool storage tip: try the dry patchouli leaves available at the Honey Shoppe in the Adelaide Central Market. They're the leaves from Ache, Indonesia and they're great for keeping the bugs outta your stash. Sure, your stash will smell like hippies, but that's a good thing right? This shop is also a good source of lavender, if you just can't stand the patchouli.

On deck for this Sunday: Kate (Kaviare on Ravelry) will be in charge of the shop this weekend. What to look for this week? Check out guest spinner, Vellan's, handspun yarn. There's a special lot of skeins to be scooped up by an intrepid customer. Lovely stuff!

The palm wood Kollage square needles continue to be popular. Plenty of them still available (see the sidebar for more details).

Happy Knitting! Melissa