Friday, 26 November 2010

For a Friday From the Lounge

Yup, here I sit, in between hopping down the hallway then back up the the lounge room. Got one of these on my leg before arrival in Australia. It's better than a hard cast (mine's not exactly like the pic, as it has a giant moonbooty platformish heel) but you get the idea. The velcro bits get stuck on everything. And when it's hot, it isn't very nice.

But at least I am home and have been wading through the mountain of work that awaited me.

Weather for this Sunday at the Port Markets is supposed to cooler than last, for which I am grateful.

Corntastic Yarn Update and bits and pieces: Have loaded the new stock of Kollage Corntastic. It's one lovely yarn. If you don't see a colour you want, I am happy to order more colours, so feel free to email with requests. In addition, there are some new sock yarns (the first arrival of Sockalicious -- I have re-organised the sock yarn category on the site for better perusability)

Kollage Corntastic $9.95/50gm hanks

Monday, 22 November 2010

New Space Age Boot and of course, yarn

Yup, I got the boot -- a black removable cast for my injury. Gone is the fetching purple cast.

Made it through a very hot day at the Port Markets on Sunday. Knitting must have been in the air, as I taught 3, count 'em, 3 different people to knit yesterday. Walk in clinic, shingle out. Two friends, visiting students, and a traveler from Hong Kong.

That must be a record of some kind. Spontaneous need to knit. My first day back after 3 months and whaddaya know. It was fun.

In addition to catching up on mail, orders, and the usual SIOz stuff, I've been going through new yarn for the hot weather, including some fabulous Kollage Corntastic. I'll be loading the colours this week online. 100% corn in a non-ribbon type yarn. The colours are decidedly tropical and summery. The lovely people in the SIOz knitter's club are getting a sample hank in their packs for Part II, pack 2.

I've been busy designing several new shawls, some more socks, and a few other garments that will head to the Port Markets as well as listings online.

While many knitters prefer to put down the needles in the heat, for reasons of working in 2 hemispheres, I am constantly knitting off season at this time of year, so it's onward with hats, socks, and all manner of things knitted. Somehow, it tends to work itself out.

For now, knit, spin, felt, crochet something fun for summer. Perhaps this is the time to tackle your first lace project? Or finally work on that second sock? First sock? Hmmmm. I know I have an orphaned sock project bag somewhere.

Thanks so much for thinking of Stranded In Oz. I hope the new season finds you and yours well and ready for cricket, a good bbq, and of course, the holiday season that rapidly approaches.