Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Shades of Pale Blues Artsilk (100gms)

In between writing and knitting, I've been painting silks -- above is a sample hank of silk from India  -- super-shiny, thin silk. It's a bear to reskein. The hank is actually paler than this photo appears on my screen. Hope you can see it right on yours.

Cut Velvet Silk Hand-Painted Scarf

Above Cut Velvet Scarf - Sold to a lovely woman who came by with her family on Sunday. Her husband was such a sweetheart -- he spotted the scarf first and told his wife to have a look. It is gorgeous on her. Confession: this was my favourite of the lot -- there's something about the texture of the velvet that is fab. Like the satin devore scarves, the velvets are all hand-hemmed. 

Silk Devore Hand-Painted Scarves

Thank you to Nadia,  one of the Yarn readers who came by to see what might spark her spinning imagination.  There's NO MORE Roclans mohair/wool top for sale. All gorn.

Kate, the genius at Roclans, dyes her fleeces then sends them to a small Pennsylvania mill for processing. They return in multi-coloured fantasmagoric blends. It's boutique quality top and I'm in love with it.  But it is a rare treat, as importing top to Australia is a bit, well, silly. I brought that back with me. Might just have to fly back for more (just kidding). 

Fear not, as I have more interesting spinning fibre for sale, including:

Blue-Faced Leicester from Overlook Manor Farm -- a gold/brown/natural blend and a mermaid-ish green and blue. Limited amounts available; $12.00 per 100 gms. 

In addition, if you prefer natural wool for spinning, there is:

soy top $10.00 per 100 gm; pure, organic top from NSW $10.00 per 100gm, and SA coloured sheep sliver $6.00 per 100 gm. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Persimmon Banana Palm Silk and a Cut Silk Velvet Scarf

Thank you to everyone who came by on the Sunday before the Christmas holiday. Check back the week after for a listing of New Year's Specials. Yes, there were more than a few knitters who said, I must wait to see what Santa leaves under the tree, but I'll be back!

The Persimmon Banana Palm Silk has been claimed -- by our good friend, Luci, at Think Global in Hove, SA. She has the knack for plucking the best SIOz colours for her shop -- if you like to buy local and love buying green, check out her shop. Run, don't walk, down there. Staying away from the organic, fair trade chocolate is a challenge. So if you can't get to Port Adelaide on Sundays, Think Global has SIOz banana silks, premium sari silk, and hemp and wool in stock.

Here's a picture of the batch of phantom purple. The shawl on the right is incredibly soft and plush cut velvet. I don't think the photos do the colour full justice. Hope it looks good on your computer.

Vivid Green (it's an incredibly happy green)

It must be spinning and felting season, as spinning fibre was a best-seller on Sunday. There will be some special Blue Faced Leicester from one of my favourite farms in the US for after Christmas. It has to be touched to be believed. This is not to say that our Australian-bred BFL isn't lovely -- it is just different. Hard to describe -- but it must be the different climate and feeds, farming methods, etc... The same lovely properties of the breed with a Yank accent.

So here's to a happy and fun holiday with friends and family. See you at the Port!


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Xmas Knitting

Be sure to take your knitting on those family visits this holiday season! Nothing worse than getting stuck on the couch, cricket blaring from the tv, and not having your project with you! This is one of my personal nightmare scenarios. Normally, it is in-law time, but because I've been away working in the US of A, husband, dog, and I are spending a quiet week here in Adelaide.

This week at the market:

The sock mania is still going strong, with new Tofutsies colourways -- If you would like to see what's in stock, go to www.soysilk.com and click on Yarn , then Tofutsies -- Sample colours #5 are in abundance! For the rest of the month, Tofutsies skeins are on sale for $20.00 AU and every ball purchase includes a free Tofutsies Pattern. Oh, and there's a killer tiger colourway. If you have a Richmond fan in your life, you may want a ball!

Have a restful, stress-less lead up to the xmas and new year holidays! And if you are able, please come to the Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Markets this Sunday and support your local businesses with your gift purchases this season. Your support is greatly appreciated by us independent small businesses. Thank you.

See you at the Port, M

Friday, 12 December 2008

Gearing Up For Summer

Premium Hand-Painted Sock 100% superwash Wool (100gms/365yds) from Stranded In Oz

There's not much left of these super-high twist beauties, but a few skeins in this yarn -- dyed in similar colours to my Nepalese Laceweight. They're just the right colours to make my latest Yarn Magazine sock pattern, She Wears Seashells.

This weekend's special: mention you are a Yarn Magazine reader, and your postage for your sock yarn order is free.

Or you might like to try the latest Tofutsies Sock Club colours: There's the fab orangy one or the new blue/seagreen/greys that would be perfect for seashells:

Tofutsies is the perfect yarn for summer knitting. If you are feeling sock fatigue, there's a groovy T-Shirt pattern to make a Tofu-T (designed by Joan Somerville). It takes 5 skeins of Tofutsies, so for those of you who have stashed your sock club skeins, email me with your next order to be sure I include the T pattern. There's an X-Tra size version too!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Back at The Port

After being stranded in Auckland (long story, no details nec.) after 24 hrs travel, I finally have made it back to Port Adelaide, South Australia! No thanks to Air NZ, but mega thanks to Qantas, who saved me from being marooned in Sydney. Go the big red kangaroo!

For the Port Adelaide Market this Sunday:

Some limited edition premium sock wool -- this is high twist, 100% pure merino sock yarn (21 micron), the GOOD STUFF and won't last long. It was a scoop purchase from one of my US mill visits. There are some pale watercolours left in the premium (golds, with touches of blues and pinks) and one hank left of the premium wool/nylon (80/20) still left in a deeper colourway of burgundy with multicolour accents. The 100% wool is also brilliant for shawls and works well with my Versailles Shawl design. $25.00 per 100 gm hank -- the same price as my regular sock yarn, which is still of an excellent quality, just not the same high-twist, Italian-style yarn.

New Nepalese Laceweight Stock and new shawl pattern -- There are new colours of the Nepalese Laceweight 100% handspun, hand-dyed yarn in stock -- pale watercolours and a semi-solid colourway I am calling Cigarettes and Roses (think smokey pink). The new shawl is a version of my Jitterbug Perfume design, but using only 1 hank of Nepalese Lace to create a triangular neck wrap. The pattern is FREE with the purchase of the yarn. Two hanks makes a full-size shawl.

New colour of Cornucopia in stock -- That's right -- It's a gorgeous purple shade, Radicchio, deep pansy purple, not grapey at all. It's unreal and must be claimed so that I don't knit it myself. $15.00AU per50gm hank. This is 100% corn fibre and is machine washable, great for summer and children's garments. This corn yarn is nothing like the stuff you find in discount shops in Oz. Chalk and cheese people. Once you've knitted with this, you will understand why it is special. Try 1 hank for embellishment/accent for a start and let me know what you think.

Kollage Circ. Sizes in Stock:

In addition to new yarns (oh yes, there's more coming), the new Kollage square circular and sock needles will be at the market this Sunday. If you can't make it to the market, please email me at strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com and I will be glad to quickly expedite your order.

Circulars: 3.75mm (24" and 40"), 4mm (32" and 40"), 4.5mm *32" and 40") and 5mm (32" and 40") (US 5-8) $19.80AU per circular
Double-Pointed: 2mm, 2.25mm, 2.75mm, and 3.25mm (US 0-3). Available in 5" and 7" lengths, thought the 5 inch version is going FAST. $18.00AU per set of 5

And lastly for today, thank you to Gail and Anne at Yarns and Company. For all the lovely knitters and weavers and crocheters who made me feel so welcome in Easton, MD, you will be happy to know that Gail is stocking SIOz yarns -- and has a lovely new lot of sock yarn and Nepalese Laceweight in stock. You won't want to miss out on the sock yarn especially, as she's got some beauts -- Semaphore, Betty's Yarn, and some Sherwood Forest colourways. If you are in the Easton area, do stop by Yarns and Co and check out the lovely wool Gail has in stock -- including Berroco and Plymouth yarns. They're located in Harrison Street, just across from the Tidewater Hotel. I will miss them both, as they are accomplished masters and dedicated to the craft of knitting. And I will especially miss Cinnamon, the resident Yorkie Princess who presides over the daily activities.

CU at the Port, Melissa