Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Persimmon Banana Palm Silk and a Cut Silk Velvet Scarf

Thank you to everyone who came by on the Sunday before the Christmas holiday. Check back the week after for a listing of New Year's Specials. Yes, there were more than a few knitters who said, I must wait to see what Santa leaves under the tree, but I'll be back!

The Persimmon Banana Palm Silk has been claimed -- by our good friend, Luci, at Think Global in Hove, SA. She has the knack for plucking the best SIOz colours for her shop -- if you like to buy local and love buying green, check out her shop. Run, don't walk, down there. Staying away from the organic, fair trade chocolate is a challenge. So if you can't get to Port Adelaide on Sundays, Think Global has SIOz banana silks, premium sari silk, and hemp and wool in stock.

Here's a picture of the batch of phantom purple. The shawl on the right is incredibly soft and plush cut velvet. I don't think the photos do the colour full justice. Hope it looks good on your computer.

Vivid Green (it's an incredibly happy green)

It must be spinning and felting season, as spinning fibre was a best-seller on Sunday. There will be some special Blue Faced Leicester from one of my favourite farms in the US for after Christmas. It has to be touched to be believed. This is not to say that our Australian-bred BFL isn't lovely -- it is just different. Hard to describe -- but it must be the different climate and feeds, farming methods, etc... The same lovely properties of the breed with a Yank accent.

So here's to a happy and fun holiday with friends and family. See you at the Port!


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