Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Off to NJ Sheep Breeders Show

Hi and G'day to SIOz knitters, spinners, crocheters, and fibre addicts of all persuasions.

A quick email to say hello and that I'm off to the NJ Sheep Breeder's Show this weekend. A quick trip to hook up with Bitsyknits and we're off. This year, the show includes the International Shetland Breeders meeting, so it should be a corker.

Don't let the name of the show fool you -- there's plenty for fibre addicts of any type -- fibre, yarn, and of course, sheep, llama, and alpaca to play with.

A sad note: John, from Los Surinos (Adelaide Hills) passed away. I've only just learned about it. John was a fellow trader at the Port Adelaide Markets and an all-around ACE person. He will be missed. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

If you are planning a trip to this weekend's show, do stop by. I have special sock patterns for the Llama Rescue Project -- all the money from the sale of these patterns goes directly to the Llama Rescue. So come on by and buy one, or two even!

Spring Yarn: The shipment of new yarns is in and hitting the dyetables -- just painted a new test batch of cotton/viscose DK which will head to the Port Adelaide Markets in the first shipment to Oz. The Soysilk DK has already been SOLD OUT (more to be ordered), but there are several kilos of Soysilk Aran (for quicker knitting) waiting to be dyed.

Awaiting shipment of Tofutsies and will post availability for that when it is ready to GO.

As always, thank you for buying SIOz yarns and fibres.

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