Monday, 21 December 2009

New Drop Spindles...

... with more on the way.

A big thank you to the knitters/shoppers who visited the SIOz Port Markets venue on Sunday. The market will be open this Sunday AND Monday, 9-5.

Special thanks to Raphael and Lesley, who ventured up to Port Adelaide for a visit.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the new spindles to be loaded to the online store:

Gothic Fairie mini drop spindle

features small gemstone whorl and pine shaft, finished with black, shiny paint $15.00AU

Primary Colours Chuppah Whorl Spindle $25.00AU

features Tasmanian Oak shaft, finished with natural wood oil

Another shipment of spindle gear is due to arrive after Christmas. More fibre will be loaded online as well, including more lots of organic merino. The new fancy pantsy fibre is in the workshop ready for dyeing in Jan. Check here for updates on some fab, hard-to-find stuff for the new year.

Thank you to the purchasers of the Roclans and Gurdy Run carded fibre! Worth the trip to the Port, no doubt about it. One person snagged the majority of the Jon Benet llama fibre and it is now officially GORN. I only see that producer once a year at Garden State and will be sure to bring back more next year. I have to factor in the time to scour the llama before I ship it back to Oz, so it's always a race against time, but it's the most amazing fibre -- bred to be without guard hairs! High-tech llamas -- very photogenic too.

To all SIOz customers, happy holidays to you and yours. M

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