Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Web Updates and SIOz Blogspot

Whew! Finally, the new website is up and running and I've migrated the SIOz official shop blog to my website -- it's a link there new.

I'll be using this blog for misc. fibre chat, rather than the strictly business SIOz announcements.

All is linked via

For today, I soldier on under deadlines and anticipation of cooler weather. I really want a jumper for the new season -- for me myself I -- but I reckon that is merely a dream, given my schedule at the moment. But I can doodle every once in a while, can't I?

I'm continuing to do a row or two of the Doctors Without Borders sock -- a kit I got in an auction at the Sock Summit. Painfully slow, but it does keep my fingers occupied in queues. Sorry for the small thumbnail -- I haven't edited the downloaded piccie.

Back to the needles, M

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