Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Bunny Hopped all over

Short and Sweet Sock in SIOz Sock (100% superwash sock wool)
My redux Short and Sweet Sock pictured above. I haven't a clue where the original pair I did is, and decided I had the right yarn for a pair, so these were on the needles a few weeks ago.

Tried to keep the chocolate under control this weekend. Husband very much into the Easter choccy overload. I noticed the little choccy egg bag is now empty. Hmmmm.

Saddened that one of my favourite traders, Tabitha, at the Port Markets is leaving. She's opened a lovely vintage shop in Prospect and as soon as I've got the details correct, I'll link it here.

After several beanies and finishing my DWB sock (it's too ugly and dark today for a decent photo), I'm back to design knitting. Must hide spindles.

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