Friday, 26 November 2010

For a Friday From the Lounge

Yup, here I sit, in between hopping down the hallway then back up the the lounge room. Got one of these on my leg before arrival in Australia. It's better than a hard cast (mine's not exactly like the pic, as it has a giant moonbooty platformish heel) but you get the idea. The velcro bits get stuck on everything. And when it's hot, it isn't very nice.

But at least I am home and have been wading through the mountain of work that awaited me.

Weather for this Sunday at the Port Markets is supposed to cooler than last, for which I am grateful.

Corntastic Yarn Update and bits and pieces: Have loaded the new stock of Kollage Corntastic. It's one lovely yarn. If you don't see a colour you want, I am happy to order more colours, so feel free to email with requests. In addition, there are some new sock yarns (the first arrival of Sockalicious -- I have re-organised the sock yarn category on the site for better perusability)

Kollage Corntastic $9.95/50gm hanks

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