Thursday, 14 April 2011

It's a Club Day today!

Merino 3 Premium 200gm hanks from Stranded In Oz

Whew! It feels really great when the club packs go out. Bye bye yarn and fibre! Go to your happy new homes. Given next week is a holiday week (mega) I figured it would be wise to send out the packs 1 day ahead of schedule. Some will arrive at their destinations tomorrow -- others on Monday, of course depending on the distance it must travel. I will post photos once the packs have been received. No spoilers.

That out of the way, it's a further WHEW now that I now my latest overseas design arrived safely at its destination. No peeking, sorry, as it isn't published yet. All I can say is it's an heirloom shawl project in one of my favourite yarns. :). I am rather sad I had to part with it. *sniffle*

For shoppers, there are new yarns to go up at the online shop and some already there. Temptation photos:

Merino Laceweight 100gm hanks in Winter Floral Red
(it's a wicked, bluebloody red~)

Merino 10 Premium Winter Floral Pinks Purples II 100gm hanks from Stranded In Oz

I was in a florally mood last time I painted. I feel some greens coming on... and more Robin Hood Colours. Hmmmm.

Also, just arrived are the re- and expanded stocks of Riveting, the recycled blue jeans yarn. This has distracted me to NO END today, as I face another deadline project. My reward for finishing is a new garment in Lava Riveting.

For updates regarding SIOz at the Market and online, check out the shopblog, which I will update shortly. Included will be more information regarding the now ANNUAL Stranded In Oz Easter Egg Hunted (well, it's actually hunting for mini-hanks of wool that contain prize or discount vouchers).

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