Monday, 4 June 2012

Pre-Sydney Craft and Quilt

Hello and Whew! No sooner have I gotten re-organised after the Handknitters SA Exhibition that I'm prepping to go to the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair -- Darling Harbour, June 13-17.

And if you are in the Sydney area, be sure to check the shopblog as there will be a ticket giveaway!

Thank you to the Handknitters Guild SA and to Eric Corbin, their President, for hosting this year's exhibition, a chance for the public to see what the members have been knitting and making with all things yarny!

I've just finished a scarf design for Yarn Magazine -- I realised I hadn't done a scarf in ages -- and it was fun. It's been so cold here in Adelaide that I now wish I had it BACK. Ah well, it'll turn up eventually. And today, for some reason, just the tips of my fingers are freezing. Those fingerless gloves don't do the trick in that case now do they?

Well, last weekend, I had lunch with Vellan, hand-spinner extraordinaire. And I am still puzzling over what to knit with this hank: I dyed the fibre -- it THINK it was a merino and silk -- and this yarn deserves to be a shawl. I just LOVE it so much. Every time I take the hank out I pat it, then put it back. *sigh

Vellan's Handspun from fibre painted by Stranded In Oz

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