Saturday, 4 May 2013

Stranded In Oz Knitting Blog - Personal

Hello and wow -- talk about dormant. Managing social media and running a manufacturing and design business makes keeping up in the blogosphere nearly impossible.

After the cover garment, RELAX, in the previous post -- Dec 2012??? work seemed to overtake blogging. And with Facebook and Twitter overtaking my traditional blog, well, here's the result. Nuffin'.

This is not to say I haven't been trying to sneak in some personal knitting -- hah! She says.

My latest obsession is reviving an old pair of socks -- the heels perished and I wanted to save them. Yes, they are 10 years old and should be tossed in the trash, but with parts still perfectly wearable, I thought, well, make a frankensock!

So, Recycled Madness ensued on the long trip back from America to Oz.

Ye olde cotton/wool sock from some hard-wearing amazing old Regia Coton. Seriously, this yarn won't quit!

Here's a nice shot of the shamefully holey heel.. I've unraveled past the heel and reknitted the recycled yarn, along with some Patons Stretch in a coordinating colour (fruit slice) and so... a frankensock. Original sock knitted from top down, but by reusing the top of the sock and reknitting the foot, I decided to work the new bits from the toe, then graft the leg to the foot. Total monstersock.

I read somewhere that you can't use the term frankenknitting as it's been Trademarked! Seriously? I know my knitting group friends and I used that term for ages before I ever saw  it in print. So, forget that nonsense. Can't trademark UGG boot either in my book. So, I'll frankenknit as much as I like, thanks very much!

Progress photos must be organised -- the grafting worked a treat and the new sock A is finished.

Wondering how 10 year old cotton/wool sock yarn knits up after incredible amounts of wear and washing? So well that I didn't even rewash and treat the unpicked yarn for the foot. Seriously, this yarn will not die. I used a 2.00mm to reknit with and it's come up a-ok. Unreal!

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