Friday, 28 December 2007

Happy New Year and Thank You

Happy Holidays to everyone. And thank you to all the happy shoppers who braved the pre-xmas crowds to come down to the market last Sunday. We all appreciate your support of local artists.

The new stock of Tofutsies is IN and each ball is a beaut. Feel free to grab the basket and have a good look at each. You will have a hard time deciding which one you want. If you have colour preferences, please email me and I will set yours aside for this Sunday. The colour links are listed to the right -- have a look at the colourways link. :-)

If you haven't picked a summer knitting project, have a look at the soy yarns. I am bringing the entire lot down. Unfortunately, the online pics don't do them justice.

Happy Summer Knitting.

Melissa, Stranded In Oz

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