Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Never too hot to knit?

Summer Blues and Greens *sigh*

When It's Too Hot to Breathe... 

'Lest you think that it's too hot here knit... Au contraire! It may be too hot in Adelaide for knitting that alpaca project you started two years ago, but it's NEVER too hot to knit a sock or two.

The Tofutsie yarn is steadily disappearing. That's right. A few intrepid knitters got in early and snagged some gorgeous balls of yarn. I'm really looking forward to seeing some very well-clad feet in Adelaide in the not-to-distant future.

If you are not able to get to Adelaide, as some of my customers have mentioned, I am happy to mail a ball (no extra charge). Colour preferences welcome -- I try to keep a variety of colours on hand. Right now, I've got a variety from Sample Packs I and II, so if you want to have a look, see links at the right.

Colour pack 4 is coming soon, as well as a few surprises from SWTC that you won't want to miss.

For customers who've purchased soy yarns: more is on the way. If you aren't sure about the look and feel of it, I recommend buying one hank to start. I've got some random colours left, perfect for a summer wrap done on large needles.

Confession: I've been playing with the banana palm silk and must admit went a little crazy! I call it the thinking person's novelty yarn. Snapped the photo below at the market.

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Lynne said...

Ooo! You may never see this comment as it's actually 24 February but I had to say I sooooo agree with you. My blog is even called "Too hot to knit? Never!"