Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Rain = Knitting in Adelaide

Whew! A break in the mini-heatwave means I can get back to my knitting. Yes, I still knit in 41 degrees, but that's sock knitting weather.

Artwear for the week: Some hand-dyed clothing to match hand-dyed yarn. There's a singlet and some very cute leggings I couldn't resist plunging into the rose pink dyepot yesterday. Buy some coordinating yarn and make yourself an outfit.

There's a black and turquoise Soy Vest in the same style as the one on the webpage (and shown in prev post), sized women's medium. A joy to wear - versatile, practical, and made from recycled soy fibre.

From Mel's Dyepot: HOT red banana palm silk. Shimmery, not too deep. The husband says it's Flash red. Purple and seaglass blue in stock, with coordinating skeins of cotton.

And... a few skeins of 100% 2-ply cashmere - handpainted and ready to jump onto your needles. The very special skein of grey/blue/purple lace wool was snatched up early on Sunday. And yes, I wanted to keep it for myself, but resisted. And now, it has found a new home. The rare, alpaca single ply is GONE, but there is one skein left of the mohair single - handpainted mill ends. Beautiful stuff.

NEW: hand-dyed 100% organic merino roving - $8.00 per 100 grams -- and some very kewl drop spindles - one beginner's CD spindle and a more advanced stone whorl one. Undyed merino and soy roving also available.

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