Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Soy Yarn = Happy

Artisan Yarns for the first weekend in March: soy, soy, soy, and... cashmere. The soy is wearing reds/purples/golds this weekend. Lovely stuff. And there's now a good selection of green/blues and pinks/purples to choose from. Pictured left top: 100 gram skeins of laceweight merino in reds/purples/golds; golds/pinks/lilac; green/cream/orange; and a pastel mix that's lovely! Below: 50 gram skeins of 100 pure 2-ply cashmere in purples/greens; a yellow/green/blue peach garden explosion of colour; and some blues with brown. This is the good stuff.

I warned blogreaders prev: I'm not happy with my yarn photos, so hesitate posting them, but here you have some.

Soy snaps further down fyi -- there's some reds/purples/golds fresh from the dye process that will join those pictured. It's all really fab -- and won't last long. Pictured below is blues/greens and peachy/purples

There are also a few gems that I won't post here - some mill ends that I am having trouble parting with as they're beautiful. But the needles are calling, so part with them I must. Soon, there will be no room for the husband or dog, so out the yarn goes.

In addition to the new dyelots, there is still some fab hand-dyed tops to play with and some spindles that you are free to come test drive.

Artwear: new vests to try on and a replenishment of Baby Beantoes. Hope to see you at the Festival Centre this Sunday.

Mel, in Addy

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