Monday, 14 July 2008

New SIOz pattern exclusively from SWTC

Good Monday to you. And thank you to the fab knitters and crocheters who came by to the market yest. And a double thanks to the enthusiastic Priscilla, the Tofutsies Club demon. I must admit a soft spot in my heart for fellow sock knitters.

The Nepalese lace yarn supply is getting depleted -- see previous entry re my ode to its lovely qualities. There's some more drying today that's been reserved for Bendigo. I swear I will not stash any!

POSH in Jezebel

New Pattern:  the very pink POSH scarf in Jezebel is available from SWTC via their Shopatron links. Go to their webpage and click on BUY NOW. It's listed under patterns, Jezebel - Jezebel is their new hand-dyed, semi-solid colour range of Uruguayan 2ply wool. I must admit this yarn makes my heart SING, as I love South American kettle-dyed yarn. The enviro issues relating to importing wool to Australia (coal to Newcastle) are many. HOWEVER, it is spun from non-mulesed sheep and the income generated for the Uruguayan economy make this yarn very special indeed. Since I work from the US as well Australia, some of my designs are in their market. Don't think I don't love being Australian --  best thing I ever did was make Oz my home. But I do work in the US of A (though I admit I shake my head a lot when I visit) and yes, it makes my mum happy when I work from the motherland. 

How do you know you are Aussie? When the Athens olympics were on, I was screaming for the Australian swimmers - not a conscious impulse. My partner, Richard, just laughed and laughed.

See you at the big SHOW or, say hello to my partner, Richard, at the Port Market on Sunday. He's the one who looks like Shrek.

m, still stranded


Kay said...

Hey Mel- I just discovered you via Yarn Magazine- and you're in Adelaide!! Yayy!! I must shoot down to the Port Markets as soon as I can and say hello to you and your yummy-looking yarns. I'm a mad knitter, yarn hoarder and other things- mainly a colour fruitcake. Must get a kit for the Banana Smoothie Bag- Semaphore is a divine colour combo. WOuld be great to talk about dyeing wool- I've done a little- but a bit chicken!

Mel said...

Dear Kay: thanks for the message. Come on by in 2 weeks. Perhaps a hank or two will tell you to take them home to live in your cozy, colourful stash? I am taking orders for purple banana smoothie kits (numerous requests). Hope to meet you.