Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Thanks SWTC and new SIOz SubTle in YARN20

Check it out -- the latest edition of Jonelle and Kat's Socks A La Carte -- Toe Ups! As it was released in the midst of my show season, I neglected to mention that Stranded In Oz made the GALLERY page! What a nice surprise from the people at SWTC! Thanks guys.

At the Sock Summit 2009 I had given Kat some Tofutsies HP in Sherwood Forest for her to play with. And hey, a lovely sock ended up in their second book of the series. And of course, I am thrilled that it made it into the TOE UP volume, as I love toe up socks. So check it out.

And did I mention that one lucky SIOz 2010 Knitter's Club member will receive a copy of the book, along with their December club pack, which of course, will contain 100gm of SIOz hand-painted Tofutsies? The pattern for December is a lacy chevron sock that makes the most of the special colourway.

And even MORE SWTC and Stranded In Oz: The December 2010 issue of YARN magazine has a new Stranded In Oz design in SWTC Bamboo. It's a new colourway, just perfect for Aussie summers.

SubTle by Melissa Deutsch Scott in YARN 20

Awwww. loooooook, innit cute? I LOVE goats!!!

So thanks to SWTC and the editors of YARN, I have once again spread my love of viscose yarns. This time, it's SWTC Bamboo.
This design features some very subtle design inclusions -- the stitch changes from the body to the bodice, which you can only appreciate when you are working on and wearing it. The edge is small and unobtrusive. I'd been kicking around a keyhole top design with corded edging for ages and finally got it into something I think is simple and very wearable. Included in the notes are why I chose the stitch used and some comments on using man-made yarns from natural sources, like bamboo or soy. SubTle can be knitted in either SWTC Bamboo or SWTC Oasis.

I'm sure there's plenty more I could type about at the moment, but the needles and drafts demand my attention. Thanks for reading!


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