Monday, 8 August 2011

Yarn and Fibre Adoptions Successful -- It's Melf's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to myself. Well, it's very early in the am and the dog and hubby have already wished me a happy birthday. Not quite sure of the hubby as he is NOT a morning person. It's rather pathetic --walks into walls, answers to Fred. Ugly am man.

Lyta, the Kelpieweiler Princess, just rubbed her eyes with her paws, yawned, and rolled over to sleep again.

Inspiration: yesterday, the Intrepid Knitter popped by, and I was grossly distracted by her very cool PURPLE CORDUROY Converse sneakers. I now covet them very badly. When I inquired where they were found, she replied -- online shopping!

It has been said numerous times that I flunked shopping. So this am, I have been perusing for cool stuff online. And found this:

Isn't it pretty? From Threadless. Now, I need to knit a t-shirt T-shirt in return. So there!

We're not Threadless here at Stranded In Oz!

Special thanks to the knitters, felters, spinners, and crocheters who came by yesterday at the Port to get some rare SIOz bargains. Well, there are a few hanks of Mitey Sock left to go to Mt. Pleasant. MSock is one of the yarns I used in socks for the Sept Issue of Yarn Magazine (pre-orders cheerfully taken from SIOz online). The ltd edition merino/alpaca (80%/20%) is now missing Robin Hood, but the other colours, Sherwood Forest, Maid Marian, and Friar Tuck are still available. There will be some new lots for this Fair.

Hello and thanks to the 2 knitters from Melbourne who graciously put up with the bags and bins that was the Market stall yesterday. I love it when you find just what you are looking for.

There, in the crazy oddball bin of mohair blends from Turkey, was THE BALL Melbourne Knitter #1 was needing to finish a project. Glad it was there for you and thanks for taking the time to come up the Port Adelaide. Please send a piccie so we can see how it turned out!

We've all done it -- you know, bought some yarn for somethingorother. Then, once you've into the project, disaster. Need just one. bit. more. To finish. It can drive you nuts when this happens, so I really sympathised with this knitter's problem. The knitting goddess was smiling yest.

It may be my birthday, but it's back to the work I go. CU at the Port Markets, online, and at Mt. Pleasant this Saturday. M

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