Friday, 9 September 2011

Knitter's Day Out 2011

Just one more sleep until the 2011 Knitter's Day Out! The yarn is safely nestled into its tubs, the patterns are labeled and printed. The ridiculously huge US truck is full of petrol and ready to roll.

For those on the other side of the planet -- hello and yes, I'm homesick.

Online Shop: the new Hiya Hiya gear is starting to arrive and is loaded under it's own category on the shop. New bamboo interchangeable needle sets at an affordable price! There are also some mighty cute accessories to add to your collection of knitter's gear, including the insanely cute Dumplings.

There are also some new circulars in 2.25 in the Hiya Hiya steel tips -- after requests from sock knitters to stock a good, solid knitting needle for 'magic loop'. Check 'em out! Nice tips, smooth joins. Mmmmm.

Happy knitting from Easton, MD. 

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