Saturday, 8 October 2011

Back at the Port Markets Sunday October 9th

Hello and thank you to all the knitters who have sent welcome home messages. It's great to hear from you all. Esp. kind have been the messages regarding the 2 Stranded In Oz sock designs in the latest issue of Yarn Magazine. If you are having trouble getting a hold of a copy, we've got some in stock online and at the Markets.

As you can imagine, the workshop is full of sorting jobs, drafts needing editing and orders to be cleared. The backlog that is a result of my travels in Sept is nearly cleared. Thank you all for your patience and good will.

I'll be at the Port Markets at last -- tomorrow. Thank you to Richard, the Shrek, and to Eric Corbin for keeping the place going while I was overseas. You are the best!

The shop will get an overhaul for Spring and Summer, beginning tomorrow. Out comes the cellulose and more sock yarn -- away goes the thick wool. If you, however, need something wintery to work on as a big long project, just let us know, as the yarn will be there, but not out on the displays.

For specific specials and product information -- keep an eye on the webshop blog.

I wish I could say I have a giant stack of photos to share from America, but really, most of my time was spent with my overseas family. In between catching up there was the Knitter's Day Out (which was fab) and a trip to Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival, where I finally caught up with Jim, the master spindlemaker.

Just when I thought it might be safe to visit their booth, he's gone and made wheels! Oh yes!

 And yes, he makes stools to match. Single and Double Treadle choices, the Hilltopper is Jim's new baby. And it's real wood of course. Love it.

There's nothing like talking to someone who's spent a lot of time and thought designing a new spinning wheel. And Jim and Susan are ace people to talk spinning with.


M.J. said...

Cute wheel! I like the could steampunk it : ))

Mel said...

Oh yes indeed. I was thinking of asking him to use brass fittings on mine. Perhaps some brass piston-like things on it? They are really lovely wheels. He'd been kicking this design around in his head for a very long time -- and finally cracked it this past US summer.