Friday, 23 December 2011

A Christmas Gift from SWTC and SIOz

A big thank you to Jonelle Beck and the entire SWTC family and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas) from them (and us) to you!

Here's the latest SWTC enticement for your needles, with a little help from Stranded In Oz.

2010 Knitter's Club members will recognize this scarf as the Dark Rainbow Scarf -- here it's been knitted in the divinely soft Infatuation by Treisur. Am I infatuated? Yuh, it's fabulously soft and has a nice stitch definition for a bamboo-blend sock yarn. Mmmmmmmm. Did I mention this is also my favourite scarf?

Customers who order 2 balls of Infatuation from Stranded In Oz 'til the end of January will automatically receive this pattern with their order, starting today. The stocks are a bit low (xmas shoppers, thank you!) but MORE is on the way.

 Infatuation by Treisur

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