Monday, 12 December 2011

Next time someone asks you why you knit wool jumpers...

Check out this article from Mother Jones -- just adds some nice fuel to the anti-fleece argument fire. I reckon ditto goes for the plastic-based fleece-type yarns?

Ah well, there goes my guilty pleasure sleeptop -- the one I knitted out of microfibre. Then again, chucking that into a bin will pollute something for sure. Hmmm. Recycle it into what?

So when someone in your family or circle of friends says, really, what's with the woolly jumper knitting, you can say, well, it won't harm the oceans, it keeps Australian sheep farmers in business (buy it here please), supports local retailers, provides clothing for me and my family, and brings me hours of entertainment and relaxation as well. How many people can claim that for their hobby?

I've been cooking up an article about why I love sustainable man-made fibres from natural sources, like soy. Stay tuned for that after my next deadline this week!

Bye for now, Melf

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