Monday, 2 June 2008

Banana Smoothie in the House

The new Yarn is out and in it is a new Sioz pattern - The Banana Smoothie Bag. Sorry 'bout the name, but husband Richard called it that and the name stuck.

Kits are available for $35.00 plus postage to your door; or you can mosey on down to the market this weekend and get one. I will post the colourways in stock this week on this blog -- though I reckon the Semaphore colourway is pretty.

If you have some gorgeous Oasis soy yarn in your stash, I've got banana silk and aloo to match.

Design features:

A no-drop knitted bag bottom. And no need for lining. I mean, I'm a knitter and I have an allergy to sewing. I save the sewing for the amazing quilters in this world. Seriously, I've put 2 kilos of yarn in this bag and the bottom hasn't flopped down.

And, don't be tempted to make a longer strap -- I designed this one for stretch, so knit that short. (Ummm. I know that from making the Mach I version way too long. Not a pretty sight) You can also put a piece of cotton cord in the strap before sewing it up if you want it even sturdier (a suggestion from Imperia De Ionno).

Suggestions: This bag works equally well with Sioz sari wool and sari silk. So if you want to make a non-Vegan version, alternate kits are available --.

Don't forget the hemp -- see previous week's blog for info on hemp and wool yarn.

Happy knitting,
mel, still stranded in oz

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