Saturday, 7 June 2008

banana smoothieness bag fun

Just in time for this weekend's DOUBLE TRADING WEEKEND at the Port, (we're open on Monday this week as well as Sunday!) -- I've dyed some amazing DEEP DEEP TEAL and wild, Jamaican coastal blue -- think wild aqua -- banana silk.

There's a new colourway for soy -- and a new shade of purple in there. I've had the beakers and the mad scientist's grin out this week. In addition -- 2 popular colourways in 8 ply, a pile of lovely hemp and wool, and some new laceweights -- in a Robin Hood-kinda colourway and a gorgeous blue/green hand-paint, both in wools.

Special this week: the more hemp/wool you buy, the bigger the discount -- seriously!
2 skeins: 10% off. 3 skeins: 20% off -- 6 or more skeins? 50% off. Discount applies through Tuesday.

See you at the Port!

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