Thursday, 12 June 2008

More Knitting and Designs for Winter

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a banana smoothie kit. I'm busy painting more soy and other yarn for this weekend to keep the madness going. There's a deeper, winter version of Semaphore colourway (pictured, left) -- in both soy, and a new, non-mulesed gorgeous New Zealand 8ply. Absolutely lovely natural sheep yarn that I've insanely painted. Soft and ready to knit for winter.

There's plenty of hemp and wool to be had -- and having tested it this week, I can say, it's really fantastic stuff - when washed, it softens and is toasty warm.

More beautiful wool 2ply this week -- in pinks, reds, browns.

AND... New, more wildly colourful chuppah whorl spindles... I've been asked to make 'em in wilder colours, so they're here -- everything from wild purples to greens to a girlie camouflage. Thank you Rick for going nuts with the polymer clay artistry this week!

See you at the market! m

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