Friday, 3 July 2009

Ariel -- in Tofutsies - a sock pattern from SWTC, designed by Melissa Deutsch Scott
Ariel is now available for purchase from SWTC and their retailers. This is a sock I designed a while ago -- timing played a part in its long gestation period, as it ran into the release of the fab SWTC book, SOCKS A LA CARTE.  But it's ready to go now.  I will have it available for the next few shows if you want to make your own pair of mermaid socks. 
Ariel -- toe up design with lace pattern and fun eyelet fish motif on the heel.  Couldn't forget the fishies swimming at Ariel's heels, right? 
The dyelots keep coming for the next few weeks. I've had sneaky peeks available at the Port Market. 
Happy Knitting and CU at the Port - M


PatchworkRose said...

Visited your shop today and was after the red tofutsies but that was before I saw this little lovely :-))
Do you have any of this one Please :-))))

Mel said...

Thanks for asking! If I don't have it at the shop, I've already put in another order for this colourway. I think it is one of the best blues they've done.