Thursday, 2 July 2009

Whew -- some wild and crazy weather

It's a blowin' and a rainin' here in Adelaide, but that didn't stop some enthusiastic knitters from stopping by the Brighton Organics and Healthy Living Market today.

Hilary came by to show me her new garter stitch scarf, complete with end shaping and a keyhole for tucking the end through. VERY SMART and a lovely thing to wear. 

Caroline came by with her sons, including Oscar, who was wearing the most adorable stegasaurus jumper she'd knitted for him, complete with french knots for surface interest. A very special steggy for a very special boy. So cute.

My fave mum/daughter/daughter team came by, without 1 daughter, but hey, it's great to see them any time. We discussed the burning issue -- what to knit for partner jumperwise.  Make the decision wisely. You gotta look at it a long time. Customer reckons her choice of brown is a good one -- if you can't stand it, just send partner into yard and pretend being a tree!

I'll be taking a break from the Brighton Market as my show season heats up.  And I'll be at the Port Markets every Sunday this month sans third weekend -- reserved for Bendigo Sheep and Wool.  I'm negotiating market duty for that weekend, so check back here for details for my Adelaide customers.

CU this Sunday at the Port, m

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