Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Thank you to the HKGSA, Inc.

A big thank you to the Handknitters Guild SA, Inc. for all the hard work last weekend running their biannual exhibition. Thanks so much for the invitation!

All those knitters, wool, and knitting in one spot! Whew.

But now, it is onward with preparations for Bendigo and beyond.

Apologies: to the customers who came by the Port and hadn't checked the website! Mea culpa. I promise I will both at the Port (Sunday) as well as the Brighton Organic and Healthy Living Market (tomorrow) this week.

It is hard to believe Beth -- bitsyknits -- and I are well into preparations for the USA autumn festivals. But so it is.

Knitting this week: deadline jumpers and shawls... What's on your needles?

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