Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beanie Redux

Right, so husband Richard wanted a red beanie for his birthday. And he got a lovely knitted beanie in Kollage Fantastic Vixen Red. But... the beanie isn't long enough round the ears. It needs to be more 'ribby' -- *heavy sigh*. To avoid hearing him whinge, I am now working on beanie 2, this time all ribbed, in a hand-painted version.

The first beanie is quite wearable thank you very much.

Along with the knitting in progress for show season, I've been updating the shop stocks and sampling new yarns for the next year. The heavy wool teases me with its warmth while I must focus on knitting in bamboo, soy and cotton for the warm weather to come. But no matter, as it's all GOOD.

Here are the new colours from the SIOz club subs/June:

one-hank happiness wool/lyocel in Monet blue - beanie project

spindler's winter blues handspun beanie

Poochini is crying that she is wasting away --- hungry hungry hungry doggie. Must feed pup.
CU at the Port Markets or Brighton Organic and Healthy Living 2nd and 4th Thurs.

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