Monday, 28 June 2010

in between lots...

G'day from Dyer's Central in Queenstown, Port Adelaide. Today is a Sherwood Forest day. For SIOz fanatics, this is a good day.

There are a few colour groups that I repeat, and the Robin Hood colours are some of the more popular combinations. Sherwood Forest -- I can't even remember who or why it was named that, but it stuck. Depending on the season, and my eye on the day, the colourway varies a bit, but it's always SF.

I am always interested in hearing opinions on hand-painted yarns -- should the colourways vary? Should they be consistent? Since I'm an independent dyer, I take every opportunity to paint the best yarn I can, so for me, that means changing and improving on what I do.

My friend V says it's like hearing someone play music live -- you get the interpretation that night. So, I guess I do jazz yarn... doobie doobie dooooooooooooo.

This week, besides SF, I'll be mixing the faved McLaren Vale (traditional style) as well as some decidedly wilder blends.

Back to the dye mixing... see shopblog for this week's yarn updates, which include restocks of some Namaste bags and accessories.

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