Friday, 2 July 2010

Dye... My Pretties!

Hello again from dyer's central. Wheeeeeeeeeee! I just picked up my travel docs to go the USA -- wasn't I just there? It is very hard for me to believe it has been almost a year since I left for Yankland, but there you have it!

Yesterday was a purple, green, and winter floral day. Today, it will be a range of Woodland Creatures. 

Whilst most of the new lots are destined for Bendigo and points beyond, there are still new lots at the Port, as it will be stocked while I travel. New and wonderful yarns and fibres are destined for the displays up there, so it's worth a trip. 

The blasted blogger isn't taking my photo uploads today. Fie! 

Back to the saltmine. m

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