Thursday, 9 September 2010

Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival - On the road, week 1

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Bitsyknits and SIOz will be at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival this weekend. I'm hoping Jon Benet, my favourite llama will be there too!

Now that I've made it to Bitsyknits' house, I've commandeered (sp?) her laptop and thought I'd write a bit about the drive from Maryland to PA.

On the Road: if you've ever wondered why Americans drink so much coffee and live on donuts and hamburgers, it becomes clearer once you hit the highway here. Speed limit 55mph? Nah, it's more like, 70-80. I mean, all that caffeine and sugar gives a driver a fair amount of energy, yah know? And you NEED it to play dodge 'em cars along the highways of the Mid-Atlantic.

But yes, I made it to the Lehigh Valley, PA, where I leave tomorrow for NJ and the sheep fest.


Richard is on duty this weekend at the Port Markets. If he looks confused, don't worry, he still can look through the displays to help you out. I'll be offline from Sat to Tues, but R will be checking the online shop for me.

Still fighting with camera to speak to new notebook(s), so pictures on hold of what's new re yarns and fibres. Apologies for the text only.

CU in NJ and online, M

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