Friday, 3 September 2010

G'day From Yankland

Whew! Hello from the Chesapeake. It's lovely and sunny, and HOT here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. First night after I arrived I was a guest at a crab boil dinner on the river. Ever see a roomful of adults whacking dead crabs with a mallet?

Big THANK YOU to all the awesome knitters who came by on the 22nd of August for the Hank Hunt. Way to go to YOUKNOWWHO for scoring the 40% off voucher. I look forward to seeing what you knit and spin with the bag of wooly goodness you hauled away. My needles and spindle are jealous.

For those of you who didn't venture forth on the 22nd, the Port Market shop is fully stocked. Yes, I've sent away most of what was out on that day, but there are some special yarns I've left for Adelaide and beyond customers. What's there? Have a look at the shopblog for details. I'll be updating that as best as possible while on the road.

First stop is the Garden State Sheep Breeders next weekend. It's a little gem of a show. Why do I do this one? Well, blame bitsyknits. My sister's guild is involved in the show, so I tag along as a vendor. Last year was the big Shetland Breeders involvement. Many more sheep and also, BIG FLIES. I am hoping that isn't the case this year. *lol*

The highlight of that show for me is visiting with my fave llama breeder. Oh yes, I plan to get some fibre this year.

Until I get the camera and computer to talk to each other over hear, it's text-only for now. M

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