Thursday, 30 September 2010

Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

Tunbridge, Vermont bound. I really look forward to this show, as the setting is lovely in the New England Autumn and the people are special too.

This show is a chance to catch up with the Icelandic sheep breeders, the cashmere breeders, as well as some of my favourite natural dyers, like Tidal Yarns.

See you online and at the Vt. show.

If you have an order, please feel free to email melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com. And if you have questions, ring Richard on the number listed on the shopsite. He's been ace at helping out when I've been away.

Stay tuned, as there are new yarns and fibres in the works for Stitches East and the knitters and spinners clubs!

Melissa, on the road again

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